Vacation RentPro installs easily, and can be removed using Add/Remove Programs in the Windows Control Panel.

The Evaluation is limited to 5 bookings and a 60 day time limit.

Sample data is included, which you can view, change and add to as you like.

You can also view the Screen Images here or the complete Help Documentation here  (Note: The Help Doc is included in the Evaluation Download).


Click the link below to download the Installation Setup program (vrpsetup.exe) for Vacation RentPro.

Note: Depending on your Browser and your anti-virus software, you may need to select “More options” or “Run anyway” in order to run the downloaded vrpsetup.exe which installs the software.

When the installation completes, the software will prompt for a registration serial number. Use the default Evaluation serial number that appears ( 111111-65367 ).

Download Here (for Windows only):

Download Vacation RentPro Software Evaluation (vrpsetup.exe)

See the FAQs page for running on a MAC.
Download size: approx. 24mb (Includes Help & User Guide) 

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If you have any questions or need help, please contact us at (808) 782-5054.

Download Notes:

If you plan to use this software on a local network with multiple users sharing the database, it is recommended that your computers are connected to your local network by wire and not wirelessly since wireless networks can drop connections periodically.  Also, wired networks are faster.  For more info on installing VRP on a network, please see the VRP Help topic on Network Installations.

If your Anti-virus (AV) software blocks VRP from running, please let us know.  In most AV software, you can easily add an Exception for vrpmain.exe to allow it to run if needed.  Our software is always scanned thoroughly.  Just a note: We recommend AVG Anti-Virus Professional, as the best and most trouble free AV software in our experience (and the best price too).

If you happen to find any issues with the software or have questions, please email or call us immediately.

We have incorporated a wide range of features into Vacation RentPro, many at the request of customers who have been doing vacation rental management for years.  If you find something that you would like to see in future versions, we would be happy to consider it.

Thank you.

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