The following are just some of the many comments received from our customers using Vacation RentPro.

  • We have been using Vacation RentPro for the last 10 years. My husband and I started our vacation rental company with just a handful of homes when we first used VRP. We found it very user-friendly and reasonable compared to other vacation rental software. Over the years we added about 100 properties and multiple employees using the software, and we are extremely pleased with the way the system still holds up to the volume we have. It is designed for having just a few properties as well as a large number of properties. I definitely recommend this software for everyone that is just starting in the business as well as established businesses that are looking for a less expensive option. We further like, that we can customize the software to our needs. Especially the templates and placeholders are a real time saver. The program is easy to learn, use and navigate. Mark’s support has been extremely helpful in every way. His response time is exceptional and his knowledge as well as his professionalism is outstanding. He helps with basic questions and is also willing to make adjustments to the program that we suggested and which he found helpful for other users as well. Furthermore, Mark is always on top of industry and market changes and adding features to the software as needed for the users to stay competitive. We highly recommend Vacation RentPro. Out of 5 Stars, I would give a 10 Star-Rating.
    Christina K, – Cape Coral, Florida
  • We rarely do reviews, but today we got to talking and realized we’ve been using Vacation RentPro to simplify the reservations process, and management of our vacation rental business for over 10 years now!  From reservations simplicity, cleaner schedules, to tracking expenses, etc…  RentPro has saved us thousands of hours of work and frustration.  We cannot recommend this vacation rental property management program highly enough and would give it 6 stars against 5 if we could.  And Mark is always on top of things for any support we need.  We’ve been so happy over the years, we have personally recommended it to other property management companies.  Thanks for providing a great time saving business solution at a fraction of both the purchase price and yearly upgrade price of competitor products.  It’s great for startups and has also served us well as we’ve grown and matured into a larger business.
    Chris P. – Cape San Blas, Florida
  • We have been using Vacation RentPro since we began our business over 5 years ago.  I can say with much experience that it has, and continues to make a positive impact on our vacation rental business.  Mark has created a very well thought out product which all rental managers or operators should consider carefully.  Nearly everything you could think of, as part of your operation has been incorporated into VRP – from basic features to the most advanced nuances of rates and reservations management, etc.   The support from Mark is friendly, responsive and thorough.   We would highly recommend Vacation RentPro!
    Anand P. – London, England
  • I can’t say enough about Vacation RentPro and the service that comes along with it.  I have been using this software since I started this business in 2010 and could not be happier.  It is easy to navigate and is constantly being updated.  (Many of the updates made are from requests by those of us that use the software).  More than the ease of use, I appreciate the service that I have always received from Mark.  I am not the most technology minded person, but when I have a problem he makes the solution easy to understand.  I appreciate that there is a program out there that charges a flat fee and continues to make upgrades and changes.  Thanks so much for this wonderful product!
    Tannah S. – Lake City, CO
  • We have been very fortunate to pick Vacation RentPro for our business software.  As a new vacation rental management company, we did our research for the best software to manage our new business. Vacation RentPro is fantastic!  It is a complete package with the most helpful “Help Menus”.  Learning to use the software and all of the options involved would have been a huge challenge, however Mark has built such a great product, that learning to use it is very easy.  Within 48 hours, we were getting bookings and processing payments from our guests!  Mark has been extremely helpful and has responded very quickly when we could not figure out some basic problems we thought we had.  With his help, we resolved the issues very quickly (user errors).  The report to owners, and notices to cleanings and services requests is a great bonus to help our company grow and prosper.  I recommend Vacation RentPro to anyone who has an interest in managing properties!  It’s the best!
    Ginger & B. – Daytona Beach, FL
  • I just wanted to let you know how impressed and thoroughly appreciative I am for the Vacation RentPro software. I have used it for nearly 5 years and always am so thankful for software that is: 1) so easy to navigate, 2) works so consistently, and 3) is such a time saver.  It never lets me down and is a huge help in staying organized.  I especially like the view availability access for smart phones, this is a great feature that comes in handy when I am on the go and away from my office.  I have been approached by others to try out their software for vacation rentals and after comparing it to, at least three other programs it far exceeds the others out there on the market.  Vacation RentPro is top notch and not to mention the excellent customer service you provide.  It is awesome to always know you’re a phone call or email away when I have questions about the software and you always get back to me so quickly, always!  I can’t say enough wonderful things about the software or your services!  I highly recommend Vacation RentPro!!!   Thank you!
    Cathy E. – New Braunfels, TX
  • I just wanted to say how much we truly appreciate your program and all it has to offer.  We started using Vacation RentPro in 2007 and we can’t imagine having to run our business without it.  We started managing 20 properties and now we work with over 50+ properties (during the oil spill we worked with over 150 properties).  We looked at other systems too and they just don’t seem to make the process as user friendly as VRP does.  With me being the person who sets the system up and is responsible for training our staff, I am more than satisfied with VRP.  You’re always willing to talk things through when we come across a road block or if we need help understanding something.  Your system has allowed our company to grow (even with our crazy pricing and booking rules), because of how VRP handles the booking process and internet updates so easily.  Our clients know they can look online for the latest information and that’s a big seller for us.  We were the first to use VRP on Grand Isle and now others have followed because of its flexibility.  With the use of VRP and its website creation/links and Availability Online integration I can’t imagine working the rental business without it!   If I listed all the things we utilize in this software it would be a long list!  I’ve seen so many features get added through the years and I’m always checking the Updates page looking to see what else we can use to make the process even better and our jobs easier!.  Thanks again for all the help!
    Christie A. – Grand Isle, LA
  • We began our relationship with Vacation RentPro in 2008, when we managed 2 vacation rentals. Seven years later, we are now managing over 120 rentals in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Alabama.  Guess which vacation rental software we still use?  Yup, we are still using Vacation RentPro. I have looked at other software, only to find out that VRP does exactly what we need.  It is important to stay on top of the updates and utilize the help menu, because the software is constantly being updated with new features.  I have gone from a small business (o.k. a microscopic business) to a medium size vacation rental company, and VRP continues to meet our needs.  Specifically, we use Availability Online (who is insanely affordable) as our online booking engine and they are integrated with VRP.  We also use Vacation Rent Payment who is also integrated with VRP, and offers a TRUE flat rate merchant fee.  Simply put, the booking comes in, and with a touch of a button all information is entered into our software.  Then, you can press a 2nd button to process the guest payment.  It is truly that seamless!  Also, VRP has similar integrations with VRBO & HomeAway.  VRP can do everything the “expensive guys” will pitch to you in a pretty package and a high price.  VRP is a flat fee for purchasing the software, and a very reasonable yearly fee for unlimited updates (which is priceless!).  If you are managing multiple properties, I would recommend purchasing a few hours of remote training.  It will still be “thousands” less than you will pay for comparable software’s initial fee. Here’s to another 7 years using VRP!
    Tamala P. – Gulf Shores, AL
  • We give Vacation RentPro five Stars for satisfaction and service.  We are a new company that opened this year in St. Augustine, Florida.  We researched many companies and tested several different software systems before choosing Vacation RentPro.  Being a new company, cost was a major issue starting out.  We have been very pleased with VRP and the software gives us every option we need.  We are extremely happy with our decission and would highly recommend VRP to both small and large companies.  Thanks again for all the hard work and help you have provided.
    John C. – St. Augustine, FL
  • We installed Vacation RentPro in 2010 and have never looked back.  As many other comments posted here, we looked at a variety of software options before going with VRP, and have been very pleased with our choice.  Economical, flexible and if you need it, changeable through the personal relationship Mark creates with his clients.  We’ve nearly tripled in size since we first installed VRP, growing to 80 properties now, with the software as the cornerstone of our systems.  We recently took the next step and launched a new web site, with VRP as the core.  Timing was tight for us in the heart of our booking season, but Mark worked with us…odd times and late nights to get it going.  We are very pleased with the result, and have really only begun to build on the options that are available.  We surely recommend Vacation RentPro as a great management tool in the vacation rental market.  Thank you!
    Jim – Gulf Shores, AL
  • Our company has been using VRP for about 4 years and it has helped our business immensely, and allowed us to double in size partially due to increased efficiencies.  We spent over 60 hours examining various solutions geared specifically toward the short term vacation rental industry.  We looked at HomeAway owned programs (Escapia, V12), other solutions not owned by HomeAway (instamanager, kigo), smaller players (barefoot, Rentallect, RMS), and others.  Programs that cost $1,000 a MONTH.  Many of these programs are shiny and pretty but they lack many of the basic features that VRP provides.  For example Kigo is great with channel synchronization and calendar maintenance, but basic reporting functionality is missing (seeing a listing of all tentative bookings for example, or seeing a listing of guests with payments due).  After having studied pretty much every other option, VRP is by far the best for us. With a little bit of learning and a little bit of out of the box thinking, we learned that VRP does everything we need it to and more.  The program is very powerful and it can be intimidating to try and learn everything at once, however if you take it one step at a time, you will be an expert in no time and quickly see how much time it can save you. VRP does pretty much everything on our dream list.  We just had to take the time to learn what it can do.  With sincere appreciation for a great product!
    Dan – Turks & Caicos
  • Just thought I would drop a note to say thank you for such a great program.  It makes my life very easy.  It is nice to have a great program at such a reasonable price.  You are always available to answer questions quickly.  Thanks again!
    Carla F. – Parker, AZ
  • Vacation RentPro software is the hub of our business.  It is everything we need to book reservations, track our cleaning schedules, keep a record of our renters, as well as post our calendars to our website!  The daily alert list is GREAT!!!  You get the idea…  We just love it!  Thank you so much for such a great product!
    Michael and Kelliann M. – St. Augustine, FL
  • Using your software is like going from a tricycle to a Ferrari!  We have a number of unique properties and are extremely grateful for your ability to put something so robust in a package which we can easily UNDERSTAND and afford (unlike others we looked at).  You are truly gifted!
    Marie E. – Bayview, TX
  • Vacation Rent Pro is an easy, intuitive, and accessible way to track more than just clients, bookings, and homes.  The custom reports you can create offer a dynamic like no other.  I was a SIEMENS programmer for over 4 years and know a good program when I use one.  The interface is practical, you don’t get lost under ‘layers’ like other software I have used.  I have trained 7 people on this amazing software and they all adapted quickly to its innovative design.  Customer service for any questions is solved quickly, you are never left to guess what could be an issue.  Mark is a genius, he designed this to work for you, not against you. No fillers, no gimmicks, just a no nonsense format to help you get the job done right.  Trust me when I say this, this software will end up saving you money and pay for itself in no time.  I cannot imagine doing business without it!
    Jared B. – Kauai, HI
  • Mark at Vacation RentPro has been amazing to work with.  We purchased VRP software and initially went with a local provider for our website.  The VRP software was great, but our website was not very interesting.  We contacted Mark and worked with him to set up a new website integrated with the software.  What a difference that made!  The combination of Vacation RentPro and the amazing integrated website has made our life so much easier and bookings are pouring in.  I cannot recommend Vacation RentPro and their website service enough.  Feel free to contact me with questions.
    Greg H. – Folly Beach, SC
  • In my opinion, this is an excellent product whether you are a vacation rental owner with a couple of properties or a property management company handling a hundred properties.  Vacation RentPro will not only enable you to keep track of reservations, advertising sources and run different reports, but it also flawlessly integrates with many popular third party tools and sites such as VRBO, Flipkey, Vacation Rent Payment, Availability Online, etc. eliminating a lot of steps and saving time.  Being able to integrate your properties within your own website in a user-friendly format makes it a truly full-service property management software.  Customer service is fantastic as I have not had a question yet that I have not received a prompt answer to.  I have done my research prior to purchasing VRP and I found other options that had some or all the features but came with a high price tag.  I encourage anyone to do the same but I believe you will quickly learn that VRP is the best software in the industry.
    Florin N. – Branson, MO
  • Vacation RentPro has been beneficial to us in many ways.  First of all, it is a time saver because there is very little typing required.  Secondly, the program pays for itself in no time by catching errors, and I no longer worry about double-booking guests.  I am impressed with the continuous upgrades and new features.  Kudos for your diligence.
    Alan B. – Cullman, AL
  • For several months I have been looking for reservation software that would fit my growing vacation rental business.  I was delighted to find Vacation RentPro.  It seems that every day I am finding more and more features that simply amaze me.  I had two training sessions with Mark which took me to another level within the software.  I would highly recommend the training.  One of my favorite features is the integration of information from the HomeAway inquiries to Vacation RentPro.  I honestly can’t believe that there is any other software that could match the quality and price.  Thank you!
    Wil L. – Miami Beach, FL
  • We recently made the switch to Vacation RentPro after 8 years of using our own rental management system, and most recently 1 year of using HomeAway’s Reservation Manager.  I was looking for a more comprehensive software that could integrate with our unique operating requirements.  I happened to run into another property manager who had been using VRP for years and loved it.  She highly recommended using it.  My business associate and I checked it out, liked what we saw and purchased it.  Of course, we had questions and found Mark to be highly responsive and instructive.  He takes the term “customer service” to a higher level.  The software provides a multitude of options to choose from.  With so many options, and depending how many features you want to use, it can seem a little intimidating at first.  So I would highly recommend purchasing the “Quick Set Up” training at the beginning.  We are excited about what VRP will do for us in streamlining our business.
    Shelley H. – Niceville, FL
  • I very often forget to tell you how much we enjoy Vacation RentPro and how it has greatly improved our lives as well as our business. I cannot think of one aspect of our business that it has not touched. It is hard to imagine how we managed and took care of the day to day operations without it. While we love every aspect of your program and what it does for us I would be remiss if I did not tell you how much we appreciate your tireless support and rapid responses to our questions and needs. Wonderful attributes that are just not found in the software industry today or anywhere else for that matter. Thanks for a job very well done!!
    Sandy V. – Bandera, TX
  • I LOVE YOUR SOFTWARE!  I have been using Vacation RentPro for a few months and you seem to have thought of everything.  In particular: Your Bookings form makes it easy to keep track of various rentals at a glance.  Your Work Flow section allows me to send my rental agreement and form letters with very little effort.  And your Floating Calendar makes sending proposals a breeze.  I also like the fact that I can keep track of all of my emails and documents in the document folders for each renter.   Record keeping, to do lists, document flow and follow ups are now a pleasure.  Thanks again.
    Glenn W. – Owings Mills, MD
  • Vacation RentPro is simply the best villa management tool available for an owner or agent.  We have rented our own villas for 30 years and, if we could code software, Vacation RentPro would be exactly what we would create for ourselves.  Unlike other programs, Vacation RentPro is versatile and easily customizable for our unique needs so we can keep doing business the way we want.  We don’t have to change the process we have honed over the years to fit an imperfect piece of software.  For us, Vacation RentPro alone replaces 4 other programs we have been running for ten years….AND  does it better!  Now that we have everything set up to do what we want, we are learning to take advantage of Vacation RentPro’s many other features, which we didn’t consider important, like the easy import, reply & create bookings from VRBO & Flipkey inquiries.  It’s so much faster!  We liked Vacation RentPro so much and it’s so versatile, we ended our search for the perfect software to manage our forty vehicle rental fleet and simply adapted Vacation RentPro to fit our needs (  If you think there is even a possibility it may work for you, download the demo and you will almost certainly have found your answer.  Thanks again for a great program!
    Eric L. – St John, VI
  • Just a quick note of appreciation and to let you how your software has allowed us to grow our business over the last 3 years. Each year we have increased our revenues over 51%. We now have 40 properties with 40 different owners. Just my wife and I manage the entire business excluding the cleaning company and repair vendors. That’s a true testament to the quality of your software which we also attribute in most part, to our growth.  Every month it seems we find something else in your program that makes our business even more efficient!  I can only imagine the ingenuity and man hours you have put into this program.  Keep up the good work!
    Dick and Patty A. – St. Augustine, FL
  • I wanted you to know how happy I am with your Vacation RentPro software.  I highly recommend it to others.  It saves me HOURS every day.  I can now accomplish my work in ½ the time.  Using your program has been a big time saver and it calculates the numbers correctly so there is almost zero chance for errors.  I also appreciate your great customer service.  You were always ready and available to help me when needed.  I appreciate the one on one coaching to get me started, and your training fee was reasonable.  You are a good teacher and were patient with me.
    Kathy M. – Maui, HI
  • I wanted to thank you for delivering on all of your promises with Vacation RentPro.  I have found it easy to navigate, extremely efficient and it has saved me hours of time!  When I was looking at software, I was a little skeptical about all that VRP had to offer for such a fair price, but it has far exceeded my expectations.  You are a genius!!
    Diane M. – Mackinaw City, MI
  • I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your excellent work on designing this software.  Vacation RentPro has revolutionized the way we do business here in the office.  After reading through the easy to use and very well laid out help documentation, and learning just how much this program can actually do, we were convinced.  We have finally become more one-click efficient and current with all property info and client relations.  I just wanted to extend the pat on the back you deserve.  Never have I had the pleasure to work with a better program that dealt with this type of industry.  Thanks for always being there to answer a question, even though the answer was usually right in front of my face.
    Adam B. – St. Louis, MS
  • I never write these kind of things; however, I feel I should.  Your Vacation RentPro software has been extremely useful in our Companies.  We have a Vacation Rental Company and a Long Term Rental Company.   We have been using VRP for the vacation rentals company for some years now and have recently purchased an additional license to use for our long term rentals company.   Previously, we had been using another vendor’s system for the long term rentals, for which they charged considerably more, with a set-up fee plus recurring fees of $80/month, and it absolutely did less than what VRP provides.   With the continuous improvements you make, I am not sure why you do not charge a monthly fee.  It would be worth every penny of it.  Also, I would like to suggest, and I think a lot of your other users may agree, that you offer a training class in Hawaii.  I am sure there would be enough users willing to pay for a week long training class and a trip to Oahu so they can learn the many useful features of VRP.  Not to mention a business trip write-off to Hawaii.
    Karen P. – Bullhead City, AZ
  • We have grown our business from 2 vacation rentals to 37 rentals in just 4 years using Vacation RentPro.  The program has helped us to not have to hire additional employees to handle the work because so much is automated.  It is so simple to teach everyone and so useful for communicating with the guests, owners and cleaning staff.  The reporting functions provide lots of information to help us with management and marketing decisions, and using the reports have added to our bottom line. We had looked at other programs that cost 10X what this cost because they were web based.  We have not had any issues at all because we can take our laptop and our business on the road with us.  We were curious how well it would work for us as we grew, but we can now see that we are going all the way and keeping the software.  The support has been great to work with too, and has given us help anytime we needed it.  We highly recommend VRP.  Thanks for such a great product!
    Sarah M. – Branson, MO
  • I just wanted to let you know how much we love Vacation RentPro.  It is comprehensive enough to meet all of my needs in my lodging business, but still user friendly that even someone like me (computer challenged) can easily use it.   Although I probably haven’t even taken advantage of many of the features, the ones I particularly find useful are:
    The screen layout is efficient, logical and viewer friendly.
    Downloading to QuickBooks.
    The ability to sort and move columns.
    The ability to look up availability easily.
    The Processing Fee feature.
    The ability to easily see the full calendar for each property.
    The variety of reports.
    The ability to bulk email.
    Quick and efficient support (although rarely needed).

    I was totally new to the resort lodging industry and had no background in this type of software.  When I started researching what was available, so much of the software I looked at seemed so complex, not to mention too expensive.  Although I don’t have a lot of properties, I wanted something that would handle more in the future but still be easily maintained.  In fact, once I started working in the program, I found it was even better than I expected because I didn’t even know all of the features I would need in this business…  But this software has made me look like a PRO.  Overall, Vacation RentPro has everything, and more, to make my job easy.
    Tina R. – Cedar Key, FL
  • I could not imagine running our rental business without Vacation RentPro.  We manage 50 properties in Panama City Beach and surrounding areas, which requires a property management system that keeps everything straight for us.  We could not manage that many properties without professional grade property management software.  We looked at several other remotely hosted solutions, but eventually chose Vacation RentPro.  VRP is a very strong, well written program that can do just about anything you can think of.  I especially like the automation built into performing daily tasks, and the flexibility of customized outgoing documents.  Creating bookings with the click of a button, mailing of contracts and arrival documents, responses to inquiries, you can customize them all to run very simply.  The customer support is unparalleled in my opinion, and is quick to respond, even on weekends.  Kudos to a job well done!  We will continue to use VRP as long as we are in this business.
    Jeff P. – Panama City Beach, FL
  • After researching all of the software programs available we decided on Vacation RentPro.  We’ve been using it for over 2 years and it has exceeded our expectations.  I am constantly discovering ways in which it helps to streamline my paperwork and make my life easier.  Renting four condos takes time and (more importantly) organization.  I’m finally saving time and also notice that my guests appreciate the extra detail and consistency.  I think this sets me apart from many other Owners.  Support is always quick to respond to emails and answering questions.  Recently I completed a 1 hour tutorial where they gave me dozens of tips.  I’m thrilled with all of the new things that I have learned!
    Erin C. – Wailea, HI
  • Vacation RentPro has proven to be a good investment for our company.  The colorful interface makes it easy to view and assess our properties and availability at a glance.  And the work-flow progression is nicely organized and simple to navigate.  The program also provides effective warnings to prevent things like double-bookings, overdue payments, past due cleanings, deposits not returned and many others.  It has an extensive Help file for those instances when you want detailed, well-documented assistance.  In addition, updates are frequent and tech support is only an e-mail or call away with almost immediate response!
    Bill H. – Panama Beach City, FL
  • I have used Vacation RentPro for four years now and it has utterly simplified my life!  Prior to purchasing this software, I used another product that was not as useful as VRP.  We own three rental properties and are now able to manage the painstaking details with ease, freeing up my time for other interests.  My favorite part of the program is how it alerts me each day as to what I need to tend to.  Sending emails to guests, notices to housekeeping, thank you emails to tenants, etc., are a snap!  When I purchased additional rental properties, it was easy to incorporate them without any interruption.  The software’s color coded system is great and makes it easy to distinguish among the different properties when handling administrative tasks.  Plus, any time I have had a technical question, the support has been lightning fast responsive!  I have been so impressed with their attention to every detail.  Thanks for helping to simplify my life!
    Cynthia – Snowshoe, WV
  • We’ve been using VRP for 3 years now, and can’t imagine a more comprehensive application for managing our rental company.  The booking grid screen alone, with it’s integration of all the pertinent data and extensive options and functions, is an invaluable tool for moment-by-moment command of our entire operations.   We do about 350 weekly bookings a year, and appreciate that VRP streamlines all the paperwork and followup.  We also use HomeAway, and probably wouldn’t if we had to do manual updates to that platform for our 85+ properties.  In addition, we recently built a new website, and VRP’s options for XML export have made our website maintenance 100% easier–no more manual updates of rates and availability.  And despite the extensive VRP functionality we currently use, (and learn more about every week), we know there are many more features available when we’re ready.  If there is a flaw in VRP, it’s that it’s got more features than we can take advantage of!  Finally, we’ve been completely satisfied with the support that we’ve received.  They have responded immediately every time we’ve had questions and we’ve never had a single down hour.  Thank you!
    Tom S. – Bar Harbor, Maine
  • Vacation RentPro is like our “Facebook” for our business!  We couldn’t do without it.  It helps us keep up with our properties and guests effortlessly.  For years we had looked all over for a program that could meet our current needs and grow with our business.  Since we began using VRP 4 years ago, we have greatly increased our number of bookings while at the same time, eliminated all the stress.  I love using the templates for quick and complete responses to guests.  And I enjoy checking on our reservations and guests everyday.  Thank you!
    Sheree M. – Boulder, CO & Kona, HI
  • We have been using Vacation RentPro for 3 years now to manage over 150 luxury homes and properties.  We advertise on both our site and other portals, so we receive a lot of inquiries every day.  With VRP we can answer them in a very timely and professional manner and keep track of the progress with alerts, reminders, etc.  All with just 1 person.  It is Brilliant.  And we’ve never had a double booking!  I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to automating and standardizing things, so there were many things I was looking for in a product.  VRP has it all, and more.  Not only the program itself, but the service is great too.  Just the other day I had a question, I got on Skype, they answered immediately and solved it.  That is what I call service!  I think I use the software pretty extensively, and still only use 75% of its full potential.  And it keeps getting better.  For example, the ability to schedule and manage additional “interim” cleanings for a single booking.  This is something we use now with many of our luxury homes.  To call VRP a good value for the money would be the Understatement of the year!
    Reinier N. – Algarve Coast, Portugal
  • I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for Vacation RentPro we would probably have given up on the rental management business by now.  All my experiences with this software have been positive!  We’ve been using VRP since 2008.  Before then we were using another system of Word documents and other software to support our small but growing vacation rental management company at the time.  A short trial run with VRP was all we needed to see that the program could save us considerable time and enable us to expand our business.  The way that VRP is structured, one can be up and running, and sending out inquiries and rental agreements in a very short time.  Yet the complexity of the program allows for so much more versatility as one becomes familiar with the various functions it offers, such as setting up web pages, updating calendars automatically on the sites you advertise on, posting all your transactions to QuickBooks, keeping track of your sales and lodging taxes, and keeping your housekeeping staff updated on new reservations.   No matter how good a software program is, you are going to need help from time to time to understand and troubleshoot your particular situations.  This is where VRP is way ahead of the game.  You get a real person who answers the phone and can knowledgably walk you through any solutions you may need.  He speaks clear, plain English and not techno-speak with a heavy accent like some others.  Unequivocally, I can recommend VRP to anyone in the vacation rental business, or anyone thinking about entering into it!
    Jim and J. – Kauai, HI
  • We wanted to thank you for the great software, and especially the recent ability to view bookings and availability from our smart phones.  We use this feature along with DropBox rather than using the web upload option, and it works extremely well.  Being able to view our bookings and available dates on our iPhones while away from the office is really helpful.  And we like the ability to quickly jump to specific properties, and “Tap” on phone numbers or email addresses to instantly contact our tenants if we need to.  Thank you again!
    Larry O. – Kapolei, HI
  • The Vacation RentPro software has made handling our reservations so much more efficient and faster.  We can import renter information directly from inquiries without retyping anything, and we can quickly respond with full quotes and other information.  That alone makes your software stand heads above the others.  Then add to that the linkage to a payment processing system, a good overview of room availability, reminders, etc. etc…  It’s a great package, and it’s obvious you’ve put a lot of time into thinking through the small details to make this a really usable system.
    Kabir J. – Turks and Caicos Islands
  • We were looking for a way to expand our property management business in order to focus on Vacation Rentals.  We had a limited budget and did a lot of research trying to find the best solution for a day-to-day property management system with the ability to integrate property pages and calendars with our website.  VRP was the only software that we felt covered all the bases and gave us the ability to scale up with future growth.  I was impressed with its functionality as well as the customer support (which was essential).  With each day, I continue to discover new components of the software and it continues to impress me.  I look forward to our continued success with VRP.
    Kellie P. – Spearfish, SD
  • Two Years ago we started looking for booking software for our vacation rental business, and decided on Vacation RentPro.  At that time we had 20+ properties.  We now have 289 properties that we manage, and we’re still growing.  The Vacation RentPro software has grown right along with us without any problems, and has become the core of our business.  We are using more and more of VRP’s features, and soon we’ll use the XML export feed into our new website (  This will be an awesome benefit for us.  Bookings and requests will come to us in a format which we can easily import into the software using VRP’s Floating Calendar feature.  We really save a lot of manpower by using Vacation RentPro with all of its capabilities, and for an extremely competitive cost!  The features of this software FAR outweigh the price.  The database is shared on our server, and simultaneously updated by the entire office, currently 6 people.  We use VRP for student houses, vacation rentals, monthly rentals, etc.  We are soon launching two smartphone and tablet applications (, and we’ll be expanding our use of VRP to track advertisement spaces in these applications also.  It has everything we need in order to track availability, financials, events, reminders, and the ability to generate and send custom quotes, agreements, etc!  Thanks for a great product and the great support!
    Robbert van S. – Willemstad, Curacao
  • We have been using Vacation RentPro for a number of years.  We started out with 6 properties and have grown to over 30 in the Panama City Beach, FL area.  This software is easy to use and has allowed us to grow with ease without having to change systems.  You cannot beat the cost and value of this software.  It provides so many features that others charge hundreds more for.  I particularly like the new updates that continue to be added.  It is improving all the time – just like our business!
    John F. – Panama City, FL
  • Vacation RentPro has made our life a lot easier.  The software is well written and every possible component you would want is available.  There are many things that make VRP the best solution for our needs.  One, is the live technical support.  The support team is easy to work with and extremely helpful.  The integration to Outlook allows our team to easily and seamlessly communicate with our clients and owners.  The web page integration allows our staff to update pictures, rates, calendars and other information by pressing just one button.  We have yet to find a need this software does not address.   If you are in the market for vacation property management software, I highly recommend Vacation RentPro!
    Greg S. H. – North Charleston, SC
  • I have to say, that without Vacation RentPro we would not be where we are today.  We started off with 18 homes and have grown to 50 over the last two years.  We spent 6 months researching all the booking systems available (for which one of them quoted us $15,000!).  Vacation RentPro has everything we ever wanted and it not only keeps us totally organized, it also allows us more “Home” time.  And in this business we all need that balance.  It’s not just us, our owners love it too.  Each month they cannot wait to get their monthly reports.  Once again, thank you so much for a FANTASTIC system.  It is BRILLIANT!
    Rob – Orland, FL
  • We just wanted to thank you again for your rental software. We started our vacation rental business just two years ago with 3 properties. We now have 37 properties and are growing every day.  Our success is in large part, due to your software.  Every week we discover more features in the software that enhance our service to our customers.  We initially did not use the floating calendar.  Now we do not know how we did without it.  That feature is really a stroke of genius.  It saves so much time when responding to our ever increasing customer requests for rates and availability.  We are forever discovering new features that seem specifically designed for our vacation rental management business.  We truly want to thank you for understanding and streamlining the entire process so well.
    Dick and Patty A. – St. Augustine, Florida
  • We started renting our condos seven years ago.  Since then, we have expanded our vacation rental business to managing 21 Destin FL condos plus 6 cabins in Gatlinburg TN.  We could not have expanded to this point without your excellent VRP software.  It has allowed us to be much more efficient by providing a way to keep calendar changes updated as properties are rented, with no effort at all.  Our rentals are quickly processed, and the integration with Webervations has truly transformed the way we do business.  There are no double bookings (a rental manager’s nightmare) and at the click of a mouse, we can see our openings and send accurate quotes with very little effort to the many inquiries we receive from our advertising.  We have come a long way by using this software!  The package is very affordable and the support is outstanding.  We are very pleased!
    Jeanne A. – Chattanooga, TN
  • We absolutely love Vacation RentPro and wanted to share our comments with others.  We started as a small nightly cabin rental business in West Yellowstone, MT using spreadsheets, Outlook calendar, and QuickBooks.  We got tired of all the re-entries into each program and thought there must be an easier way.  We quickly realized we were too small to be able to afford the “big expensive” server types.  By luck we found Vacation RentPro.  Figured it wasn’t that expensive and we could “try” it!  Well, it has been a year now and we love it!  We have now added full property management services to our business and the system keeps living up to our expectations!  The support is VERY responsive and helpful.  It is nice to have someone who understands the business and keeps innovating the program to make it work even better.  Some other companies have tried to get us to switch to theirs with all kinds of incentives – but we tell them “No thanks!”  All of the features in this system are wonderful and efficient!  It allows us to spend more time on our business.  Plus, the accuracy of the system allows us to be much more professional and not embarrassed like when we discovered a double booking in our old system.  The software is designed so that it can adapt to most businesses – no matter what size, fees or options.  We offer snowmobile and snow-coach packages plus many other things – and the system is able to handle it all.  Bottom line – they could charge much more for this system and all the features and updates – but they don’t (which we are glad!) – because they understand the small guys need them!  We highly recommend Vacation RentPro!
    Cynthia K. – West Yellowstone, Montana
  • We have been using Vacation RentPro here in our office for several years now and have been very happy with it.  We manage over 60 rentals in Morro Bay, and would not be able to keep track of all the reservations without the help of this software.  It is very easy to create bookings, especially with the help of the “Floating Calendar” which gives a great visual of our availability.  Also, the Billing tab is a great tool for creating and managing payment schedules for long term reservations.  Sometimes we have tenants stay for three to six months and it would be challenging to remember to collect their rent on the correct day without this software.  We are gearing up for a busy summer and are predicting, with the help of Vacation RentPro, it will be another most successful year ever!   Thank you!
    Michael – Morro Bay, CA
  • I just wanted to let you know how satisfied we are with Vacation RentPro!  THRILLED, to say the least!  I was introduced to the program by another property manager and owner who used this program.  She raved about it and claimed it was a great time saver and helped her to stay organized and stay in touch with her guests and follow up with them.  Well, needless to say, I loved the program when I saw it and purchased it shortly after.  I manage 17 vacation properties in Texas and New Mexico and just can’t state it enough – how much I really love this program!  And not to mention how much time it has saved me already.  I am looking forward to our busy season just to use this system and stay organized and have everything run so much smoother than last year (without VRP).  Aside from keeping us organized it is so functional and easy to use.  Not difficult at all, like some other programs out there.  Functional because it works with HomeAway calendars and Webervations and you can also use it with QuickBooks which keeps me from doing double data entry. I LOVE this program!  I will definitely recommend it to anyone I know and have been raving about it to other property owners and property managers. GREAT PRODUCT AND WELL WORTH THE INVESTMENT!
    Cathy E. – TX
  • Vacation RentPro has been an excellent tool to help organize our vacation rental business located in Brazil.  The program is able to handle complex bookings with renters paying in US currency and then later handling the contract in Brazilian currency.  It is very flexible and we’ve been able to customize it to work perfectly with our website and booking forms.  I highly recommend Vacation RentPro!
    Todd S. – Salvador, Brazil
  • I recently started a vacation property management company and evaluated a number of software programs.  I am not very technically inclined and was overwhelmed until I found Vacation RentPro.  Truer words were never spoken than, “If I can use it successfully, anyone can!”  It is so user-friendly, logical, and just plain makes sense.  It was clearly designed by someone who understands the business and all of the features needed.  I have probably just scraped the surface on its capabilities but already it has been the best, and most cost-efficient investment for my company.  The support I have received has been responsive and professional.   Best of all, it helps you grow and grows with you!
    Donna B. – Plano, TX
  • We have to commend you and your company on the Vacation RentPro software.  We had been using another system for roughly 20 years and during this time we had to pay for monthly support, send staff to the orientation in Colorado, and purchase a dedicated server.  Their new version was going to cost us nearly $30,000 with a new support package at $600.00 per month.   We then discovered your product, reviewed it, and found that it offered even more than we needed at a very affordable price.  I have to say that the results after our first year of using Vacation RentPro have been outstanding!  Our staff could operate the software with very minimal training and this is due to all of the help features and reminders built into the system.  It integrated with our website and we were able to use a pier to pier versus a dedicated server.  We have accumulated more customer data than ever and ran the entire season without a minute of down time.  Your support on the one time we needed it was fantastic and effective.  We would recommend your product to everyone in the vacation rental business.  We now use Vacation RentPro to manage 140 vacation properties rented on a weekly or weekend basis.  The software has performed better than expected and we look forward to many years of continued use.  Thank you!
    Brian A. – Tybee Island, GA
  • Vacation RentPro is a lifesaver and a very valuable tool!  We have been using the software since the beginning of this year.  Each and every day that we click to open the program we are able to conduct our business more professionally, more accurately and most important… more efficiently.  This program is feature rich yet simple to use and quite easy to get started.  Once you commit to using it you will be amazed at what it is capable of doing for you.  Our rental business was at the point where our paper methods were strewn everywhere and we were starting to “loose it”.  We have been saved.  Soon we are having this program update pages to our own website.  We are excited to use it even more deeply.  The support we get is personalized and the response time is better than that of much larger companies.  The updates keep coming and we actually look forward to them as we find and feel that someone is “on our side” thinking of new ways to help and improve our business.  Thank you!
    Trisha and E. – Creede, Colorado
  • Your software has already paid for itself many times over.  Prior to Vacation RentPro we used 3 reservation binders filled with grids.  Throughout each booking cycle we would end up typing the same information multiple times into the computer on various correspondence using over 150 different documents.  We additionally had a series of spreadsheets we maintained.  Now, using the software’s “Document Templates” feature, we only maintain one or two versions of each document.  Generating emails and documents is now done by just clicking a button – super easy!  We even set it up so that the software additionally attaches a travel insurance PDF file to the message.  Prior to your software, it was a time consuming process to manage payments due and sending reminders.  We now click “sort by status” and all the “red” (late) guests are immediately displayed.  We can click a button next to each one to generate a completely personalized email, politely reminding the customer that payment is now due.  Time savings is probably 90%.  Management reports, cleaning reports…. No need for spreadsheets, we just click a button!  The report is emailed automatically – Owner reports, etc. – awesome!  We can also create a variety of reports showing how each villa is performing compared to last year and the year before that.  How many villas do we have open for a certain week?  Just press a button!  Has Mr. Smith ever rented from us before and if so when, what villa, etc?  Press a button!  I know we are not even using the software to its full potential, we are taking baby steps.  We plan to start integrating the software with online calendars, QuickBooks, and I’m sure other great things I don’t even know about….  I am also thrilled with the level of support.  Many thanks for all!
    Dan K. – Turks & Caicos
  • Vacation RentPro has truly made my life more organized and easier, and also made it possible for our business to grow. Thank you, thank you!  The support I’ve received has been phenomenal.  The transition from paper to a working vacation rental system has it’s challenges, yet VRP has made it as easy as possible.  I would highly recommend this program to anyone in the vacation rental business.  It’s as though VRP got in my mind and thought of everything I needed.  There are many opportunities to personalize the system.  Plus, they are always working on updates and making the program even better.  Bottom line — Love it!
    Cara M. – Wyandotte, MI
  • We’ve been using your software for about 18 months now.  I can’t believe the difference Vacation RentPro has made for us.  Not only has it saved huge amounts of time, it has enabled us to systemize the whole process and feel confident that everything looks professional and is under control.  For example, it used to take us nearly an hour to construct a rental agreement, update spreadsheets, inform the cleaner, set up reminders for payments, update the diary, etc etc.  Now the process takes just a couple of minutes.   Initially I felt a little overwhelmed with all the system could do, but the help screens are very good.  And on the rare occasion when I’ve had a problem I couldn’t solve alone the support has been amazing.  Immediate response (from a patient and friendly real human being!) and if there is scope to improve the software an update appears almost the next day.   The portability of the system is very important to us – we run the rental business from the UK with an office in New Smyrna Beach, Florida to look after our renters.  We treat our home system as the ‘master’ and use the FTP backup feature daily for our office staff to download the next morning, so they always have up to date data.  (Our internet connection is not fast enough to run it as a remote network). When we travel we can take it with us on either the laptop or a memory stick.  Overall, this is a piece of software I wouldn’t want to be without!  Thank you!
    Liz D. – Smyrna Beach, FL
  • We wanted to tell you how pleased we are with the Vacation RentPro software.  To say it has made our lives easier is an understatement.  We manage 40+ condos on the Florida panhandle, better known as the Emerald Coast.  As a young company starting out with a few properties, we used Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, etc., which became very labor intensive and time consuming.  We saw the need for a solution and sought out rental software.  After looking at many different rental software companies, we found Vacation RentPro.  It seemed more than capable to handle our needs, and the price was very attractive.  We have been using the multi-user version of the software for a couple of years now and are very pleased with its ease of use and the support we get if we have questions.  This product has surpassed our expectations and made us a much more efficient, effective, and professional company.  Thank you for your product!
    Rich H. – Emerald Coast, FL
  • We started our Vacation Rental Business in April 2009 with only 2  properties and now have 25 properties.  A lot of our success can be attributed to the Vacation RentPro software. Our booking process flows smoothly.  Reports for owner payments, commissions and sales tax are extremely helpful.  We are continually amazed by the creativity of each new update. Just when we think there is no other way to improve the software, a new update proves us wrong.  We have worked with other vacation rental software systems in the past, and we can assure you Vacation RentPro is head and shoulders above the rest!
    Dick & P. – St. Augustine Beach, FL
  • “We’ve been using Vacation RentPro for 2 years.   We manage weekly rentals for about 60 properties in the “Lakes Region of central Vermont”.   Prior to using Vacation RentPro, we had spreadsheets, wall calendars and files with reams of paperwork overflowing!   Vacation RentPro has increased our bottom line by allowing us to respond instantly to potential customers and operate efficiently.  Our season is short, so we need to take advantage of every rental opportunity. Tasks like preparing owner contracts and tenant contracts that required hours, are now accomplished in seconds with Vacation RentPro. Vacation RentPro’s reporting features give us all the information we need to manage the business as well as providing professional looking and accurate reports to the owners we represent.  We investigated other software packages prior to purchasing Vacation RentPro, and found them either too limited in features or too complicated.   Vacation RentPro is rich in features yet easy to set up and very user friendly.  When on occasion I asked for support, I was amazed at the speed of response.  At one point I asked the folks at Vacation RentPro about a particular function we needed, a few weeks later, the feature was added to the software.  There have been many updates since we first purchased the software.  It shows Vacation RentPro listens to its users and provides additional features that make a great product even better.  We give this software a “Two Thumbs Up”.
    Jim L. – Bomoseen, VT
  • We spent a good deal of time searching for software that would cover all the various aspects of our property management and vacation rental business. Discovering Vacation RentPro was surprising; it sounded too good to be true. Working with VRP quickly allayed my doubts. My staff and I are delighted with its comprehensive structure and ease of use. The price too is astonishing in a marketplace where thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars are charged for programs which are incomplete and far from satisfactory.
    Bernard B. – Championsgate, FL
  • We manage 50 vacation rental properties along the Panhandle of Florida and the Gulf Coast.  We researched about 20 online and offline vacation rental software packages before we selected Vacation RentPro. Although all packages had their plus features, VRP filled our main criteria. We were looking for a software package to integrate with PayPal, a quote system to respond to VRBO email inquires, responsive tech support and an offline accounting system that would run on our server and post updates to our website server. Of the ones we reviewed, Vacation RentPro matched the best. The bonus features that VRP offered was integration with Webervations for an online booking engine that is simple to setup and customize in order to match the look and feel of our site. Our rental agents say that VRP’s auto reminder of payments due, daily check-ins and check-outs and other reminders that appear in the alerts has made their job so much easier.  VRP has provided the ability for us to take our business to the next level and acquire more properties without hiring additional staff.  And as we all know efficient software is much less costly than adding additional staff.
    Robert S. – Gulf coast, AL
  • Prior to starting our company we managed a couple of our own properties using spreadsheets, hand written calendars and simple word processing documents.  We knew that when we started managing vacation rentals for other people, that system would not work for us.  We started our company almost two years ago and have been using Vacation RentPro from the beginning.   Our company has grown and we now manage over 50 vacation rentals and have two assistants working for us.  I have looked at and “trialed” many other products thinking we needed an online system, allowing our assistants more access to our information.  Every product I looked at, regardless of the price, seemed it did not do all the things I need, or it did not do them nearly as well as Vacation RentPro.  The product works great and has so many features that I’m still finding new things it can do to simplify our process.  It seems there is never a week that goes by when I don’t check the Updates Web Page to see what new things are out there to make my life easier.  I am really sold on this program!
    Larry O. – Koolina, HI
  • We have been using Vacation RentPro for more than 2 years now.  Previously we paid over $12,000 for other software was supposed to be a top brand rental management system.  We found that system to be non-user friendly, to say the least.  I wish we had known about Vacation RentPro years ago!  We manage over 100 properties efficiently and effectively now using Vacation RentPro.  Thank you for a product that has allowed our business to grow and is easy to use!
    Anne G. – Lake Huron, Tawas City, MI
  • In our first month of using Vacation RentPro we can already see a dramatic difference in the way we do business.  The software has helped us streamline our process freeing up valuable time and energy.  Even though we are still just learning everything that the software has to offer, I can tell you WE LOVE IT.  I especially love the ability to create templates to automatically generate our Rental Agreements and email directly to the customer, as well as generating cleaning schedules for our staff.  This software was a steal for the price we paid versus the value it brings.
    Laura C. and Renee C. – Destin, FL
  • I would like to express my total satisfaction with Vacation RentPro. It has saved us untold time and aggravation, and made managing our vacation rental a breeze.  Thank you for an excellent product!
    Mike F. – Johnson City, Tennessee
  • VRP is a lifesaver!  We are a growing property management company in Port Aransas, Texas with 40 plus properties, and VRP grows with us..  We have tried many other software packages in the past.  The VRP developers have created everything we could have ever asked for.  The flexibility and ease of use and input screens are wonderful.  All our information is easily incorporated.  And the forms can be customized to our own needs.  This software has made my job much easier, but more importantly, more accurate for reporting and owner payouts.  Thank you!
    Melissa and Julian S. – Port Aransas, Texas
  • We made the decision in August 2009 to purchase VRP and it is the perfect product to build the foundation and growth of our vacation rental business.  It is so flexible and easy to use.  Since that time I have contacted Support at least four times with questions.  Each time they have responded in less than an hour, have always taken the time to help solve an issue quickly, and each interaction has made me glad I made this choice. They certainly get the award for the best, most friendly and prompt tech support!
    Suzanne S. – Nayarit, MX
  • Vacation RentPro Software has completely revolutionized our property management business.  This software does everything – manages and synchs the internal reservation calendar with 3rd party calendars (such as Homeaway and Webervations), organizes your daily work flow, sends out follow up reminders to customers, organizes and automates all your document communication with renters and owners, provides customer relationship management, manages your website content from one central repository, schedules cleanings with your cleaning staff, and much, much, more.  After a 20 year career in the software industry, I can safely say that I’ve not seen a software package that addresses a niche industry with such deftness, comprehensiveness, and ease of use as VRP!
    Will K. – Grand Lake, CO
  • I had been searching for property management software for months.  I evaluated over 10 different applications.  The majority of them had a number of features I was looking for but they were lacking something.  I could not find anything that helps VR owners respond to inquiries in the most efficient manner and also manage the properties using one application.  I gave up and decided to hire a software firm to write our own software.  While doing competitive analysis, I came across Vacation RentPro.  The software had 90% of the capabilities I was looking for and the price was 80% cheaper than the competition.  I decided to give it a try and put our software development project on hold.  Within a few hours of using the software I sent an email to our software development firm to say that I have found what I was looking for.  This software is AMAZING.  The designers have put in so much thought into this, it is incredible.  Vacation RentPro allows you to respond to inquiries, create bookings, send out email communications and contracts, notify housekeeping crews, keep track of all interactions with customers, track payments, generate owner statements, post data to QuickBooks, generate mailing lists, generate websites, post cleaning calendars, create custom queries, download online bookings, upload rates, etc. etc….  However, I was still looking for that additional 10% capability I needed. I had decided to compromise  and live with 90%.  I decided to call Support and ask a few questions about the software and if there was a way to achieve my requirements?  To my surprise, two days later there was an update posted on the website which added all of the features I was looking for and more!  I could not believe my eyes.  Now I can truly say… this software helps us manage “ALL” aspects of our rental property management.  If you are looking for a complete Vacation Rental Management software package, this is the answer.  Take some time to set it up properly and once it is done, it will make doing business so much easier.  I now have time to devote to marketing and promotion, which was earlier consumed by back office work.  My ROI is sky rocketing already. Thank you Vacation RentPro!
    Nirav D. – Plano, TX
  • Back in 2006 I started a vacation rental management company with two homes.  By 2008, I had 11 homes and the complexity of performing quotes and owner payouts was overwhelming.  My “online” rental management software solution had gone down twice in a week span and left me totally unable to access any data.  I knew I had to find a better solution.  After researching for almost two months and testing various solutions, I came across Vacation RentPro.  I downloaded it and to my surprise it was very feature rich and appeared it would do everything I needed to do.  I called and spoke with Mark and he confirmed the software would meet my needs so I purchased it.  As I went to install Vacation RentPro, I was initially somewhat overwhelmed by all that it could do, and believe it or not, I waited to complete my transition to the new system for over 6 months.  That was my mistake because as soon as the transition was completed, it was like night to day.   I can proudly say I use 80% of the capability of the program to it’s fullest.  Being in the Information Technology field, I am extremely impressed with the updates that are put out to enhance the program.  Being an IT Security Officer, I am especially thankful on the effort to meet PCI Compliance. Feel free to contact me through my website, I’ll be glad to show you what I do with Vacation RentPro.  Highly Recommended!
    Gary A. G. – Miramar, Florida
  • We started our property management company in March of 2009 and immediately figured out we needed a software solution to track the complexities of the business.  After searching and demoing many packages we found Vacaion RentPro.  We are amazed at how nearly every business situation/problem we encounter is addressed in the software.  We sit around talking about what we’d like to do with the business and then say, let’s see if VacationRentPro does that and in every case the answer is; “yes it does”.   The software is extremely easy to use and if we get stuck we just email support and someone gets back to us immediately.  I know we’ve only tapped about 25% of the software’s capabilities, but I’m convinced there is no better product on the market for the money.  Highly Recommended!
    Bruce Z. – Kauai, Hawaii
  • We have been using Vacation RentPro for only about three months now.  We had considered using some web based systems or even building our own.  We are so happy we decided on Vacation RentPro!  We are a small and growing company with new properties coming on all the time.  It would have been very easy to get swamped.  The VRP developers have thought of everything. The document  and email handling features are a real time saver.  The system is very intuitive. The accounting features made the decision to start using VRP easy.  Awesome product, keep up the great work!
    David R. – Greece and Ireland
  • Hello, I have to send this letter to express how pleased I am with your software.  I spent weeks looking for a program that did not have a monthly fee, allowed me to post my rental property calendars, set up schedules for my cleaners and integrate with my accounting software.  Your program did all I wanted and more.  I love the ability to respond to HomeAway emails for price quotes with just a few clicks of the mouse.  The ease of the report generator makes it very easy to customize my reports.  The reservation and billing process is extremely user friendly and detailed. The floating calendar makes things much easier.  There are too many things about this program that far exceeds any of the other programs I evaluated.  Thank you so much for making a program that vacation rental owners can use with ease!
    Dr. Geoffrey L. – New York, NY
  • I want to compliment you on your Vacation RentPro software.  We started out at 20-30 vacation rentals and now have over 60.  We are able to rent the units, contact the property owners, the tenants and housekeepers, and keep the calendars updated all at once.   It’s such an easy program to work with, and we are so much more efficient now.. and… we don’t have to deal with as much paperwork as we did before.  I have also checked other programs and this one is very affordable with all the features we needed, so I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a rental company. Thank you very much!
    Janne’ J. – Morro Bay, CA
  • I just wanted to drop a line and say how happy we have been with your software. As a new company, we wanted to implement an in-house software program to handle our bookings and accounting along with ease of remote access. Thus far, Vacation RentPro has proven to function well above our expectations. We have increased our number of properties five-fold in the past 3 months and Vacation RentPro’s unlimited properties license has more than paid for itself thus far. We inquired into other companies but found server integration and user friendliness faulty.  Not to mention additional charges for any updating, tech support and/or monthly charges if it were a hosting company. I will admit, my favorite function is the Floating Calendar.  It saves me so much time I cannot express how invaluable it is. Thank you Vacation RentPro!
    Carrie D. – Panama City Beach, FL
  • Thank you for removing so much of the burden of being an owner of vacation rental properties!  We have owned several rental properties in the Destin, Florida Area for over ten years.  Until recently we have been with rental management companies and used our own websites to increase rentals through them.  Circumstances forced us to begin renting several of our units ourselves.  The burden of keeping up with everything was overwhelming.  I began with notes on paper calendars, then Excel spreadsheets.  I was introduced to Vacation RentPro and now use Vacation RentPro exclusively.  This software makes answering emails and providing quotes extremely easy.  And it manages the scheduling of activities required throughout the entire rental process.  Whenever I had difficulties, support was just a phone call away to help resolve our problem.  I have never experienced this level of service from any other software provider.  I highly recommend Vacation RentPro for anyone renting vacation properties!
    Don B. – Destin FL
  • I am absolutely amazed by your dedication!  All of the updates you continue to work on and add to your software is appreciated so very much! You and your company make it possible for someone like me to have a business such as I do and make it run smoothly and allow it to grow. It is just so refreshing to know of you and your company’s standards. Not too many businesses out there take that extra time with a customer. You take that time graciously. Thank you!
    Rachel S. – Panama City Beach, FL
  • We started using Vacation RentPro just over a year ago. We switched to this fantastic software tool and were amazed at how much it helps.  To name just a few:  Simple reporting to run your business and provide clients with the information they need to understand occupancy, revenue and pay their taxes.  No double bookings.  Accounting export directly to Quickbooks (this has saved us days and days of manual entry time).  Now that we have more than 20 properties I cannot see an effective way to run our business without this software. Also, the support is second to none. There is always someone on the telephone to discuss problems or ways to improve the use of the software. They are always helpful and honest. Well done to the team and a sincere THANK YOU!
    Gary L. – Palm Beach Gardens, FL
  • Thanks for providing a great product!  We have found your software very easy to use as our business has grown.  We are very pleased with the many features of the program and the continuous updates.
    Karen F. – Dillon, CO
  • We have been using Vacation RentPro for only a few months, but we can really see the difference already. The program makes the process so much easier and cleaner. With the reminders we are on top of our reservations. The time spent setting up the various features is well worth it. Vacation RentPro Customer Support is great. They are very helpful and patient. I would highly recommend Vacation RentPro to anyone who is looking to stay on top of their Vacations Rentals and represent themselves in a very professional manner.
    Glenn and R. – Mammoth, CA
  • Just over two years ago, my wife and I decided to convert our two condos to vacation rentals.  As we performed all the work ourselves, it took some doing.  We subscribed to web site listing services and the inquiries began to come in.  Initially, I started trying to keep track of inquiries, bookings, rental agreements, payments, etc. in spreadsheets and a paper notebook … but it quickly became apparent that I was getting in over my head with this system.  After downloading several trial versions of various management programs, Vacation RentPro among them, I found VRP to be the most comprehensive offering … and at a great price.  Although we are a small operation compared to some, Vacation RentPro has helped us organize our records and established a consistent methodology for performing all the tasks that are required for effective administration of the rental properties.  Mark has also provided outstanding support with very rapid feedback and response to questions and improvements in the software. This is one software package that is a “must-have” for anyone who manages short-term rental properties.  Thank you, Mark.
    Steve B. – West Memphis, AR
  • After 8 years of managing over 150 vacation rental properties in the Upper Florida Keys, I decided to open my own company, with under 25 – high end vacation homes. The huge task, is that I would be the only person doing all of the work. Vacation RentPro has made it all possible. I reviewed many programs over the years, they all lacked some important feature. Not Vacation RentPro. It has everything. The best feature is the customer service and constant improvement updates. Mark is always there to answer your questions and listen to your needs and suggestions. Besides working for myself, this was the best decision I have made.   Thank you Vacation RentPro!
    Jo Anne T. – Florida Keys
  • Your tool has saved me upwards of 90% of the time I was spending on the booking and reservation tracking process while improving quality of communications with my guests.  I also feel more in control of the business and spend less time thinking about the details.  It’s a great product – I was hitting the “wall of complexity” around tax time, but after investing a weekend setting up your tool, it has been just minutes a day to manage.  Thank you.
    Sean M. – Rochester, MN
  • After running a vacation rental business for 5 years, the paperwork was really doing my head in – completely and sadly disorganized.  I cannot believe that I didn’t find your software earlier.  I particularly love that I have done away with unnecessary duplication of data, and double bookings are a thing of the past!  My cleaner loves the clear and easy to understand cleaning reports, and the owners are really happy with the monthly property statements.  Me – I love just doing everything once, and I am a complete fan of the “instant document and email templates” which so easily provide property specific information without needing to put it in manually each and every time.  A booking now takes me less than 3 minutes to enter and email instead of up to 15 mins!  I so appreciate your quick turnaround of my email enquiries too.  Vacation RentPro has my vote!
    Lindy B. – Queensland, Australia
  • Vacation Rental Pro is a great program for vacation rental property management. I have used this system for almost two years and here are just some of the good points:  Inquiry Reply, single most important element for us, done accurately and unit specific in just a few clicks.  Unit Specific Web pages, easily constructed and updated, attractive, with unit specific calendars.  Online Bookings Interface, downloads guest payment info, provides easy Virtual Terminal entries, uploads calendar updates, unprecedented positive guest response.  Guest data and information, clipboard insertions, automatic insertions, for emails and rental documents.  Understanding, support, and updates, Mark is always working to make the system even better.  Give it a try with the demo.  You won’t regret it.
    Lee S. – Orlando, FL
  • I wanted to thank you again for the terrific software and support. I had put the pieces of the “rent by owner puzzle” together over a ten year period, using word programs, spreadsheet programs, mail programs, but it was still a puzzle. Your software has put it all in one place, in logical order, and at a great value. On top of this, your support of the product is the absolute best I have ever experienced. Thanks again.
  • I have been managing vacation homes for 4 years before taking the plunge and purchasing this software. This past year we had grown from 5 homes to almost 25. After researching programs and talking with Mark, we decided VacationRentPro was the way to go. I am still kicking myself every day for not taking the plunge to buy this sooner. It takes away the anxiety, minutia and time consuming details of booking reservations, sending out agreements, following up with guests and managing every detail of the vacation rental management process. We are now so proactive with communication to guests rather than being reactive to them. They enjoy and appreciate being kept up to date on payments, directions, welcome letters and thank you’s after their stay. I no longer have the late night panic that I missed a reservation, double booked someone, or missed collecting a payment. I sleep like a baby. I actually miss the software when I am away from it. And, lastly, support is quick and top notch.
    Dan S. – New Buffalo, MI
  •  I just wanted to let you know that I am passing along you and your business information for Vacation RentPro. I know several people who do rentals on their own or might move in that direction. I am very confident in your product and your services. I love the software and am still learning great features about it that I haven’t started to utilize. Thank you much.
    Rachel S. – Monticello, IN
  • I spent months looking at other software (both commercial and open source). All were either cost prohibitive or just didn’t do what I wanted. Finally, I found Vacation RentPro and could not believe that it did everything I was looking for, and was still affordable to a small business. Talk about saving time and making rentals painless! Support has been great too. It’s nice to ask questions and get quick answers from someone that really knows the software AND the vacation rental business. Thanks again for a great product!
    Les F. – Davidsonville, MD
  • As a business owner in a non-related industry for many years, I stumbled upon the vacation rental business. I started with one property, and using a calendar/appointment book seemed to work. I purchased little sticky tabs in various colors to indicate when payments were due, when to send directions, when to call the guest, etc. I had a system and I liked it.  Then I purchased my second property last year and realized that I needed to investigate rental software. I looked at a lot of various programs, and then looked at Vacation RentPro and realized it was what I needed all along…even with just one property. I can’t say enough about how it fits with the way I work. The “reminders” and “payment due” notices take the place of my colored sticky tabs. It absolutely fits all my needs. All the document templates are perfect and it is great to be able to customize them – even the email messages. VRP has several “workflow tabs” that provide the exact number of documents I need and the flexibility to create anything I need. The document templates can be customized for each property and easily copied to new properties. The “placeholders” feature is perfect.  I can also notify the housekeeper, be reminded when payments are due, when a guest is checking out, when one is checking in – everything I need to know to stay on top of my rental business. The price of the software is unbelievable. Updates are frequent and it is obvious the developer listens to his customers.  I could go on and on. I cannot say enough about this software – I LOVE VRP!!!  It is simple, easy to use, and Mark is very helpful and personal. I still have a lot of exploring to do and more features to learn about, and yet – at this point – it is perfect in every way for me.  Thank you so very much.
    Brea G. – Houston, TX
  • I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how impressed we are here at Easy Street Vacation Rentals with your Vacation RentPro rental booking system. We have 12 properties and have been managing them manually for some time.  We converted our accounting system to QuickBooks, and our accountant, who helped us with the conversion, researched several Vacation Rental Booking systems. Following her research she highly recommended your system. To say that you have revolutionized our business would be an understatement. You have incorporated everything in your system that we have been doing manually and more…much more. We even followed your recommendation and incorporated Webervations to be able to take reservations with credit cards directly from our web site. You have literally saved us HOURS of work daily, and probably saved my marriage.  Great, great job Mark you have created a fabulous system.  Thank you.
    Rick S. – Destin, FL
  • Vacation RentPro is absolutely the best program I’ve ever used—and I’m not just talking among rental software—but all software. I recently bought a new laptop, and with that comes the chore of installing all the software and moving my data. VRP was the only program that made the move effortlessly. For a week of spending time on hold with support people in “India” for so many of my other programs, VRP was stress-free. I only had one little tiny issue, and Mark picked up the phone and called me back immediately. Voila. Solved. (I write this while being on hold for 40 minutes with Coffee Cup!). Thank you!
    Maria S. – Mount Dora, FL
  • Quite honestly, if someone offered me a million dollars to remove this program from my computer I would flat out turn them down. I LOVE IT!!!
    Jason E. – Calgary AB, Canada
  • Not only is your product excellent, but your support is more than above par! This is from a Brit who’s business is in Austria but lives and works in Nigeria. Without your product I would not be able to operate. Thank you.
    Paul H. – Austria
  • This software package is awesome.  I found it to be incredibly user friendly and I’m able to generate a monthly Property Statement for an Owner in a fraction of the time compared to when I generated these types of reports using excel spreadsheets.  The author should get the Vacation Rental Nobel Prize for this program!
    Candace M. – Kauai, HI
  • I absolutely LOVE Vacation RentPro – I cannot imagine running my VR business without it. It has truly given me back dozens of hours each week. If you want something that will grow with you, and you want great service, and you like a desktop application with the option of having a lot of your information online as well, I highly recommend it.
    Carole – Posted in Yahoo Groups forum, #46308
  • I was skeptical about which software to invest in for my vacation rentals.  After looking at several I decided to give Vacation RentPro a try.  It made it easy that it came with virtually unlimited functionality to try out for your first 5 bookings.  To tell the truth I was hooked after the first booking.  I have gone from an average of 45 minutes per booking total to about 10 minutes.  And that includes the signed contract.  I almost hate saying this but you are really getting a $5000 plus software package for under $200 bucks!  Plus the support you get is beyond real.  Responses to e-mails in under an hour is unheard of.  I give the program 5 Stars (Out of Five).
    Conston T. – Park City, UT
  • I love the program. I have looked at dozens of vacation short term property rental programs and I just love the colors, the easy usability and the functionality. I Can’t believe that I was off and running right after I downloaded the product. I am so grateful that I stumbled on your site. Thank you. I look forward to working with you.
    Carla – Pentwater, MI
  • I just want to take a minute to tell you how much I love this software.  It was really good when I first got it, but what makes it GREAT is your attention to detail, your support with questions, and all the updates you make.  Thank you so much…it has made managing my rental a piece of cake.
    Bradd F. – San Bernadino, CA
  • From our home we manage four vacation rental properties in Sonoma County (CA) Wine Country.  For the first three years it was nearly a full-time job.  This last year we realized that we needed a better system and so we researched more than a dozen property management programs, and did the trial offers of several, but none seemed to be the proper fit for a “By Owner” vacation rental business.  We implemented Vacation RentPro (VRP) in January 2007 and it has met or exceeded all of our expectations for managing both the bookings as well as guest information.  By utilizing such features as the email templates and the reminder/alerts, we have reduced our workload by two-thirds.  Also, we don’t worry anymore about missing due dates or letting a customer slip through the cracks.  Exporting data to QuickBooks has greatly simplified our accounting and monthly reporting.  Mark is receptive to comments from users in his effort to continually improve functionality.  In fact, he has made several updates at our request to better meet our specific needs.  This software has allowed us to better manage our properties and serve our customers while freeing us up to spend more time with our two sons (4 yrs old and 7 months old).  We couldn’t be happier with VRP.  Don’t let the price fool you… it’s a great product at a great price!  Thanks Mark!
    Jill and Dell J. – Healdsburg, CA
  • We love this program!  I don’t know what we would do without it!  If you’ve got rentals…you need this!  It’s easy to use, and customer service goes above and beyond!
    F.W. and Pamala M. – Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • Your search stops here for your vacation rental software needs. This software has it all! We manage multiple properties in Southwest Florida and have always been disappointed with the various vacation rental programs available . Some of them were better than others but they all seemed to be missing the key components for managing vacation rentals which ultimately affected our bottom line due to lost opportunities . VRP provides the ease of bookings, availability of property data, individual owners and most importantly the synergy of all the pertinent info into queries that you build yourself. VRP also analyzes your advertising media to see what’s working for your business and what’s not. VRP won’t let you forget tentative or quoted opportunities, create double bookings or even worse….missed payments. Vacation rentals are similar to hotel rentals with a multitude of variables that must be incorporated into a platform that is usable. VRP has all this. Once you customize it to your rental needs, there is nothing that VRP can’t handle. Most importantly, Mark the developer is constantly improving/updating VRP to meet the demands of the various elements such as technology and clients’ needs.
    Brian B. – Ft. Myers, FL
  • I currently manage 12 homes from different owners and 3 different managers through our web site at: . And the number of homes I manage is growing. I’ve looked high and low for years for a good management solution that would make my life simpler without costing me an arm and a leg. I’ve even used higher priced management software but it left a lot to be desired and I would end up using multiple programs to manage the various aspects of villa promotion, reservations and management. I spent a couple of months getting to know VRP and discovering lots of things along the way. Once you’ve set up VRP to work the way you work, it’s as close to automatic as you can get. It keeps you on top of the things you need to do, reminding you of all the things you probably had a spread sheet for before. I love the “Workflow” area because I know what I’ve already done, when I did it, what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. I can search the bookings by a variety of parameters such as unpaid bookings, etc. And perhaps the best thing is how great the creator of this fantastic software is to work with. I’ve seen more updates and improvements in the past 3 months than the other software I’ve used for the past 3 years! Whether you only have one home to look after or several you won’t go wrong with VRP. This is REALLY GOOD software!
    Mark D. – Disney, FL
  • “WOW” is all I can say to describe how Vacation RentPro Software has help me out!  Before I was using this software I was a mess trying to keep track of my vacation rentals..  This has truly helped me from double booking and knowing who’s coming and going and when….  For the $$ you can’t beat the value of this software…  Mark, the software writer is always trying to make it better too…  He is very responsive to my needs..  This software should be 4 times the cost that it is.
    Allen G. – Flagstaff, AZ
  • This software has been very beneficial for my company.  It’s easy to use and provides me with the ability to respond to inquiries quickly.  Also, the support has been great.  I always receive prompt answers to my questions.  Thanks for the amazing software.
    Kristy B. – Phoenix, AZ
  • I recently purchased your software and I think it is awesome. I’ve configured my workflow with my existing contracts and standard email responses and it is saving me valuable time. I find myself anxiously waiting for inquiries so I can quickly send out rate quotes. I’ve noticed that I am closing bookings more quickly because I am ahead of the competition. I have recommended your software to anyone I know that has rental properties.
    Chris S. – Alpharetta, GA
  • Thank you for your product! I’d been looking for something to easily manage my condo in Destin, and had looked at other products, but this covered everything I needed! Easy to get the hang of, and the customer support is fantastic. Thank you!
    Tammy G. – Houston, TX
  • We have recently switched from using a property management company to managing our properties ourselves.  We looked at several Property Management systems before deciding on Vacation RentPro.  We needed the flexibility of software that would handle multiple properties and track reservations, cleaning schedules and financial data.  Vacation RentPro has exceeded our expectations.  The Reports are a huge bonus, because they gives us complete snapshots of the information we need to track.  Customer support is also exceptional.  We have recommended this software to several of our friends.
    Ron C. – Portland, OR
  • We use VRP daily for renting 11 condos in Branson, soon to be 17 units.  The software has been reliable, easy to use, and really meets our needs.  We have been able to use quite a few of the enhancements to the software that come on a regular basis.  We would not hesitate to recommend the software to anyone!
    Gary M. – Branson, MO
  • We have tested quite a few programs only to find that they don’t fulfill our needs, its obvious you have an insight into booking different types of accommodations and the payment methods involved etc.  A great product, well thought out.
  • An absolute must-have for anyone doing vacation property rentals.  The program handles everything we need it to do, and the price is amazing considering all that it does.
    Deborah. D. – Tucson, AZ
  • This product saves me literally hours each week in terms of time spent on managing our vacation rentals.  The workflow feature has also saved my sanity, since I now have an automatic record of everything I’ve done in relation to each reservation.  I am a raving fan!
    Pauline T. H. – Seattle, WA