Remote Access

Vacation RentPro can be accessed from remote locations using any of the Remote Access Methods mentioned below.

The software runs on your computer or Local Network, the same as QuickBooks and other database applications, which provides many advantages over web-based systems.  The software also provides several options for creating and posting web pages, calendars, rates, booking info, housekeeping schedules, etc. to your own website, and also interfaces with other 3rd party websites and services.

This provides the best of both worlds:  A secure and responsive application that you own and control, with a rich and advanced user-interface, and no on-going service fees and costs.  Plus all of the web features and interface options for advertising properties, accepting online bookings, viewing online calendars, rates, bookings, cleaning schedules, and easily integrating these with your own website.

Also, there are no ongoing recurring costs required.  There’s no dependency on another web company, and no worrying about your data’s security residing on a web server.  In addition, VRP is fully multi-user ready, allowing users to view and update the same information simultaneously.  If needed, you can access the software remotely using various third party tools (listed below).  These can also be used to access other programs if needed, such as QuickBooks and other programs you may need to access remotely.

If your home or office computers are connected to an internet router (such as a Cable modem), then you already have a Local Network for sharing the data.  You simply decide which computer or disc drive will host the data files, and then share that folder for multi-user access.  This is standard Windows Folder Sharing, and is easy to set up.  Instructions are provided in the software’s Help & User Manual.

In addition, VRP includes a feature to optionally view Bookings and check Availability from Phones or any Web Browser while away from the office.  See an Example Here.

Benefits of a Local Network application

Vacation RentPro is designed as a Local Network (or Desktop) application for the following reasons:

  1. Requires No monthly service fees or recurring costs.
  2. Provides Immediate startup and response time  (allowing higher productivity and efficiency).
  3. You control who has access to your confidential data, including credit card info, tenant travel plans, addresses, email addresses, personal notes, owner tax ID numbers, your business revenue, etc.  There is no need to worry about another company’s security, their staff, where their web server is actually located, has it been breached, who has access to it, etc.
  4. Access your data anytime.  Regardless if your internet is down, or a web site is unavailable, your business will not be brought to a stand-still.
  5. No dependency on another company’s ability to stay in business.  You own the software and your data.
  6. Working with your data is fast and smooth, and does not require waiting for web pages to load.  Web based applications are mostly linear and display data one page at a time, requiring you to click a button to retrieve the next page of data or complete a task.  With VRP, you can be doing multiple things, in multiple windows at the same time, which is helpful in a busy environment.
  7. Integration with other applications and sites.  VRP can interface with Outlook™ Calendar, Email, Contacts, Excel™, Word™, QuickBooks™, Quicken™, Adobe™ PDF, Skype™, HomeAway™, VRBO™, BookingPal, RedAwning, Airbnb, Google Travel,, AvailabilityOnline and others.
  8. Also, the technology available today allows accessing applications remotely on your local network fast, easy and secure (see below).

Most importantly, Vacation RentPro provides a rich feature-set not found in many other web based solutions costing much more.

  • VRP provides the ability to view and update multiple types of information, in multiple windows at the same time.  For example, you could be processing payments for a booking or performing another task, and someone walks into the office or calls on the phone.  You can easily open another window to view availability or generate quotes without closing or canceling your other work.  Web-based applications are linear, and usually limit you to one operation or screen at a time due to their dependence on cookies and other methods to track what you are doing.
  • VRP provides instant access to all your data, including calendars, reports, alerts, reminders, bookings, payment schedules, cleaning schedules, tenants, contacts, rates, photos, expenses, documents, etc.
  • VRP provides optional integration with Outlook CalendarQuickBooksQuickenSkype, your Email and other programs.
  • VRP optionally interfaces with to allow secure Online Bookings by guests.  Or use your own online booking form using information provided by the XML data export feature.
  • VRP optionally interfaces with HomeAway / VRBO, BookingPal, RedAwning, Airbnb,, and others via full integration, or using iCal calendars.
  • VRP provides powerful Reporting and Filtering capabilities with the option to export to Excel spreadsheets, PDF, Word and other formats.
  • VRP provides the ability to quickly reply to Rental Inquiries from sites (such as HomeAway, VRBO, TripAdvisor, Airbnb, and many others, including your own website) with professional QuotesAvailable Dates orProperty Lists.
  • VRP provides many types of Alerts and Reminders, including approaching check-ins and check-outs, scheduled payments, scheduled cleanings, user-defined reminders, tenant and owner birthdays and anniversaries, deposits to return, etc.  It also creates Follow-up reports.
  • VRP optionally synchronizes Bookings with Outlook Calendar, which can also be synced withGoogle Calendar.  It also provides options to sync Bookings and Availability with Phones.
  • VRP optionally creates and posts Web pages (SEO optimized) to your own web site, including:Availability CalendarsCleaning SchedulesProperty pagesProperty Group pages and various Reports with the option to integrate with Google Analytics.
  • VRP provides the ability to Backup and Restore your data to your local network, or to your FTP web site for secure, off-site backup requirements.
  • VRP interfaces with various Payment Processing services for credit card payments and pre-authorizations.
  • VRP provides Bulk Emailing features for sending special notices and advertising specials.
  • VRP optionally creates Html Classified Ads for both Individual properties or Groups of properties.
  • And many other useful features…

Methods for Accessing Vacation RentPro from Remote Locations:

Vacation RentPro can be accessed from remote locations through the Internet using Windows Remote DesktopTSPlus, or various third-party Desktop Sharing software products listed below.  Remote desktop technology offers many benefits for businesses and people who want to access their office computer (or cloud service) from home or other locations, or need to access their home or office computer while travelling. The effect this technology has had in the business world has been dramatic. As the stability of the Internet has grown, remote access has matured from convenience to necessity for most businesses.

Remote desktop technology also has the advantage in that data is not being dragged back and forth over the internet.  Instead, only keyboard, mouse clicks and screen display changes are transferred, thereby reducing security risks and increasing response times.

Vacation RentPro can also run on Application Cloud Services, such as .  Trapp Technology also provides cloud services for QuickBooks.  They are very familiar with VRP and how to set it up.  Please contact them for more details.

Another application Cloud service that customers use is . is much cheaper if you have someone who can set up your server.

You can also use Amazon AWS, Rackspace, or other application cloud hosting services.

Desktop Sharing Software

There are various third-party products which allow you to access your PC or Local Network from remote locations.  These include:

PC Desktop sharing software: (for remote access to your PC)

Windows Server and alternatives: (For multi-user remote access.)

  • TSPlus (Recommended – easiest server setup.  Installs on a PC.  Windows Server not required, $200 one-time lic)
  • Citrix (Popular in corporate environments)
  • Windows Remote Desktop (used with Windows Server and Cloud application hosting services)

Other apps for Mobile Devices (Note: Most of the PC Desktop apps above also allow access from Mobile Devices)

These products also enable you to access other files and programs on your computer or network if needed.  Therefore, in addition to Vacation RentPro, you can also remotely access other programs, such as QuickBooks, Word, Excel or any others.

Our recommendation for simple remote access to your PC is: SplashTop.

Windows Remote Desktop is included in Windows Pro and Ultimate versions, and is also easy to use.  (Click the link for instructions).  Note, you can get your computer’s IP Address Here for use with Windows Remote Desktop.

In addition, you can store Vacation RentPro’s database on a portable USB device or memory card so that you can take your data with you and use the program and data on different computers which are not connected.

Or use the Smart Phone feature for viewing Bookings and Availability remotely from your phone or a web browser.