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Updates History:

Updates are cumulative.  Therefore, please review any previous updates that may apply to you depending on your last update.

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  • 8/4/2020 v.1.0.3358 * Added a new “View Calendars” button to the Searchable Group web page, which displays a compressed list of properties with a monthly calendar next to each. This allows guests to view all availability in a shorter, condensed list, while still allowing search and sorting options. See Example Here. * The “New” button in the Bookings form has new options for creating or duplicating bookings. * Importing iCal Calendars has a new option to: “Import and Cancel VRP External Bookings if iCal dates are Open on external sites”. This automatically cancels External Bookings previously imported from iCals.
  • 8/1/2020 v.1.0.3353 * When processing Word document type Templates, any Placeholders within floating Textboxes are now processed also. This is useful if you have 3rd party forms with Textboxes that need to be filled in. * You can now Right-click on Amenities in the Properties form, and select “Copy or Delete this Amenity for Select Properties”. This allows copying or deleting an amenity for multiple selected properties. This feature was also added to the Property Fees and Property Commissions forms, using the newly added button on these forms. Duplicate Property Photos stored in different folders on your local disk are now ignored when posting web pages and updating 3rd party sites.
  • 7/26/2020 v.1.0.3349 * Backups can now be performed while others are in the system, by using the new “Proceed anyway” button in the prompt that is displayed when it detects files are in use. * The Bookings form Timeline will now display up to 4 months (at Timeline Compression level 0), and 8 months (at level 1), depending on your screen size. * Added checks for cyclic references to the Lockout and Summary Properties updates. Added additional dynamic date ranges to all reports for selecting: “1 Week beginning on”, and the same for Month, Quarter and Year. * Added the OLB source channel to the Ad Source Report, Bookings form Workflow 2 page, and the Timeline grid (Adsource column).
  • 7/9/2020 v.1.0.3345 * Added 2 new Property Amenities: “Parking for Fee” and “Parking for Reserve”, which are used by Booking.com (when integrated with BookingPal). When importing Airbnb bookings from BookingPal, the Security Deposit is now set to 0, since Airbnb always handles Security Deposits. * Added an option to jthe Bookings Detail report to Group by “Tenant”. Added a button for “Other Properties” to Property web pages, when property pages are accessed outside of the Property Groups form. This makes it easier for guests to search other properties. Adjusted how the Rate type (Daily, Weekly or Monthly) is determined in web calendar instant quotes when bookings border the monthly threshold. Added the option to “Delete” specific exported iCals from your website (Using the small Globe button next to the iCal Export settings in the Properties form). The Bookings form now remembers which of the 3 “Current & Future Bookings” filters you select, and defaults that that one. For example if you normally use “Current & Future & Canceled”, it will default to this one.
  • 6/12/2020 v.1.0.3342 * Enhancements were made to web pages, including the Search Widget. When selecting the Arrival Date, it now auto prompts for the Departure date also. The Search Widget also works in a side bar if it’s on the same page as the group page. (Repost your Group/Property pages after updating). * The Private View Bookings List has been improved to make it faster. It also has new buttons to jump forward, backward, or to a specific date. * Added an “Inactive Fee” option to the Property Fees > Default fee type, to allow removing a fee from use without deleting it. Both Near Term and Open Days automatic adjustments now limit the specified percentages to between 50% and 200%. * Integrated Availability Online Thank you page, web calendars and VOL to prevent double bookings between these sources when you’re away from VRP.
  • 5/26/2020 v.1.0.3336 * Added Cleaning & Safety (Covid-19) type Amenities, plus EV Car Charger, and Fire Pit. These are also used by HomeAway. * A new option to “Copy Current Totals to the Notes” was added to the Bookings form > Options button. When using the “Clear all amounts” option in the Bookings form, the current amounts are automatically copied to the booking’s Notes for future reference. * Added Tenant Name to the Bookings form top title bar. Added ability to auto upload multiple Cleaning Schedule reports when updating calendars and interfaces. Enhanced the “Custom Save Booking Alerts”, so that criteria can now be based on Property and Tenant info also. When using the Property Group Web Page format: “Embedded Availability Calendars”, the weekly and monthly rates are not shown until the guest views the full calendar with the quote. This is so the guest can see the average wk/mo rates for their selected dates. The “Less Info” button on the Searchable Group web page now hides the timeline only, and leaves the property summary text displayed. The top “Web” toolbar button has a new option to “View Property Group Web Page”.
  • 5/13/2020 v.1.0.3329 * There are 2 new options for blocking out days between bookings, which can be useful to allow extra cleaning time (for Covid-19). Either Automatically: using the new “BookEnd Blockout Days” option (in the Properties form > Interface > Instant Quote tab). Or Manually: using the “New” button in the Bookings form > Create or Remove 1-Day BookEnd Blockouts. BookEnd Blockouts automatically adjust when changing booking dates. And remove themselves when canceling or deleting a booking. * When creating BookEnd Blockouts, if a “normal” Blockout already exists for the same dates, then it is converted to a BookEnd Blockout, to prevent duplicate blockouts. The “Web Update Reminder” button is now enabled after creating or removing Bookend Blockouts. * You can now limit fees and discounts to specific dates (in addition to mmdd-mmdd ranges). See Help topic on “Additional fee and commission calculations”. Changed the rate calculation within VRP so that if some dates of a booking have weekly or monthly rates and the others have only daily rates, it will calculate the missing rates. This mimics the web calendars and integrated sites.
  • 4/30/2020 v.1.0.3325 * The Property Rates form’s button to “Copy, Delete or Adjust Rates” has several new options which allow copying, deleting and adjusting rates across multiple Properties at a time. * Removed the interface options for Webervations.com, since they no longer exist. * Added a “Go to Recently Saved Items” button to the Properties, Tenants, Contacts and Templates forms. This allows quickly jumping back to any of the last 25 recently updated records. * Added a new “Recommended Rates” feature to the Property Rates form. This pulls rates from HomeAway’s “MarketMaker”, and allows comparing rates and optionally updating rates. See Help topic: “Recommended Rates” for more info. You can now “Print to PDF” from the various popup message forms and displayed results by using the Print button (if the message form has one) or the small printer icon in the bottom left corner of the message form. The BookingPal Channel Manager interface is enabled. See Help topic on: “BookingPal Interface” for details.
  • 4/8/2020 v.1.0.3319 * Added a pre-defined filter for “Current & Future & Canceled Bookings” to the Bookings form. When saving a Booking with a status of “Canceled with Revenue”, an option to “Delete scheduled cleanings” will appear if any cleanings have a “Pay amount” specified. * When doing a “Find in List” within any of the forms, if an existing Find Filter is already active, a prompt will display allowing you to Clear the current Find Filter first. * The Property Rates form has a new option to “Delete Rates for All Properties UP THROUGH a specified Year”. * The Searchable Group web page has been changed to a 1-column format, along with other minor enhancements. See Example Here. (Repost your Group/Property pages after updating). * The Property Statement report now shows “Rent this Period” in the Rent Revenue column header when the “Booked Nights” option is used. Also, the report has a new option to “Re-calculate Rate to match Rent”, which can be useful if your rent revenue includes adjustments or commission deductions. When using the option to “Clear All Amounts” in the Bookings form, you can now select to “Keep Cleanings” or not.
  • 3/29/2020 v.1.0.3314 * There is a new “Split View” Timeline option in the Bookings form. This allows viewing by Booking and by Property simultaneously. You can now do Right-click > “Update All” on Reminder Dates within the Bookings form > Work Flow 2 tab in order to update multiple Reminder dates based on the Default Reminder settings in the Properties form. * The small “Bookings” button at the top of the Floating Calendar now allows doing a “Find” in the currently open bookings form. This can help when guests for existing bookings on VRBO, etc. send inquiries, (such as asking to cancel). You can quickly find those bookings from the Floating Calendar after doing “Paste All”. * After sending an email, the Floating Calendar will now automatically restore itself if it was automatically “minimized” before previewing the email. * Added option to Duplicate a Blockout Booking to multiple Properties, (via the Bookings form > New button > Duplicate this Booking > Duplicate this Blockout Booking). This also allows updating and deleting multiple Blockout Bookings. * There is a new ‘Go to Recently Updated Bookings’ button in the Bookings form (next to the ‘View by’ buttons). This allows jumping back to any of the last 25 bookings your team was working on.
  • 3/10/2020 v.1.0.3310 * Added FirstName and LastName fields when printing (or exporting) Tenants and Contacts from the Options button in the Bookings, Tenants, and Contact forms. * The new BookingPal interface is now live for a limited number of users only. A full release will be available soon. There is a new “Cancel fee” option (in the Properties form > Interface > Terms and Text). This allows specifying a “cancel anytime” fee and is also displayed to guests on Homeaway/VRBO. The Floating Calendar’s “Paste All” button has a new Right-click option to “Show found text which determined the Property”. This can be used if the Floating Calendar is not selecting the correct property based on the “Unique texts” you have specified for that property. The “Display Summary” option in the Property Statement report now includes “Total Cleaning fees” multiplied by both Tax rates. This can be useful if you expense owners for the taxes on cleanings. * The Searchable Group web page now restores the Search parameters when returning back from a Property page, regardless if the site is secure or not. (Browsers do this automatically for insecure sites only). The RedAwning interface now requires Bedrooms to be configured for the type of beds, etc. Previously, defining bedroom configurations was optional. * The Property Groups form has a new option to “Scroll Up Pixels”, which can be used if your website uses “sticky headers” which hides the top of the Property pages.
  • 1/23/2020 v.1.0.3304  • Resolved a recent issue with Instant Quotes when calendars are displayed within an IE11 browser. When double-clicking on open dates within the Bookings form Timeline, there is a new option to “Get a Quote”. This uses the Floating Calendar to quickly view or copy a quote. (Try it!). * Added “Paste” buttons to the Tenants form > email and phone fields to make it easier when pasting text. Added additional filters for special characters to prevent issues when importing bookings with foreign languages. * When duplicating Expenses, the notes, workflow and postdate fields are now not duplicated. Other minor enhancements. * When creating new bookings via importing, the Floating Calendar, or from the Tenants form, the booking ID is now remembered so when the bookings form is opened again later, it will be positioned on this booking. Previously the last booking displayed was only remembered when the booking form was opened normally. The Alerts Manager now maintains the original sort order when sending emails directly from the Alerts Manager, so the alerts do not change position when their status changes.
  • 12/26/2019 v.1.0.3299  • When double-clicking on open dates within the Bookings form Timeline, there are new options including: Show Available Properties on this Day, and Show Vertical Bars around this Day. Fixed an issue in the Pay Fees and Commissions form’s Filter drop-down selection. * The ending day for Alternate iCal calendars is now calculated as the next Sunday after the number of days specified for the Alternate iCal. See help on: Alternate iCal Calendars for more info. * You can now Double-click on the Timeline header days in the Bookings form to access the same options when double-clicking on open days. * Rate Quotes in templates now use the same font size used for the %RateQuote% placeholder. Plus other minor enhancements. * Added 3 new options to the Housekeeping report, (to Hide: Cleaner, Previous Check-ins, and/or Next Booking Details).
  • 11/30/2019 v.1.0.3292  • Made some improvements to the Timeline display in the Bookings form. Updated the Help topic on “Google Analytics Tracking”. • There is a new “Save & Run” button in all reports, which saves the parameters and runs the report. Use the “Run Report” button if you do not wish to save the parameters. * Added a “Note” button to the top of the User Defined Query form, to allow entering notes for individual queries. * Updated VR Payment links to new URL’s. Web Links (in the Properties form > Notes > Web Links tab) can now also be used to store links to folders on your PC, (such as your Docs folders for individual properties). * You can now Double-click on open days within the Booking form Timeline grid in order to view rates or change booking dates. The “Delete Bookings Password” is now also required when deleting Expenses. Corrected a date selection prompt issue in the Followup Report. * Additional improvements to the Bookings form Timeline when double-clicking on open dates in order to change booking dates.
  • 10/31/2019 v.1.0.3283  • The “Find” feature in all forms has been enhanced so that you can quickly do “Find All” after doing “Find In List” in case no matches are found in the current list. Added a new interface option in the Properties form to allow interfacing with HelloHere.com, (which is currently in beta testing). They provide an added service to guests via an app so guests can see more info about a property and any attractions in the area on their phone or tablet. See help topic on: “HelloHere interface” for more info. The Allprops Private View Bookings List now excludes the main booking notes, by default. If you wish to include booking notes, there is a new option in System Preferences > Private View Data. • Added an enhancement to the web calendar’s “Book it Now” button so that Google Analytics can be used to track conversions “cross-domain” to Availability Online’s reservation form and Thank You page. See the VRP Help topic: “Google Analytics Tracking” for more info. Appnote Placeholders can now be used within Property Long Descriptions which are integrated with HomeAway and other sites, without receiving an error about Html content. Fixed a temporary issue with displaying the current date in the the top screen title bar. • Increased height of the top toolbar in all forms. • Fixed a temporary issue with the screen background image display.
  • 9/15/2019 v.1.0.3277  • You can now send Scheduled Emails from the Alerts Manager. See Help topic on: “Sending Scheduled Emails” for details on scheduling and sending emails. You can send emails individually, or in bulk. You can also schedule custom emails within Booking Reminders. (Texting options are planned). • Fixed an issue with emailing Cleaning notices from the Alerts Manager. When selecting to send “All” email alerts, Tentative and lower status bookings are now excluded. (Tentative status bookings can still be emailed individually). • Made some additional changes to the Alerts Manager when sending multiple emails to now display a preview of the emails that will be sent and the ones that will be skipped. Also, Welcome Info / Confirmation emails must be sent individually now (not in bulk), to prevent sending confirmations unintentionally. Internally, made some changes to the Outlook interface, to resolve issues with older Outlook versions. Added a new option to the Bookings Chart and Detail Reports (in the “Additional Parameters 3” tab), to allow limiting the report to Bookings which were “Booked” within specific date ranges. Also added 2 new dynamic date ranges (in the Report Date selections) for: “Last Year Today Forward” and “Last Year Inception to Date”. These changes allow running reports to compare how many bookings you had booked by this time Last year versus This year.
  • 8/29/2019 v.1.0.3274  • Added a new option to the Occupancy Report to “Show occupancy for Selected Dates (not Months)”. This allows getting occupancy statistics for a single day or any period of time, without breaking it down into separate months. Resolved an issue in Outlook emails when using the [width=xxx] or [height=xxx] Placeholder Options with images.   • When saving a booking which caused other linked or summary bookings to be updated, a new prompt will be displayed asking if you want to requery the current filter (if the current filter is not Current & Future bookings and Active Properties). FTP backups are now stored as 2 versions, (either with or without the Myfiles folder), depending on the Backup option selected. This allows restoring the MyFiles folder from an older backup, if the last backup excluded the Myfiles folder.   • When updating VRP Online, a message is displayed if a property is not set to post to the web. This ensures that any updates to photos are not being missed in case the property was removed from a Property Group. Added a warning message when saving a Booking, if the “Keep Web Calendar Dates Open” option is checked on the Work Flow 2 tab. Resolved an issue with Outlook signatures not being removed in emails when this option is specified in User Preferences.
  • 8/12/2019 v.1.0.3269  • Added a new interface option in the Properties form > Interface tab for EmeraldCoastByOwner.com, which is a regional advertising site in the Gulf area. Sending email with Outlook should be faster now due to a new method being used to generate emails in Outlook. (Please check a few of your emails before sending to make sure they are formatted correctly, and let me know if you find any issues). Added the ability to easily include 360 photo slideshows within Property web pages, by supporting Momento360.com 360 slideshows. See Help topic on “Property Web Info” for instructions on publishing 360 slideshows using the “Video” link/embed option in the Properties form > Web tab. See Example Here of a 360 slideshow. 360 slide shows are a much easier way to publish 360 photos than creating complex “tours” with links in multiple directions. If preferred, you can still publish Matterport and other 360 tours in your property web pages using the Video link/embed option.
  • 7/6/2019 v.1.0.3268  • When clicking on the Tenant options button in the Bookings form (or right-clicking on a Tenant in the timeline), 2 new options were added to: Copy the Tenant’s “email” or “phone number” to the Windows clipboard.  This can be used for example to paste into Outlook’s search bar to quickly find all emails for a tenant.  The currently selected Booking in the Bookings form Timeline now has a “Red” box around it to make it more noticeable.   • When expanding the timeline grid in the Bookings form (using the Expand button on the right), the current booking’s information is now displayed at the top.
  • 6/24/2019 v.1.0.3263  • Offsite Backups are now required every 14 days in order to prevent a complete loss of data in the event of malware, disk crash, etc.  The Properties form has 2 new checkbox options on the Property Info tab, next to the Tax Rates.  These allow specifying the default option to “Exclude Rent Revenue from Taxable Revenue” when new bookings are created.  Fixed company logo image stretch option in web page settings.  The Rental Info page in the Bookings form has a new link to “View Sub-Totals” which displays additional sub-totals for the booking.  • The “Find” feature within all the forms has a new option to “Find in List”.  This allows finding the first or next matching record in the current list, (without changing the current filter).  For example, you can quickly find and jump to a specific reservation without changing the list of bookings already displayed.  Today’s date is now displayed in the application’s top title bar for easy reference.  • The Searchable Group web page now shows Available properties for the selected dates (which meet the min nights), above/before any Available properties which do not meet the min nights.  • Added Ad Source to the summary bar above the timeline in the Bookings form.  When the option to “Hide web page header when the Group is displayed in an iframe” is selected (in the Property Groups form), a bar with links to: Refresh, Expand, and Contact Us is now displayed at the top in place of the larger header.  Changed the “Find in List” default prompt when text is found to “Ok”, instead of “Find Next”, since the first record found is usually the one you’re looking for.
  • 6/7/2019 v.1.0.3256  • Searchable Group web pages have a new “Block” type format, which is cleaner and more commonly used in other sites.  See example here: http://vacationwebpro.com/wp/demosite2/rentals/.  There is also a “Less Info” link within each block which toggles between less details or more details.  • Improvements were made to Private View Bookings List.  Added mouse-over effect to images on the Searchable Group web page.  • In the Private View Bookings List, you can now click on Check-in days in the timeline to see details for that booking.  • The Amenities list in web pages now shows 2 columns when displayed within our custom websites.  The XML Data export now includes Site and Location photos.  • Several improvements to web pages, which resolve some compatibility issues on Apple devices.  There is a new option to “Pay cleaner an extra amount if Pets” (in the Properties form > Contacts page).  • The ‘Find Any Dates Selected’ option in Searchable Group web pages will now sort Fully Available properties on top, followed by Partially Available properties.  The Photos page within Property web pages has a larger slide show, which can also be clicked on the right or left in the image to move to the next or previous slide.  The thumbnail images are also larger.  Note: We have asked Availability Online to update their reservation information form to be more mobile friendly, which they have now completed.  • Fixed the calendar link button in the menu bar format Property web pages.  Also fixed a small calculation error in the instant quotes for fees when which have processing fee is applied on total rent.
  • 4/18/2019 v.1.0.3246  • Several improvements were made to web pages.  Added an option to the Bookings Chart and Details Report to allow selecting specific Tenants to report on.  When generating Quotes in the Floating Calendar, you can now enter a percentage for the Rate in order to adjust the default rate.  This is useful for verifying quotes on HomeAway sites or other channels where you are using an “Adjusted rate” in the interface settings.  • Corrected an issue with the Show Rates button in the Private View Bookings List, and the Rate Guide popup display when editing Rates.  Added an “@XS” option to the Online Payment Terms, which overrides the Security Deposit payment being applied to the Final payment on HomeAway OLB bookings.  • The Private View Bookings List now includes Booking Notes.  All web pages include a “Copy Link” link at the bottom.  In addition, the Searchable Group page includes this link right below the Search box, and will include any search parameters used.  This allows copying a link to filtered Search Results, which can then be pasted into an email.
  • 3/31/2019 v.1.0.3240  • There is a new @MaxDays option when checking or importing external iCal calendars.  This can be used to get around a bug in AirBnb’s iCal calendars when you tell AirBnb to block dates in the future (ex: 365 days out).  See help on “Checking and Importing iCal Calendars” for more info.  The Search Widget on web pages has a new look (smaller, so it can be overlaid on top of web pages).  Some of the less common search options were removed from the widget.  (Repost your Group web pages after updating).  There is a new Template type called: “Property Welcome Document”.  This can be used to automatically upload Welcome Info PDF Documents to your website for each Property.  This option is available in the Properties form > Documents tab.  You can then include a link to your welcome info in guest emails, rather than attaching PDF documents to every Welcome email sent.  When exporting records (from the Options button at the top of forms), the number of rows exported is now displayed.  Corrected some report column header alignment issues on a few reports when the report title included lots of selection criteria, which caused the title to wrap to another line.  • Resolved a recent issue with iCal calendar importing when a property has no future bookings.  When clicking the “New” button in the Bookings form, you now have the option to create an Owner Stay, Blockout or Extension Booking.  (These options were only in the Options button previously).  When previewing Html emails within the application, which have links to .pdf files, you can now click on those links to view them without getting a “browser busy” popup notice.
  • 3/5/2019 v.1.0.3234  • Payment schedules generated for HomeAway online bookings now force any secuirty deposit into the last payment in order to match what HomeAway displays to guests at time of booking.  Resolved an issue with Property field name type placeholders.  Added 5 new “Safety” type Amenities used by HomeAway, (ex: Smoke Detector, Deadbolt, etc).  • Made some minor improvements to the Bookings form > Options button > Print Invoices option.  Added an option to web pages that can be used to display properties on multiple websites if needed.  (Contact support if interested in this option).  All popup prompts and messages have a new “printer” button in the lower left corner.  This allows Printing or Copying the displayed text.
  • 2/17/2019 v.1.0.3232  • A new “Owner Timeshares” module has been added, (which can be accessed from the Forms menu, or the “Options” button in the Properties and Bookings forms).  This allows reporting to owners of individual properties which have “Fractional ownership”.  It also allows historical reporting to previous owners of a property when there is a change in ownership, (without having to create a new property or change the primary owner).  See Help topic on “Owner Timeshares” for more info.  The Property Statement and Bookings Reports have a new option to select one or more “Owners”.  This allows running reports for specific owners (without having to select each of their properties).  The Data Import feature was updated to allow importing “Name” columns from Excel with only digits in the name.  • Increased the maxiumum characters for Long Descriptions uploaded to HomeAway from 4000 to 6000.  Made some improvements to web pages, to increase photo sizes, and adjustments when viewing on mobile devices.  (Repost your Group/property pages after updating).  • Added a Language Code option in System Preferences > Other, which is used by HomeAway and other sites to define your language, (if it is not English).  • Corrected an issue in the Private View Bookings List when a property has no rates defined.
  • 1/21/2019 v.1.0.3225  • Web page gradient colors are a little brighter now, along with some other minor improvements.  (Repost your Group/property pages after updating).  The Property Rates form has a new “Active” column, which allows deactivating rates, events and minimum night overrides, rather than deleting them.  Several improvements and options were added to iCal Calendars checking and importing, especially if you’re checking or importing multiple external iCals for individual properties.  (See Help on “Checking and Importing External iCals” for more info).  There is a new default “Photo Size” option in System Preferences > Other.  The default is 1920 px.  This default is used when selecting and resizing photos.  Corrected an issue when importing bookings from external sites where one or more “Ad Sites” are specified in the Property’s Fees.  • The Expenses form now allows clicking on any of the column headers in order to change the sort.  The running total column will adjust depending on which column is the current order.  For example, when sorted by Property, the running total resets at the beginning of each property in the list.
  • 1/10/2019 v.1.0.3222  • The Private View Bookings List (for All Properties) includes a new “Show Rates” button, which will display Daily rates of each property for all available dates.  Example Here, then click “Show Rates”.  See Help on “Private View Bookings List” for more info.  • The “Show Rates” setting is now remembered when refreshing the list.  • Moved the Show Rates, Refresh and Home links to the top of the Private View Bookings List for easier access.  • When specifying iCal URL’s for individual properties (in the Properties form > Interface tab), you can now optionally specify more than one URL.  See help on: iCal Calendars Checking and Importing for more info. Also, an optional “\S” switch can be added to an iCal URL to specify that you want individual bookings in the iCal, which have back-to-back dates, to be imported as Separate bookings, (rather than 1 contiguous booking).  When changing the order of Photos for Propertys, Sites or Locations, you can now drag and drop just the Photo or Description separately.  This is very useful when you are replacing multiple photos at a time, because you can keep your original descriptions and reattach them to the new photos.  There is a new email setting option in User Preferences to “Bring Outlook Forward when sending Emails”.  This can help if Outlook does not appear on top when sending emails.  • Made several improvements to web pages.  (So repost your Group/Property web pages after updating).

Updates Prior to 2019

  • 12/14/2018 v.1.0.3216  • Added an “Email Cleaner” option when clicking the “Goto” button on a Cleaning alert, in the Alerts form.  Also added this option in the Bookings form > Cleanings tab > small folder button on the left side.  These provide a shortcut to send a miscellaneous email to the cleaner.  If your PC is set to use Microsoft’s Edge browser to display PDF files, an error is now prevented when trying to create a new PDF while viewing the previous same PDF file.  A “Go to App Notes” button was added to the Properties form > Web tab, to provide a shortcut to App Notes which can be used in Long Descriptions and other text by using AppNote Placeholders.  You can now use %AdSource…% placeholders in Inquiry Reply templates.  This allows you to use the %AdSource.HideRate% placeholder for example to automatically hide Rate Quotes if the Ad Source is specified to Hide Rates (in the Ad and Referral Sources form).  • Instant Quote in web calendars will now charge the full Monthly rate, if Minimum Nights are greater than 27 and there are no Daily or Weekly rates defined.  This prevents guests from getting a prorated monthly rate when booking less than a month.  The Expenses Report has a new “Paid Status” option, which allows showing only expenses which are Paid or Unpaid.  It also has a new option to “Include only Completed Cleanings”.
  • 11/28/2018 v.1.0.3214  • Web pages now use the photo description as the “alt” text in all slide-show photos for SEO purposes.  Keep in mind that the main photos on your website are more important for SEO than property photos of bedrooms, etc.  When selecting photos, there is a new shortcut to “Select photos from last folder”.  • Made some important improvements to the Searchable Property Group web page format.  • Added Company Website link to the top toolbar’s Web button.  • There is a new setting called “Default Reason for Bookings I create” in the User Preferences form > Options 2 tab.  Fixed a recent issue with the “Select and resize image from last folder” option  • Added a new option to “Delete Rates which were Last Updated at a specified Date/Time” within the Rates form > Copy or Delete Rates button.  This allows “undoing” a Copy multiple Rates operation if needed.  • Made additional changes to Group and Property web pages.  Please post all Group/property web pages after this update.  • The Bookings form now remembers the last “View by Booking or Property” option only when you click on one of the 2 buttons, (rather than when you close the form).  Therefore, if you normally prefer to use the View by Property grid, it will remember this, regardless if you do a Find  (which automatically switches to the View by Booking grid).
  • 10/29/2018 v.1.0.3203  • Added a new “Default fee” type in the Property Fees and Discounts form called “Arrival fee”.  Arrival fees are displayed on HomeAway/VRBO listings as fees collected after arrival, and are not part of the original booking costs.  HomeAway integrated properties can now be separately set to “Instant Book” or “Not Instant Book”.  (Previously, “all” properties had to be one or the other).  The Pay Fees and Commissons form now includes any commissions in “Canceled with Revenue” bookings.  • Added a “Minimum Age” field to the Properties form > Interface > Terms and Text tab, which is displayed on HomeAway listings.  Pet Policy text is now limited to 50 characters per HomeAway’s requirements.  When setting “Received” dates in the Bookings form > Work Flow tab, an entry is now also added to the Workflow Log list.  • When selecting Word documents in Templates or Doc Photos in Properties, the last folder selected is now remembered when selecting documents or photos next time.  • Changed the Commissions Report to show Total Rent (plus Commissionable Fees), and added an Additional Parameters page with options to hide any of 3 columns on the report.  Date stamps in the Work Flow Log, and when pressing Ctrl+D in Note fields, now includes the hour of the day.
  • 9/1/2018 v.1.0.3195  • Changes for the new version of HomeAway’s integration, which is called “Guaranteed Pricing” (aka GP) have been completed.  Some users have been migrated already.  This change allows HomeAway/VRBO to more accurately advertise your prices in search results.  It also allows the ability to enable “Instant Booking” for specific properties rather than all properties.  Notices will be sent out shortly with details on what to expect.  There is a new “Cancellation Policy Type” selection (in the Properties form > Interface > Terms and text).  In the Property Rates form, if you are using the “% of Daily Rate” option, there is a slightly different calculation for Weekly and Monthly rates now.  The change is that Weekend Rates are now included in the calculation, rather than just the Daily Rate.  This is a more accurate calculation.  Please review and verify your generated rates where you are using the “% of Daily Rate” option.  The Instant Quote in web calendars will now display a “Total Discount” amount (in Red) so guests can easily see the discount they are receiving.  The Total Discount includes any Weekly or Monthly discount plus any Discounts defined in Fees.  When specifying Holidays (in System Preferences), you can now specify events using date ranges in the format: yyyymmdd-yyyymmdd, event name.  When using the Bookings form option to “Send Separate Emails for the Bookings Listed”, there is a new checkbox option to “Skip Prompts on Remaining Emails after the First Email is Sent”.  This allows not having to click “Send” for each email after you have reviewed and sent the first email successfully.
  • 8/8/2018 v.1.0.3194  • The Private View Bookings List now shows bookings details only when clicking on a property name in the timeline.  You can optionally override this, and either show or hide all booking details using a new “Toggle View All” link on the page.  Also, the lists are now larger and easier to read when viewed on a mobile device.  See the Help topic “Private View Bookings Lists” for more info.  • Posting accounting transactions to Quickbooks or Quicken has a new option to post payments “before” bookings are posted.  There is also a new “Find” button on the form to search for transactions.  See help topic: Posting Accounting Transactions for details on the new “-UP” switch.
  • 7/21/2018 v.1.0.3192  • Company address was added to upper left corner in the Commissions Report and Bookings Reports.  When changing dates on a booking with Locked-in Rates, and the new dates result in a different rate, a popup will appear asking if you want to unlock the rate and use the new rate.   • Added a new Booking Status called “Canceled by Owner”, which can be used by integrated sites such as HomeAway to determine whether to return money to the guest or not.  • Resolved possible OLE error when generating emails on very fast PC’s.  • The Properties form was expanded slightly to be less crowded and to show larger photo thumbnails.  Photo thumbnails will now show a Red border if their size is less than the recommended dimensions.  This helps identify which photos need to be updated for optimum compatibility with other sites.  • When uploading icalendars, rates and booking calendars to the web, the progress bar is not displayed now since these uploads go very fast.  This helps reduce the processing time.  • Added new Pet Policy Note to Properties form > Interface > Terms and Text.  The Housekeeping Report has a new option to show the Next Booking’s number of nights.  • The Property Statement report now allows using the <Properties with matching data> option with the Auto FTP and Auto Email options.
  • browser emulation now uses ie 11000. so html editing will now show lower case, and web form auto fill will be able to handle more websites. also added co address to commissions rpt, and bookings rpts. was already in prop stmt rpt. added popup prompt when rate is different after changing dates. (for keli sims).
  • 5/13/2018 v.1.0.3183  • Changes to accommodate HomeAway’s latest integration requirements include: 1) A new “Model Property” checkbox added to the HomeAway interface settings, which is used to specify which property has your most common rates and configuration.  2) Rental Agreements used by HomeAway now must be in PDF format.  Therefore, you can specify either your own PDF link, or select a template (or text) which will be used to auto-generate and upload a PDF when posting web pages.  (See Properties form > Interface > Terms & Text tab).  The Check-in Days option (in the Properties form > Interface > Instant Quotes tab), has a new format, which allows specifying not only check-in days of the week, but also check-out days.  See Help on Instant Quotes for examples if you need to limit check-ins and check-outs to specific days of the week.
  • 4/5/2018 v.1.0.3180  • Added 2 new options to the Property Statement report for: “Show Booking Memo 1, and/or Memo 2 notes”.  This can be used to relay to owners why you discounted a particular booking, for example.  Added 2 new columns to the Alerts Manager form, to show: “Ad Source” and “Cleaner”.  Increased the timeout for sending SMTP emails up to 20 seconds, before it fails.
  • 3/23/2018 v.1.0.3179  • The Ad and Referral Sources form has a new option to: “Warn if Unscheduled Payments exist when Saving Bookings”.  This will alert you when bookings from specific Ad Sources have any unscheduled payment amounts.  A new option to “List all Photos and Sizes for all Active Properties”, has been added to the “Photo Options and Help” link, in the Properties form > Photos page (on the left side).  This can be used to find any photos that are less than the preferred size of 1920 pixels.  The Property Fees and Discounts form has a new column for “Ad Sites”.  This allows specifying which Ad Sites (interfaces) a Default fee is used with.  For example, you can specify that a specific default fee should only be used with RedAwning or HomeAway.  See Help on Property Fees and Discounts for more info.  • The Protect Website Folders feature now allows publishing a single link to the owners page (or cleaners page), where owners or cleaners can enter a username and password to access their own files or reports.  (There’s no need to provide owners and cleaners with separate links now).  See help on: “Password Protecting Website folders” for info.  • The Bookings form now displays summary info about the currently selected booking above the timeline grid.  You can also click on the summary info to access the Tenant options menu.  • Added option to “Show Tenant Address” in Housekeeping, Check-in and Check-out reports.  • The “Import” button in the Bookings form has a new option to: Post the Next imported reservation.
  • 2/10/2018 v.1.0.3173  • You can now define “Event Restrictions” within the Property Rates form, by selecting one of the new “Rate Options” (on the right-hand side).  Event Restrictions allow specifying whether Check-ins and/or Check-outs are allowed during specific date ranges.  The restrictions are also enforced during online bookings within web calendars, and on HomeAway/VRBO.  See Help on: “Property Rates” for more info.  There is a new option to flag individual Expenses and Commissions to property owners, as “Taxable” expenses.  See Help on: “Taxable Expenses” for details.  • Added Taxable Revenue Totals to Bookings Detail reports.  When generating reports to PDF, you can now keep up to 5 previous PDF reports open without having to close them first.  This allows comparing different reports without having to print or save them.  • Added extra checks during backups, and also a lockout mechanism during database upgrades.  Corrected an issue when using links to the searchable group page that have check-in and check-out date parameters included.
  • 1/19/2018 v.1.0.3169  • When copying specific Rates from another Property, you now have to the option to copy just the Dates for rates that have Matching Names and Years.  For example, if you adjust the dates for seasonal rates on one property, you can then easily copy these new dates to other properties without overriding the rate amounts.  Resolved an issue when selecting photos, where the selected photo displayed with incorrect dimensions.  • In the Expenses form, there is a new checkbox for “Exclude from Vendor 1099”.  This allows excluding certain expenses (such as supplies that you reimburse the Cleaner for) when running the Property Statement report and selecting: Run Report > Export to Excel > Vendor 1099.  When selecting Photos within the application, a new popup allows you to select from the Last 10 Remembered folders which you previously selected from, rather than only the last folder.  A few minor fixes.
  • 1/10/2018 v.1.0.3167  • Increased the number of Property Photos from 20 to 32 in the Properties form.  Now you can have up to 64 photos displayed for an individual property if you are using the Site and Location Photos option.  Also added an option to “Clear All Photos” when clicking on a photo.  • Rate Quotes in Plain Text email inquiry replies will now line up the amounts within emails having variable width fonts.  • Added a colon (“:”) after rate quote line item names to make rate quotes more readable, since HomeAway (and other sites) compress multiple spaces into 1 space.  • Added option to “Print 3-fold Mailing Addresses (or any other documents)” to the Options button in both the Contacts and Tenants forms.  You can print for a single Contact/Tenant or for a filtered list using any “Contact Doc 1” type Template, (a standard 3-fold Template is included).  Corrected a recent issue when selecting Attachments for Templates.  When selecting Photos, 2 new options were added which allow “Moving (or Copying) All Photos selected to a MyFiles folder”.  This is useful for reorganizing multiple photos quickly.  • Improved the speed of uploading property pages.  • Resolved an issue where FTP Backups/Restores were sometimes getting an Out of memory error.
  • 11/28/2017 v.1.0.3157  • When hovering the mouse over Photos in the Properties form (and also the Sites and Locations form), a popup window now appears with a large thumbnail image of the photo.  This makes it easier to identify photos when selecting or rearranging them.  • The “Update Web Reminder” button at the top, now has a Double-click option, and also a menu allowing you to use the Web Auto Updater process, which runs as a separate process so you can work on other things while it’s updating.  • Solved an issue in the latest Microsoft Office updates to Outlook, which prevented the Floating Calendar from Replying to emails.  • When importing bookings from other sources, a check for double bookings is now performed immediately, rather than waiting until Save is pressed.  If your web host requires a private key for SFTP, this is now possible.  See help on FTP Settings.  • Added a new “Web Links” tab to the Properties form > Notes tab, which can be used for storing links to the property’s listings on other sites.  Or use it for any other links.  Added a new option when creating Blockout bookings, to blockout just 1 day, either before or after the current booking.  This can be used when giving a guest a very early check-in or late check-out, making the night unavailable.
  • 11/9/2017 v.1.0.3148  • The new RedAwning interface is now available.  Please see the Help topic on: “RedAwning Interface” for details.  There is a new option in the Ad and Referral Sources form to “Hide Rate Information in emails sent to Tenants”.  This option should be used with Ad Sites that upcharge the guest rate (ex. AirBnb, RedAwning, etc).  In addition, there is a new %If%…%Else%…%EndIf% Placeholder that can be used in Email Templates in order to easily exclude Rate Quotes and other info from Emails.  There is another new Placeholder called: %AdSource.HideRate%.  See Help topic on: %If%…%Else%…%EndIf% Placeholders for examples of using both of these Placeholders.  Some minor improvements were made to web pages.  • The new Guest Reviews form now includes an Ad Source selection, and some other improvements.  Also, Reviews posted on the Web now show the Review Month, Year and Ad Source.  (Repost your group/property web pages after updating).  • When doing Backups of the database (either local or remote), you now have the option to: “Exclude the MyFiles folder (containing Photos and Documents)”.  The “Property” button in the Floating Calendar now includes links to the Property’s website and other listing pages.
  • 10/29/2017 v.1.0.3143  • A new interface with RedAwning.com was added to the Properties form > Interface settings, which will soon be available after Beta testing is completed.  This will allow publishing listings and importing bookings from other channels such as Expedia, Booking.com, Airbnb, RedAwning, TripAdvisor, etc.  If interested, you can read the Help topic on: “RedAwning Interface”.  Past dates in Web Calendars now show a lighter color and no line-thru on open dates.  When posting all Group and Property Web pages via the top “Web” button, a new checkbox option allows you to “Purge obsolete files on the website”, such as old, inactive property pages and photos.  • A new “Guest Reviews” form was added (in the Forms menu at the top).  This provides a central repository for storing Guest Reviews from various sources, and then optionally displaying Reviews within your Property Web pages.  (See Example Here).  See the Help topic on: “Guest Reviews” for more info.  There is a new “View Property Websites” option in the Properties form “Options” button at the top.  This allows viewing your listings on external sites, such as VRBO, AirBnb, RedAwning, etc.  This feature is also available from the Floating Calendar’s “Property” button.  • The menu bar in Property Web Pages now shows a different color for the Active page being viewed.
  • 10/1/2017 v.1.0.3140  • Web Calendars and Searchable Group web pages now show dates that are in the past, as unavailable.  Other minor improvements made to all web pages.  (After updating, repost your group/property web pages).  When Outlook signatures are included in emails, 1 of the 2 blank lines that Outlook inserts above the signature is now removed.  The 2 Workflow documents which can be selected in the Expenses form are now remembered and defaulted to, when new Expenses are created.  • Group web pages now show a thin border around the last viewed Property, when returning back to the Group web page.  This helps guests see which Property they last viewed.  • The Floating Calendar was updated to accommodate Airbnb’s new email formats.  • Fixed a minor display issue with optional fees within Instant Quotes.  • If the Bookings form is left open overnight, a notice is displayed to reset the Timeline header.
  • 8/20/2017 v.1.0.3132  • A new column called “Dow:Mn” has been added to the Property Rates form.  This allows specifying “Minimum Nights for specific Days of the Week”.  See Help on Property Rates for more info.  The forms for Property Rates, Fees, Commissions and Rooms all have a new “up/down” navigation button (next to the Property selection drop-down).  This allows scrolling through the list of properties and scanning information easily without having to click the drop-down and select the next property.  The Document and Email Templates form now allows easily converting Html templates to Plain Text format (by unchecking the “Html Format” option in both the Email Text and Document tabs).  There are 4 new “Inquiry Reply” Sample Templates that are in Plain Text format, (which can optionally be Imported using the “Import Latest Sample Templates” button on the “Doc Info” tab of the Templates form.  Since, Plain text format is now required when replying to HomeAway/VRBO inquiries, you can either Copy and convert your own templates to Plain Text format, or Import the new sample “Inquiry Reply” – Plain Text formatted Templates.  The Ad Source and Referrals form has a new option to: “Use Plain Text formatted Templates when replying to Inquiries”.  When this option is checked, the Floating Calendar will automatically switch to a Plain Text reply Template which matches the “Default to this Template…” option in the Templates form.  If you’re not already using this option, you should try it.  It’s near the bottom of the “Doc Info” tab in the Templates form.  The Floating Calendar will now display a warning when replying to inquires from Ad Sources that require Plain Text format if the selected Template is in Html format.  The default web page colors have changed slightly to a Blue shade of text and an off-White background.  (Your current colors are unchanged).  See Example here.  • The “View Sample” button was added back in the Html Editor when editing Templates.
  • 8/12/2017 v.1.0.3129  • In web calendars, when guests select the Check-in Date, the Check-Out Date will now be automatically set based on the minimum nights specified for the check-in date.  The User Defined Query (in the Tools menu) now always uses the current database, even if you have changed the database location since your queries were last saved.  • A few minor improvements to web pages.  • The “Previous / Next Page” buttons at the bottom of the Searchable Property Group web page, will now scroll to the top of the page automatically after changing pages.
  • 8/6/2017 v.1.0.3126  • All of the Inquire and Email links on web pages, now open a web form with 2 methods to send emails (using the browser’s default email method, or copy/paste into a new email).  Please repost your group/property pages after updating.  • The Housekeeping Cleaning Schedule report type option for “List of Check-ins” now shows Turnover info for the check-in dates.  And the “List of Check-outs” now shows Turnover info for checkout dates.  This can be useful for example when doing room inspections before arrival using the List of Check-ins report type.  • A new Placeholder called %Cleanings% was added, which will insert a list of all of the booking’s scheduled cleanings.  • The Day of the Week is now displayed in the Bookings form next to the check-in and check-out dates.  • When posting Property Group web pages, an .htaccess file is now also uploaded which will redirect any old, deleted property pages to the group page, rather than display a 404 not found error.  When using the “Web Page Inquire Link” option (in System Preferences > Web Page Settings) to link to your own custom form for email inquiries, a new “details” parameter is automatically added to the link, which contains all the details of the quote.  This allows for easy integration with plugins such as the popular WordPress “Contact Form 7” plugin.
  • 7/18/2017 v.1.0.3120  • Group web pages now remember the current scrolled position on the page when returning back from viewing a property page.  Plus other minor web page improvements.  Please repost your Group / Property web pages after updating.  • Corrected a minor issue with sharing Rates from other properties.  • Added an option to the small Globe button on the HomeAway interface settings (in the Properties form), to “View currently uploaded Availability and Rates”, in order to allow verifying the interface info if needed.  • Added ability to do By-Month and By-Week rates in Instant Quotes and the HomeAway interface (by setting the Default Rate Type to either of these in the Properties form > Misc tab).  Added a new option to the Property Groups form to “Override Property Links”, which allows the property group page to point to non-VRP property web pages if needed.  • You can now enable “Instant Bookings” for your HomeAway listings (using the Enable option in the HomeAwayPM interface settings).  Note: You will need to contact HomeAway to enable IB for your account first.  Also, you still need to invoice guests for payment.  Give consideration before enabling IB, since you must limit cancellations to a minimum.  • Added a warning when saving a booking, if the check-out Cleaning is scheduled before the check-out date, in case you have not selected to automatically schedule check-out cleanings (in the Properties form > Misc tab).
  • 6/20/2017 v.1.0.3109  • A new interface to www.FindRentals.com was added.  FindRentals is a new partner who offers straight-up advertising at a low cost.  They also display a “Book Now” button on your listings which link directly to your own website Property pages.  They are offering a 2-month Free trial and only $30 / year / property subscription for VRP users.  See Help topic on “FindRentals Interface” for more info.  A new “Use CC Token” option was added to System Preferences.  See Help topic on “Credit Card Tokens” for more info.  • When posting Property web pages in the Properties form > Web Post tab, any external interfaces are also updated now.  • The Bookings Chart and Detail Reports have a new option to select “Ad Sources”, plus an option to “Hide Ad Source” on the report.  • Added a new “Reminder” button to update Web Calendars in the top toolbar when calendar updates are pending (and the Auto Web Updater is not running).  The Search Widget on web pages now includes the first 2 checkboxes for Amenity search keywords (defined in System Preferences > Web Page Settings).  Also the “Find Any or All” drop-down option was removed from the widget.  The “Map” page on property Web pages now defaults to using the property’s Lat/Long, (provided no embedded html is specified), and will display a map image with a pointer pointing to the exact location.  Property Titles in group web pages are now clickable links.  Fixed a recent issue when manually adding a scheduled payment for the full amount due.
  • 5/15/2017 v.1.0.3103  • Added an option to “Adjust Rates” to a specific percentage in the HomeAway interface settings.  Added an “Alternate Title” field in the Properties form > Web tab.  If specified, the Alternate Title will replace the Title in the HomeAway, VRBO and TripAdvisor listings.  Changed the existing Alternate Long Description, so that it is always enabled, regardless if you have Html formatting in the normal Property Long Description.  This allows having a different Long Description on HomeAway, VRBO and TripAdvisor.  • When using the floating calendar to read Payment Received emails from VR Payment, a button was added to the “Dates not recognized” popup, with the option to “Show Tenant’s Bookings”.  This makes it easy to quickly locate the booking when receiving payment received notification emails.  When saving bookings integrated with HomeAway, a new button option is displayed allowing you to “Update this Property Now” to HomeAway.  • Fixed a minor issue when unchecking the “Html Format” checkbox next to the Property Long Description, where sometimes it did not convert to plain text.  • You can now change the Property on HomeAway bookings if needed, (rather than cancelling and adding a new booking).  A new Placeholder Option called [Replace] was added, which can be used to replace text or characters if needed.
  • 5/7/2017 v.1.0.3096  • There’s a new option in System Preferences to: “Use Property Name” when uploading property details to Availability Online, (in System Preferences > Interfaces > Availability Online).  The Bookings form has a few small changes, including a new “Unlock Rate” button next to Rates, when the Rates are Locked.  And a new pre-defined filter (in the “Show” drop-down at the top), for “Check-ins and Check-outs Tomorrow”.  When updating the software to the current version which requires a database update, you will see a new checkbox option to “Exclude the MyFiles folder from the automatic Backup”.  This can help the update run faster if you have a lot of property photos which do not need be included in the backup.  • You can now update Full Listing details to HomeAway or TripAdvisor for an individual property only, by using the “Post Property Website” button (in the Properties form > Web Post tab), and selecting one of the options which include “And Update Full Listing Interfaces”.  This allows publishing updates for an individual property quickly if needed.  • Corrected the proration of Other Revenue on the Property Statement report, if Taxes Received are marked as revenue.  • Two new call to action buttons were added to Property web pages, for: “View Photos”, and “Watch Videos”.  When prompted whether a new Booking is from a HomeAway Inquiry, you now need to enter ‘Yes’ to confirm.
  • 4/18/2017 v.1.0.3091  • Added a new %RptDates% Placeholder that can be used with “Auto Email Report” type Templates.  This can be used to show the selected reporting dates within the email text or subject line.  Added 3 new dynamic Date range options to all Reports, for selecting: “Tomorrow”, “Tomorrow + Next Day”, and “Tomorrow + Next 2 Days”.  The Floating Calendar was updated to accommodate changes in TripAdvisor inquiries.  • There is a new “Adjust Rates” option in the TripAdvisor Interface settings in the Properties form > Interface tab.  This allows adjusting rates on TripAdvisor to recoup their fees or encourage more bookings.  • When unchecking the “Use Html” checkbox next to the Property Long Description, Rental Agreement Text, or Owner Agreement text in the Properties form, any existing Html will be removed automatically.  (No copy/paste required).  • Minor changes to the Properties form > Web Post tab, and other areas.  • Tiered Flat Rates can now be used by the Instant Quotes in web calendars, and also in the HomeAway OLB interface.  To use Tiered Flat Rates, the “Default Rate Type” option must be set to “Tiered Flat Rate” (in the Properties form > Misc tab).  Tiered Flat Rates calculate a flat rate based on the combination of monthly, weekly and daily rates.  • When saving new Bookings for properties which are integrated with HomeAway, you are now prompted if the booking is from a HomeAway or VRBO inquiry, and whether to set the Ad Source automatically.  Adjustments were made when printing envelopes using the printer loading “Center” option in User Preference option.
  • 3/27/2017 v.1.0.3085  • A new “TripAdvisor – Full Listing” interface has been added which uses the same info as the HomeAwayPM interface.  See Help topic on “TripAdvisor Interface” for instructions.  (There is no additional cost for using this interface if you’re already integrated with HomeAway OLB).  Html Bold tags (<b> and </b>) are now allowed in property Long Descriptions and Short Summary text even if you are interfacing with HomeAway.  When VRP uploads to HomeAway or TripAdvisor, any Html bold tags will be automatically removed.  This allows maintaining just one set of texts if you require simple text bolding on your website.  • Consolidated the “Download and Import new reservations” button options in the Bookings form, so that it processes all online booking interfaces in a single option.  A new “Check Alerts” button was added to the top Toolbar (next to the “Web” button).  This makes it easier to quickly locate bookings with Payments Due when receiving an email notice that a payment request was paid.  Also, the “Check Alerts” toolbar button will display the Alerts Manager instantly, without an alerts summary prompt.
  • 3/18/2017 v.1.0.3081  • There is a new “Auto-Lock” checkbox in the Bookings form, next to the Rate on the Rental Info tab.  This allows you to automatically Lock-in the Rate on any new bookings.  iCal calendar exports have been changed so that dates are exported for each individual booking, rather than for contiguous booked dates.  When defining Bedrooms for a property, you can now add “Other Sleeping Area” room types if needed, in addition to the bedrooms.  The API used for HomeAway has been moved to a new server for better performance.  • The Bookings form has a new column in the bookings grid for “Ad Source”.  This allows you to sort and view at a glance which bookings are from HomeAway or other sources.  • Solved a sub-total issue in the Occupancy Report when the “New page for each Property” option was not selected.
  • 2/28/2017 v.1.0.3077  • A new %RatesByDay% Placeholder was added which shows the default rates for each day booked. This allows guest to see how the average rate was calculated.  (Note: Do not use if overriding the calculated rate).  Property Photo paths and descriptions are now searchable again via the “Find” button in the Properties form.  The Booking Report’s 3D bar charts now display again in the report preview window.  There is a new Alert option in the Properties form > Misc tab, for setting the “Days in advance of Check-in to Send Welcome Info / Confirmation”.  There are 2 new options in System Preferences > External Data for changing the Private View Folders if needed.  • You can now Remove a single Amenity from multiple properties, by Right-clicking on a selected Amenity in the Properties form > Amenities tab, and selecting “Remove Amenity from All Properties currently listed”.  • In the Floating Calendar’s “Property” button, there is a new option to “Show Property Rates”, which makes it easy to quickly display all rates for the selected property.
  • 2/13/2017 v.1.0.3073  • HomeAway OLB Integration testing has completed successfully.  Please see the updated Help topic: “New HomeAwayPM Interface – Online Bookings (OLB)” to make sure you have finished the steps necessary, and familiarize yourself with how OLB Integration works.  This update includes many changes for the OLB Integration.  It also includes other enhancements, including an updated Report Preview engine (which allows additional and improved Exporting options).  If you have any questions about OLB Integration with HomeAway, feel free to call VRP Support.  • Added some more finishing touches to the OLB Integration.  • Searchable group web page now searches exact number of bedrooms instead of number of bedrooms or higher.  Changed web calendars to use By-Month rate type (instead of prorated monthly rate type), when appropriate.  • Corrected a minor issue in the Property Rooms form when Explicit Edit mode is enabled.  • Property Amenities can now be copied from another property (either selected amenities or all amenities), in the Properties form > Amenities tab.  Solved an issue with double-spacing between paragraphs when sending emails through Outlook (which was caused by an Outlook update).  • Calendar data uploaded to HomeAway/VRBO now acknowledges the setting for how to show Tentative and Signed Agreement booking statuses on web calendars, (specified in the Properties form > Web tab).  If set to show as “Tentative”, then dates on HomeAway/VRBO are shown as Open, since there is no Tentative option on HomeAway.  • Solved a recent issue when sending emails from plain text format Templates.
  • 12/3/2016 v.1.0.3060  • Good News!  The HomeAway Online Bookings (OLB) Integration is complete and currently being tested with HomeAway.  This VRP update includes all of the functionality, including instructions in the new Help topic: “New HomeAwayPM Interface – Online Bookings (OLB)”.  Testing is being done with selected users.  Once testing is complete, the interface will be available, (and a notice will be posted here).  Please note, this feature will require a $150/year fee to VRP Support, since it requires a web component that must be maintained.  However, it will save your $150/Listing per year on HomeAway subscription costs.  Feel free to look at the help topic, and start preparing.  There isn’t much to do, provided that you already performed the steps required for the HomeAwayPm Full Listing Interface.  • The number of Property Photos has been increased from 16 to 20 in the Properties form > Photos tab.  Therefore, with the 16 Site Photos and 16 Location Photos.  So, you can now have a maximum of 52 photos displayed on your website for each property.
  • 11/14/2016 v.1.0.3058  • Added a new “Site” column to the Bookings form View-by-Property grid.  Added a fade-in effect to property web pages when clicking pages in the menu bar.  Added a “character count” display to the Zoom Edit windows, so you can see if you’re under the limits required by HomeAway for Long Descriptions and other texts.  Improved some of the messages displayed for the HomeAway validation checks, to help pinpoint missing rates, and other requirements.
  • 10/31/2016 v.1.0.3054  • Many changes and improvements were made in this update.  First and foremost, is a new “HomeAwayPM – Full Listings Interface”.  (Note: The old interface still exists).  The new Interface allows VRP to update all property details, photos, amenities, rooms (new), descriptions, calendars, rates, etc. with HomeAway/VRBO.  This is also a pre-requisite for the next phase, which is “Online Bookings Integration”, which is currently being worked on.  So, the sooner everyone implements the new Full Listing interface, the better.  As the Help instructions explain, HomeAway needs to work with each customer in order to switch from the old interface to the new.  So, to get started, please see the help topic: “HomeAwayPM Interface”, for instructions on what to do in the VRP software to get started.  If you have any questions, please contact VRP Support.  This update also includes: a new Rooms module, a long list of fixed Amenities which are shared with HomeAway, a new Property Type setting, a new Living Area size setting, a new Alternate Long Description, and several other enhancements.  • Added Rental Agreement and Cancellation Policy fields to the Properties form > Interface tab.  These will be used for the Online Bookings integration, when available.  Corrected a recent issue with the small “Globe” button in the Bookings form.
  • 8/26/2016 v.1.0.3042  • There is a new “Web” toolbar button option to automatically “Update Web Cleaning Schedule Report(s)” on your website.  This allows updating cleaning schedule reports on your website so you can provide your Cleaners with links to their individual Housekeeping Reports.  Note: these can be password protected also.  See Help topics “Uploading Web Cleaning Schedule Reports” and “Protecting Private View FTP Site Folders” for more info.  There is a new Auto-FTP option in the Property Statements, Cleaning Schedules and Booking Calendar reports, which allows uploading multiple reports “without Prompts”, so you’re not prompted after each report upload.  There is a new “Notes” button in the upper right-hand corner of each Report Parameters form, which can be useful for storing internal notes about reports and when to run them, etc.  When importing bookings from Availability Online, the billing address is now imported into the tenant’s billing address.  • Made changes to the exported iCal Calendars to make sure they validate using 3rd party iCal validating tools.  (These changes were not necessary in the past, but this may eliminate any possible issues with sites requiring validation).  • Added “Lat, Long” Latitude, Longitude field to the Properties form > Property Info tab, in lieu of the future HomeAway full listing interface.  Made changes to the Expression Builder used for defining Filters and Custom Alerts so you can more easily select dynamic dates (dates based on the current date, etc.).  • Updated the Floating Calendar to accommodate changes in TripAdvisor inquiries.
  • 8/14/2016 v.1.0.3037  • The “Check-in Days of Week” rule in the Properties form > Interface > Instant Quote tab, now allows an optional “Period” to apply the Days of Week rule to.  You can also specify multiple rules for different periods, so you can require different check-in days at different times of year, if needed.  See Help topic on “Instant Quotes” for more info.  The Bookings Chart Detail Report now shows a “C” notation if a Fee is “Commissionable” when the “Show Fees” option is selected in the report.  Cleaning Notice emails that use the %CleanOn% Placeholder will now include the text: “*** Special Check-Out ***” next to the cleaning time, if the booking has a Special Check-out Time specified.  • A new feature was added, which allows password protecting any documents and reports uploaded to the Private View FTP site.  This feature also creates Index pages of Documents and Folders which are also password protected.  See help topic on: “Protecting Private View FTP Site Folders” for details.  When specifying the FTP site for uploading Reports (in the Report Parameters), you can now use a new placeholder called:  %PrivateViewFtpSite%, rather than having to specify the FTP settings.
  • 7/25/2016 v.1.0.3033  • Added an option in System Preferences to specify which HomeAway Interface version to use.  (Do not change the version unless VRP Support contacts you and requests it).  Added a 4th automatic Booking Reminder.  Instant Quotes will now “warn” guests when they select “Inquire” (rather than “Reserve”) if any minimum nights or max persons rules are broken.  • Updated the Floating Calendar to accommodate recent changes in HomeAway/VRBO inquiries.  • Added a new option in System Preferences > External Data, to password protect the Private View folder on your website from within VRP, without having to so through your hosting account.  Added an option to temporarily stop notices of adjacent bookings with special check-in or check-out times, when saving a booking.  • Cleaning alerts displayed in the Alerts Manager now show the assigned Cleaner next to the Tenant.  The “Go to Alert” button now includes an option to view the Cleaner’s contact info, to make it easier to contact them if needed.
  • 6/22/2016 v.1.0.3025  • A new feature has been added which allows defining “Custom Alerts”, which can be triggered with the normal Check for Alerts, or when Saving a Booking.  See Help topic on “Custom Alerts” for more info.  Corrected a processing fee calculation in the Bookings form when payments are mixed between CC and Checks.  • Added a new  “Active” field to Custom Alerts, User-defined Queries and Filters.  This allows disabling custom alerts and filters, without having to delete them, in case you wish to use them again in the future.  • Solved error with Outlook 2016 when replying to email inquiries. Note: Make sure Outlook’s Paste Options are set to Keep source formatting, when pasting from other program. (Outlook Options > Mail > Editor Options > Advanced).  • Corrected a recent issue when exporting report data to Excel.  • There is a new option in: System Preferences > Other > Future Availability Months, which allows increasing the number of months (from 15 up to 24) to show availability and rates in web pages and external interfaces.  Consider carefully before changing.  See notes in the System Preference setting.  Improved the Process Fee / Cash Discount calculation in the Bookings form to accommodate variations of different types of payments received.  There is also a new “Lock Process Fee” checkbox, which allows preventing the fee from being recalculated, or allows you to manually enter the process fee.  This can be useful if payments received to not match the type of payment expected.  “Https” can now be specified in the Property and Property Group FTP settings for the Http Display Folder setting.  Corrected a minor issue in the Follow-up Report when selecting the Cleanings Due report option.  Enhanced the recently new “Custom Alerts” feature to allow more advanced alert parameters.
  • 5/24/2016 v.1.0.3019  • Added a new [NoLastWord] Placeholder Option which can be used to display first and middle names of Tenants if needed.  Added a new “Change Font Size” option when Right-clicking on multi-line text boxes in any of the forms.  This can make it easer to edit long text fields with complex Expression Placeholders.  A new column was added to the Document Templates form grid which shows the Date Last Updated.  This column can also be sorted which can help when finding templates you recently changed.  • Added a new [IfEmpty] Placeholder option, and a new IfEmpty() function which can be used to display alternate text if the placeholder’s value is empty, zero (0), or unknown.  • Added a link to “App Notes” on the bottom right of the Html Editor form.  App Notes are useful for storing text or expressions in one place, which can then be used in multiple Document Templates and Web pages.  • The Property Statement, Occupancy and Cleaning Schedule reports now include the Company Phone Number in the report header.  A new checkbox was added to the Bookings form > Billing Info tab, below the “$” dollar sign button, which provides an option to automatically switch to the Work Flow tab after charging payments.  Updated the Floating Calendar to accommodate changes in AirBnb inquiries and reservation requests.  • Minor change to Additional Fee and Commission calculations when setting a fee variable and the fee does not meet the min/max days trigger.  • The small “Book” button above the Grid in the Bookings form, has a new Filter shortcut  to show “Current & Future Bookings (and Move Timeline to this Booking)”.  This can be helpful after doing a Find.  • Where you can Export to Excel, you can now optionally export to a CSV file, which may be preferable when exporting info to Constant Contact, MailChimp, etc.  • When selecting Property Photos, the photos will now fit within a 16:9 frame or a 4:3 frame depending on the original photo aspect ratio.  Previously it only used 16:9 frames.  You can now optionally specify that the Max Persons and/or Sleeps do Not show on web pages if needed, by setting either of these to ’99’ in the Properties form.  This can be helpful if you show “commercial” type properties on your website.
  • 4/21/2016 v.1.0.3005  • There is a new “Payments Report” in the Reports menu with multiple sub-total and selection options.  This can be useful for reconciling payments, and reporting payments due or received.  The “Available?” popup form now lets you select both the Check-in and Check-out dates in a single calendar (same as the Bookings form).  Also, there are two new standard templates for replying with a List of Properties.  These cannot be modified, but you can use the “Copy Template” button in the Templates form to make a copy which can then be customized.  When posting Web Calendars, the “Calendar link” in the Properties form Notes tab will now be updated automatically if the checkbox to “Set Links when posting web pages” on the Notes tab is checked.  Previously, the Calendar link only updated when posting the Property page.  • If you use Rental Guardian for Travel and Damage insurance, then there is a new field map for the Web Form Assistant.  Please see Help on “Insurance Processing” for setting up the new Weblink and Field Map.  This update requires a software update on each PC, which can easily be done in the tools menu > Check for new updates.  • A new user privilege called “Read-Only Properties” is now available which can be assigned to users in order to prevent them from editing any Property info, including Rates, Fees and Commissions.  Backups now include the database subfolder name in the backup name, to help identify backups from multiple companies.  • Improvements were made to: 1) the template processor for Word documents (including generating PDF’s from Word document templates), 2) the Html Editor (including assigning background colors to table rows and cells).  There is a new %TotalAddFees% placeholder which shows the total of any Additional Fees (fees based on total sale).  • A new Placeholder Option [GetText] as been added which can be used to extract text from within any other text.  When using the SMTP email method, and local disk photos exist within the Document part of templates, a warning is no longer displayed.  The warning only appears for email text now.
  • 3/29/2016 v.1.0.2998  • Searchable Property Group web pages have a new “Sort by” option, which allows sorting by Name, Sleeps or Average Rate.  Also, the appearance of the selection fields has been improved.  • The small “Calculator” button next to the “Adjustment” field in the Bookings form can now calculate the adjustment amount required in order to reach a target Final Sale amount, or other target amount.  This can be used for example, when you’re trying to back into an AirBnb total amount.  • Word Document Templates now have the “Convert to PDF” option enabled, the same as Html documents do.  This allows sending Word templates as PDF files.  Instant Quote web calendars will now enforce the minimum nights and max persons rules if only the “Inquire” button is enabled (and the “Book it Now” option is disabled).  The Floating Calendar was updated to accommodate changes in AirBnb reservation requests.  • Adjusted the “Convert to PDF” option for Word Document Templates to accommodate Word 2010 and prior versions.  • Corrected an issue in the Bookings Chart Detail reports when using the Limit by Payment dates option.  Web Calendars now have a little “fancier” Property title styling.  And when calendars are viewed outside of a frame, the Property title displays on top.  • A new “Find Tenant” button has been added to the Bookings form next to the Tenant drop-down selection, which allows finding and selecting Tenants by name.  It also allows Adding and Viewing tenants.  • When sending reports to an FTP site, the reports will not be automatically displayed by default.  • Searchable Group web pages have a few styling improvements within the search box.  When using the “Search for Available Properties” feature in the Floating Calendar, the Selected Properties list will now initialize with the active row on the property selected in the Floating Calendar if that property is available.  This helps if you wish to add that property to the top of the list.  • The CC# button in the bookings form will now allow copying the CC from the Tenant into the Booking.  Also, if the Tenant has a newer CC than the booking, you will be notified when processing payments.  • Fixed a recent issue with the “Available?” button in the bookings form.  Updated the %LinkToQuoteInProp% Placeholder to work with any Browsers.  • A new option was added to the Bookings form “Options” button, to “Show Total of any Booking Extensions”.  This can be useful if you use Extension Bookings to quickly show the total of related bookings.  Updated the Searchable Group page.  (Repost your Group/Property pages after this update)
  • 3/10/2016 v.1.0.2983  • When the Floating Calendar’s “Paste All” button searches for an existing Tenant, it now searches all email addresses in the Tenant’s Email1 and Email2 fields, even if these fields contain multiple email addresses separated by commas.  • The Contacts and Resources form has a new field for specifying the “Commissions Posting Category / Account” for this Contact.  This can be used rather than specifying the same account for each and every Property in the Property Commissions form.  See help topic on: “Contact Misc Info” for more details.  The Instant Quote web calendar will now show a prorated weekly rate if the Nights selected is less than 7 and no Daily rate is defined.  (Previously, it showed a 0 rate if no Daily rate was defined).  The Searchable Group web page can now show up to 50 listings at a time.  The previous max was 25.  • Property, Site and Location Photos tabs have a new button to “Copy Sorted Photos” to a temporary folder (in numerical sequence).  This can be used to easily upload multiple photos to VRBO and other listing sites, in the pre-arranged order shown without having to re-arrange photos on listing sites after uploading them.  The Drag & Drop Photos feature has been improved also.  The Bookings form Rental Info page has a new “calculator” button next to the Adjustment field.  This can be used to quickly calculate the adjustment if you are trying to adjust to a specific Total Rent amount.  The “Inquire” button on  Instant Quote web calendars now requires the guest to Acknowledge any notice you have specified in the Instant Quote Info text in the Properties form.  Previously, only the “Book it Now” button required the Acknowledge checkbox.  Fixed an issue when using %AppNote.% Placeholders in a Property Long Description, where line breaks were not preserved.  The overlay Photos slide show in Property web pages (when clicking on a large photo in the Photos page) now accommodates photos larger than the browser window.  • The Post Property Website button in the Properties form > Web Post tab, has a new option to “Delete Property from Website”, which will also remove the property page and photos from the website.  • Searchable Property Group web pages now search Sleeps and Bedrooms based on properties with “at least” the selected number of Sleeps and/or Bedrooms.  Max Persons is now also displayed if it is different than Sleeps persons.  Corrected a recent issue when displaying the Amenities List within Html email Templates.  • The iCal Import feature can now read AirBnb iCal files for blocking out dates or checking calendars.
  • 2/22/2016 v.1.0.2977  • The Property Statement report has 2 new options to “Show Taxable Revenue”.  See help on the Property Statement report for an explanation of this option.  The Floating Calendar has been updated to accommodate changes in HomeAway inquiries and message emails.  It also now converts any special characters in Tenant names to American ASCII equivalents so that it can lookup matches to other Tenant names input from other sources.  • The number of Bedrooms selection on the Property Group web page now only shows the bedroom options available within the group’s properties.  There is a new Fee “Default” type called “No-Charge-Coupon Fee”, which can be used to let owners book their own properties with no charges (or just a specific charge).  See help on “Property Fees” for more info.  • There are 3 new Cleaning Types in the Bookings form Cleanings tab for: “Tidy-Up Service”, “Linen Service”, and “Towels Service”.  In addition, there is a new “%CleaningType% Placeholder which can be used in Cleaning Notices.  The Cleaning Type also shows on the Housekeeping report.  Resolved a minor issue which was causing all web pages to be reposted with each new version of the software.  (Should not happen after this version).  The Properties form Misc page has been broken out into 2 pages.  In addition, a new “Sleeps” field has been added to the Properties form Misc page to denote how many people a property normally sleeps (in beds).  This can be different than Max Persons.  “Sleeps” is also a new search item on the Searchable Group web page, and is also shown next to each Property’s thumbnail image.  • A new Placeholder: %LinkToGroupPage% was added, which can be used in Templates to link to the Property Group web page with the Search Dates automatically filled in.  This easily provides a link to other properties available for the dates specified in the Floating Calendar or Bookings form.  Repost your Searchable Group page after this update.  • When sending emails, a blank line is now inserted at the top of the email if one does not already exist.  This allows you to easily type any additional message before sending it.  There is no need to remove the blank line.  Previously, many people were adding a blank line to their Templates for this purpose.  • A new Placeholder Option [NoLineBreakIfEmpty2] has been added, which removes 2 line breaks if the Placeholder value is empty.
  • 1/21/2016 v.1.0.2965  • The Floating Calendar now recognizes dates in Trip Advisor’s “message from guest” emails.  The current User Name was added to the application’s Title bar at the top.  • Other minor improvements.  • A new “Minimum Gap” option was added to the “Open Days Automatic Rate Adjustments” feature.  This is a unique and powerful revenue generating feature which helps to prevent small gaps in your bookings.  See Help on Open Days Automatic Rate Adjustments for details.  A new “Alternate iCal Export” option was added to the Interfaces.  This is a unique and powerful cost saving feature, which can be used with sites like AirBnB which charge on a per-booking basis.  See Help on “iCal Calendar Export” for details on Alternate iCal Calendars.  When selecting and resizing Photos, the default Photo size is now 1920 pixels wide.  This matches the new minimum photo size requirement on listing sites, such as VRBO.  The built in “Select and Resize” option will compress images in order to reduce file size while maintaining image quality.  It is recommended to use this option even if your original photos are already 1920 pixels wide.  • The Floating Calendar can now read AirBnB inquires and booking confirmations, making it easier to create bookings booked through AirBnB.  Also, an adjustment was made to accommodate changes in Trip Advisor inquiries.  A new button was added to the Bookings form next to the Rate selection, to Lock-in the Rate.  A new button was also added to the Properties form Photos page to “Clean up Old Photos”, which can be used to keep your data backups as small as possible by moving any unused photos out of the MyFiles database folder and into a separate backup folder.  It is recommended to use this button periodically.  • More changes to the Floating Calendar for recognizing AirBnB inquiries and booking confirmations.  • Maximum Photo file size allowed has been increased when uploading property pages.  • Two new Placeholder Options were added: [PromptAlert] and [PromptText] which can be used to conditionally alert you, or to prompt for a text value to insert when generating an email or document.  See Help on Placeholder Options for details.  • The Bookings form > Commissions page now shows the calculated “Revenue minus Commissions” total for easy reference.  Payment Terms can now use all Placeholders in order to build complex payment schedules if needed.  • Photos can now be selected and resized from non-mapped network drives.  • Update to Searchable Group Web pages to accommodate Chrome and Firefox.  (Repost your group web pages).  • The Property Statement report has a new parameter to “Include only Cleaned cleanings”.  Also, when exporting the report to Excel and using the Vendor 1099 form option, it will ask if you wish to “Include Expenses based on Paid date, rather than booking or transaction date”.

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