Software Updates

Note:  Registered users are entitled to free updates for one year. ($89/year after 1st year).
Updates are easily installed by selecting “Check for New Updates” in the VRP Tools menu.
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Updates History:

Updates are cumulative.  Therefore, please review any previous updates that may apply to you depending on your last update.

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  • 12/2/23 v.1.0.3705 * Property Photo pop-up displays are now 30% larger. * Various minor improvements and web page enhancements. * In the Expenses form > New button, there’s a new option to “Create a New Reminder”. * Added 2 new buttons in the Bookings form, next to the Rate, for “Lock in Amounts” and “Save Totals to Note”. * The Bookings form and Rates form Timelines now display the Adjustment percentage value of any Master Share-from Rates within the Orange bar at the top. * When sending a channel message using a Template which has a Document attached, you will be prompted with an option to upload the Document to your website and include a link in the message text. (This is useful if an Airbnb guest does not provide their email address). * The Info bar in the Bookings form now includes “(ALERT)” if the Tenant is flagged to Alert upon booking. The Info bar also shows the (number of Bookings) if the Tenant has more than 1 booking. * Double-clicking on Canceled bookings while the “Show Rates” option is on, will now select the booking if it is not already selected.
  • 11/13/23 v.1.0.3696 * When updating the 1st Photo in the Property Photos page, you are now prompted if you want to update the “Doc Photo” also with the same photo. (Since most users use the same photo for both). * Some minor web page improvements. The Legend no longer shows on Calendar web pages, unless the Show Tentative Dates option is used. * Photo Descriptions now show with photos in the Property Info web page, (not just in the Photos web page). * Photo pop-ups in the Properties form are now higher resolution. * When clicking on Photo #1 on the Photos page, there is a new option to “Copy Photo #1 to the Doc Photo”. * When clicking on any Photo, a photo pop-up will appear next to the menu (if the “Show Pop-ups” option is turned off). * In the Properties form > Interface > Terms and Text page, the “House Rules” has been expanded to 150 characters to match VRBO’s recent changes.
  • 10/30/23 v.1.0.3688 * Several enhancements for selecting photos: Eight additional Photo slots have been added to the Properties form. You can now Drag and Drop Photos from Windows File Explorer onto any Photos page. There is a new ‘Expand’ button on the Property Photos page. You can now specify the ‘Rental Pics’ Sub-folder for each Property, Site and Location (in the Photos pages), which avoids having to select the Myfiles folder when selecting images. Panorama photos are now included when sending photos to Channels. * The Options button in the Properties form has a new option to: “Copy All Photos to Selected Properties…”. * When Dragging and Dropping Photos from Windows File Explorer, there is a new option to: “Insert” or “Replace” photos. * Added an “Expand” button to the Site and Location Photos form.
  • 10/20/23 v.1.0.3680 * Since Airbnb stopped providing guest email addresses (as of Oct 1, 2023), there is a new Template (_Sample SMS to Request Email Addr) that you can use to request the guest email by sending an SMS text (or using Airbnb messaging). There is also a new Custom Alert “[Send _SmsReqEm] _SAMPLE” which can be used to auto send the SMS email request from the Alerts. * The link to the BookingPal Channel Connector (in the top Web button) has been updated to avoid the intermittent 404 error page. * There is a new feature to send Airbnb Messages to guests directly from VRP. (See Help on Channel Messaging). * A link to “Define Custom Alerts” was added to the Alerts form. * When using the [PromptAlert] Placeholder Option in templates, a new “Skip Send” option will appear if you are sending multiple emails or texts.
  • 9/11/23 v.1.0.3674 * Added Total Revenue amount to the Private View Avails Data Export. * Added a new option to both: the Property Statement and Booking Charts & Detail Reports, to “Adjust Tax and Other Commissions for Subtracted from Revenue (Sub-Rev) Commissions”. * Disabled the “Add Temporary Override Rate” option (when Double-clicking on days in the Bookings form Timeline), if the user does not have privilege to update Property info. * Increased the SFTP Idle Timeout to prevent FTP from disconnecting when there are lots of properties to spin through. * Added a new sample “Custom Alert” to Remind the cleaner on the morning of scheduled cleanings. * Added the option to export G/L transactions to the “GnuCash” free accounting software. * Web pages were updated to accommodate Google Analytics 4 tracking. * When the Show Rates option is checked in the Bookings form, rates will now show on top of Canceled bookings also.
  • 8/1/23 v.1.0.3666 * When a Booking has a prior CC Declined payment, a message will show on the Billing Info tab reminding you as such. * The Properties form > Interface tab, now remembers and automatically opens the last sub-tabs selected. * In the Properties form, BookingPal Interface settings, the small Globe button on the right has a new option to “Compare the Calendar in BP with VRP. This can be used if needed, to verify the calendars match. * When adding Bookend Blockouts in the Bookings form, a warning will popup if you already have Automatic Bookend Blockouts set for the property (since these are redundant). * You can now Delete Temporary Override Rate Adjustments directly from the Bookings form when Double-clicking on days that already have these rates, and selecting to “Add a Temporary Daily Rate Override”. (It will allow Deleting the existing rate if one already exists).
  • 7/21/23 v.1.0.3664 * When “% Adjustment Rates” are defined for the Master Share-from Property, an Orange bar will now appear in the Bookings form Timeline above those dates. This allows you to easily see where Master Rate Adjustments are in effect. * When rates are displayed in a popup message for a specific date, the Rate Name is now included, (such as in the Floating Calendar and when Double-clicking on days in the Bookings Timeline). * The Bookings form now shows the number of “Days until check-in” next to the Check-in date. * Added an option to “Delete Temporary Override Rates” from All properties up through a specific year (in the Rates form > Copy, Delete or Adjust Rates” button.
  • 7/7/23 v.1.0.3658 * Several updates were made to web pages, including the ability to display Property Group pages within your website without using iFrames. * You can now quickly add “Temporary Override” Rates, (by Double-clicking on Open Days in the Bookings form Timeline). This is an easy way to quickly adjust rates for open days (even after Auto-Rate Adjustments). This feature is also available in the Property Rates form. * You can now add “Temporary Override”, “% Adjustment” rates to the “Master Share-from Property”. This allows quickly adjusting rates for specific dates across ALL Properties. * When moving the Bookings form Timeline forward or backward, the currently selected Property row will now stay in its relative position, rather than focusing back on the current Booking’s Property row. * The “Show Rates” checkbox in the Bookings form has been changed so that Rates will now show on each Property row when it is clicked on, rather than just the currently selected Booking’s Property row.
  • 6/21/23 v.1.0.3653 * In the Property Groups form > Web Overrides tab there are 2 new options to override the “Site” and “Category” selection names used in the search widget. * When the Bookings form is left open overnight, it will now prompt with an option to “Click Today for me” (if possible), in order to reset the timeline. * The web Search Widget now shows the “Site” selection on top, instead of having to click “More Search Options”. * When Saving a Booking, it no longer prompts if this is a “HomeAway Lead” Booking. Instead, you can simply change the “Ad Source” if it’s a “HomeAway Lead” Booking. * Panorama property photos can now be either Full 360 degrees (horizontal), or less than 360 degrees. Less than 360 degree photos will not wrap all the way around when panning left or right. * When Saving Properties, it now checks the Property Name and Title for words with All Caps, or Excessive Punctuation, (since these are not allowed by Airbnb now).
  • 6/10/23 v.1.0.3648 * Panorama Photos can now be selected in the Property Photos (and Sites and Locations). These photos will display on your website only (not VRBO, Airbnb, etc). Panorama photos can be taken with almost any phone or camera, and are an easy way to allow guests to see a 360 degree view of rooms, the yard, deck, beach, park, etc. See Example here. * Added an option to “Show All Bookings with Payments Due” to the Alerts form > “Go To” button, when on a Payment Due alert. * Added an option in the User-Defined Queries form > “Run Query” button, to “Run Query and Export Results”, as a shortcut to Exporting Results with fewer prompts.
  • 5/22/23 v.1.0.3644 * Added a direct link to the Airbnb Reservation, to the Tenant Options button in the Bookings form. Added an option to “Copy the email address stored in the Booking to the Tenant” when the document processor detects that the 2 email addresses are different. This will avoid the prompt the next time an email is sent. Solved an intermittent issue where a prompt about “Un-cancelling a booking” was incorrectly appearing when changing the status in a booking. * Added 2 shortcut links to the left side of the Photos page in the Properties form, to quickly go to the “Site” and “Location” Photos for the selected Property. * Added the option to “Lock-in Amounts” to the “eyeball” button next to the Rate in the Bookings form to make it easier to access this option. * When hovering the mouse over the Check-in Date field in the Bookings form, the number of days until Check-in is displayed, which can be useful at times.
  • 4/30/23 v.1.0.3641 * Additional improvements were made to the photo sliders in the Property and Group web pages. You can also optionally specify a background image for the Sliders (in the Group or Properties forms > Web Post tab). * The menu bar in Property web pages is now a “sticky” menu which does not scroll off the page, (when Property pages are displayed in a separate Browser window). * Changed the “Back” button in the menu bar, so that it returns to the first page of the property, if not currently on the first page. Also, allowed the Background Photo in the Properties form > Web Post tab to be specified for individual Properties, regardless if the option to “Use Property Group’s Colors” is selected. (Examples Here and Here). Property web pages are now opened in a separate browser window. (Same as VRBO, Airbnb, etc). This option can be turned off in the Property Groups form if needed.
  • 4/16/23 v.1.0.3630 * Improvements were made to Property web pages, including a full-width photos slider at the top, new fonts, updated photos page, etc. (Example Here). (After updating, do: Post All Group/Property web pages from the top Web button). * Fixed an issue when Double-clicking on open days within the Bookings form Timeline to create Blockout bookings. * The {@R} option in the Check-in/out Day rules (Properties form > Interface > Instant Quotes tab) has been improved. * Changed the Property Rates form so when double-clicking on Blocked dates in the timeline, it will also include any Tentative bookings (in case the Property is set to Block dates for Tentative bookings).
  • 3/20/23 v.1.0.3622 * In the Contacts form > Misc tab, there is a new option which allows including additional info in the Owner’s Private View Bookings List. You can also disable the list for specific owners.
  • 2/26/23 v.1.0.3621 * You can now optionally archive old data for “Active” properties if needed (in addition to Inactive properties). * Added a new “-6” option to the “Send Welcome Info / Confirmation” Reminder (in the Properties form > Misc > Reminders), which will trigger the alert after the first payment is made (or when the reservation is booked if no payments are scheduled). * Added an “Is OK?” sample template, which can be used to ask guests if everything is ok. (Click “Import Sample Templates” button in the Templates form). This template can be used along with the sample [Send Is OK?] Custom Alert (see the Tools menu). * Fixed a recent error message when importing iCal calendars.
  • 2/22/23 v.1.0.3620 * In the Bookings form, the “Show Rates” checkbox now has 2 options (Show rates for Select Properties, or Show rates for All Properties). The first option is faster. * When posting property web pages, any duplicate photos (which were skipped) are now displayed in the posting results. * Added links (in the Help button at the top), to the VRP website Updates page, and Status page. * When double-clicking on an open day in the Bookings form View by Property Timeline, there’s a new option to “Show Rates for this Property”, which will display the rates for each open day. (This is alternative to using the “Show Rates” checkbox option, which allows showing rates only when you need to see them).
  • 2/13/23 v.1.0.3617 * The Properties form has a new “History” checkbox (in the Property Info page), which can be used to hide Inactive Properties from various Property selections throughout the App, which you seldom reference. * The “Purge Bookings and Expenses” option (in the File menu > Database Admin Tools), now allows “Archiving” purged Bookings and Expenses. This allows viewing archived data anytime (via the Tools menu), rather than having to restore from a Backup. * The Properties form > Notes page > User-defined Notes, has 3 new user-defined Flags that can be used for any purpose. Names for the Flags can be set (in System Preferences). * The 3 Flags in the Bookings form were moved to the Misc page. Names for these Flags can also be set (in System Preferences).
  • 1/20/23 v.1.0.3615 * The “Lock App” feature (in the Tools menu) can now force users out when they have a report preview or a prompt dialog open, (when using the “Force users out” option). Web Group pages which use the “Search format without a map” option, (or when a guest clicks “Hide Map”), will now show 2 or 3 columns, depending on the page width. Resolved an issue when generating a MS Word documents, due to a recent MS Office update. Resolved an intermittent issue when Saving a new Filter in the Bookings form. * When un-canceling a booking, any deleted reminders and scheduled cleanings are restored.
  • 1/09/23 v.1.0.3609 * The Bookings form has a new “Show Rates” checkbox, which displays daily rates within the Timeline. In the Property Rates form (and Bookings form), double-clicking on rates in the Timeline has a new option to “Show Rate Calculation”. This shows how the rate (and min. nights) were calculated on that day, including any Auto-adjustments, Temporary Overrides, etc. * The Bookings Chart and Detail Report has a new option (in the Parameters 4 tab) to run multiple reports together, or separately. * In Reports, when saving Report Parameters it now prompts to save as New or to Replace, if existing report parameters with the same name already exist. * In the Bookings form, the Show Rates option is only enabled now if the Filter is set to Current & Future Bookings. This makes Find and other Filters faster, when showing Rates are not needed.
  • 1/5/23 v.1.0.3600 * The Property Rates form provides a new “Rate Option” type called “% Adjustment”. This can be used to easily adjust rates for any rate period by a Percentage, without changing the underlying rates. For example, you could bump a holiday period up to 130%. Or discount a slow period to 90%. See Help on Property Rates for more info. * In both the Bookings form and Property Rates form, you can now double-click on any open days and select “Set Begin Date of Range”, and then double-click on an End date. This lets you visually select dates, and create or modify bookings (or rates) directly from the Timeline. You can also do the same by clicking on the dates in the Timeline “header”. * In the Property Rates form, there is a new Temporary Override (TmpOv) option to “Skip both Rates and Min Nights Auto-Adjustments”.
  • 12/28/22 v.1.0.3598 * You can now schedule when to run individual reports. All Reports have a new “Next Run Reminder” option in the Report Parameters form. The Alerts Manager will alert when these Report Reminder dates are due, with the ability to go directly to that report and run it. (Note: After running the report, click the checkmark button next to the reminder date to bump the date forward by 1 week, month, year, etc). There is also a new option to store “Notes” for each report, which can be used for your own reference.  In addition, when clicking the “Binoculars” button (to select from the list of saved Report Parameters), you can now view when each report was Last Ran, and By Who. * In the Bookings form > Rental Info page, the button next to the Rates drop-down selection, will now open the Property Rates form with the Timeline positioned to show the dates of the currently selected Booking. * In the Bookings form, when clicking the small Folder button next to the “Rates” selection drop-down, the Property Rates form will now open with the dates for that booking outlined in the Rates Timeline for easier reference.
  • 12/22/22 v.1.0.3595 * Several enhancements were made to the Property Rates form, including: 1) Daily Rates are shown for open days within the Timeline. 2) The Temporary Override column (TmpOv) has a new option to “Also Override any Auto-Rate Adjustments”. 3) You can now scroll the timeline back to previous dates to view previous rates and booked days. 4) The Adjust Percent option is now available regardless if the property is sharing rates or not. * Added an option to the Property Timeshares form > Options button, to “Clear Saved Timeshare Owner ID’s”. * Added a “Sample Lease Summary” Document Template. To import it, use the “Import latest sample templates” button in the Document and Email Templates form. * In the Property Rates form, dates for the “Minimum Nights Override” Rate Option can now be Adjusted across multiple properties, using the “Copy, Delete or Adjust Rates” button. * When creating Bookings from the Floating Calendar, any Tax Exempt rules are now automatically applied. * Resolved some minor issues with the new screen Scaling feature.
  • 12/4/22 v.1.0.3583 * In both the: Property Fees and Property Commissions forms, you can now define fees and commissions for a new “Master Share-From Property”. This allows defining many of your commonly used fees and commissions in one place, and using them either as: defaults for new bookings, or for retrieving them within individual bookings when needed. Any other fees and commissions sharing between properties will still be applied. * In the Property Fees form there is a new “Base On” option for: “X % of Y Nights Rent”. This can be useful for example, when extending stays at discounted rates. (For example: when giving 30% off of 1 added day). * Added three %Revshr…% Booking Info Placeholders which can be used to list revenue sharing details within emails and documents. Added options to both: Rates, Fees, and Commissions forms to “List all records for all active properties”. Purged old Rates for Inactive Properties which are not being Shared.
  • 12/2/22 v.1.0.3582 * When creating a New Booking, there is a new option to create a “Scheduled Event Tentative Booking”. This can be used for scheduled maintenance, carpet cleaning, etc. so that if a booking or inquiry is received for those dates, you will be notified, (without having to block out the dates). * Added a new App Display “Scaling” feature, which will increase the display and font size of the application. (See User Preferences > Options 3 page). The Floating Calendar can now display up to 7 calendars. (Use the Down-arrow Expand button). * Added an option to “Edit Alternate Payment Terms” to the Bookings form > Billing Info page > Generate Payment Schedule button. * In the Property Rates form, double-clicking on Booked dates will show the rates for the existing bookings.
  • 11/10/22 v.1.0.3577 * The Property Rates form now includes a Timeline view, which shows merged overlapping rates, color coded by price (higher prices = darker colors). The Timeline also shows dates that are currently booked. In addition, you can click on the Timeline Days to create new rates, or modify rate periods for existing rates. Also, the Property Rates form can be maximized for viewing a larger timeline. * Added an Adjustment % option to the Property Rates form, to allow previewing adjusted rates when setting up Share-from Properties. * Added a few more options to the Rates form, including an option to view a list of properties and when their rates were last updated. Expanded the Properties form, Tenants form, Contacts form, and Pay Expenses form to spread things out more. * There is a new option on the Competitive Performance Report to select how to Calculate Net Revenue.
  • 10/27/22 v.1.0.3567 * There is a new “Guest Reviews Report”, which can also be used to help analyze the quality of your cleaners’ work. When selecting properties, cleaners, owners, etc. on reports, the “Find” button acts as a “Filter” now. This makes it easier to find names in long lists. The Find button also works when selecting “Additional Tenants” in the bookings form. The “Previous Tenant” popup alerts, now include the number of Reviews by the tenant, with a button to view their Reviews.
  • 10/24/22 v.1.0.3566 * A Right-click or Double-click on the Import button in the Bookings form provides slightly different shortcuts for importing or posting the next imported booking. The Pay Expenses and Commissions form has a new “Show Type” option. In the Bookings form, the Tenant selector drop-down has a new “Find Tenant…” option, which can be used instead of clicking the “Find Tenant” button. * All property and group web pages now have a “Canonical link tag” to help with SEO indexing and rankings. The Bookings form has a new “Clear Amounts” button (next to the Rental Rate), which allows clearing the amounts without having to Save the booking first, which can be useful in some cases. * Added a “Set Door Code” option to the [IfEmpty] Placeholder Option, which allows setting the door code when sending an email (if the door code has not been set). Changed the Cleaning Schedule Report, so that when it’s run with the “Web Cleaning List”, the report will only show cleanings for the selected dates.
  • 9/29/22 v.1.0.3562 * The Open Days Automatic Rate Adjustments have a new “{N=xxx%}” option, which allows applying an additional rate adjustment on top of any Near-term Rate Adjustment. See Help on: “Open Days Rate Adjustments” for more info. * When using the Web Auto-Updater option (in the top Web button), a new Status button will be displayed in the top toolbar for all Users, which will show the status of the Web Auto-Updater. The button will indicate if it is currently running, or if it has stopped running. * When doing View Current Users (via the Tools menu), there is a new “Refresh” button, which allows refreshing the In/Out status of all users in the list. * In the Alerts Manager, check-in and check-out alerts are now sorted at the bottom of each day’s Alerts. * The Rate Range for each property is now shown in Property Group web pages when the “Show Rate Ranges” option is selected in the Property Groups form, regardless if the “Show Rates” option is turned off within an individual property. This is so you can still show Rate Ranges, without showing the detailed Rates list in each property. * Fixed an issue when setting Door Codes for related Lockout Properties. * Resolved an issue when manually clearing the Auto-Updater status indicator button.
  • 9/5/22 v.1.0.3554 * The App Lock feature will now also shut down the Auto-Updater process if it’s currently running. * The Property Registration Number is now required when interfacing with BookingPal. * The Alerts Manger has a new “Show” option for: “All Alerts – Sort Check-ins and Check-outs Last”. * In the Properties form > Property Info tab, the Share Rates, Fees, and Commissions buttons each have a new option to show a “Treeview map” of the sharing properties. * In the Bookings form, when clearing a “Find All” filter, it will now return to the last booking viewed before the Find, (if the found booking is not within the current filter). * In the Tools menu > Define Custom Alerts, there are some new sample custom alerts which you may find useful. * Added standard Holidays for 2024. * Added a new “[Set Door Code]” option to Custom Alerts. See Help on: Custom Alerts. * Added a new Filter to the Properties form to show both: “Active and Share-from Properties”.
  • 8/15/22 v.1.0.3547 * Added 2 buttons in the Properties form > Misc 2 tab, to show a “Treeview map” of the Lockout and Summary properties specified. Fixed a cyclical reference check when updating Lockout bookings more than 1 level down the tree. The Web Links buttons now use the new Homeaway listing URL’s. Added a new “App Lock” feature to the Tools menu, which can be used to notify other Users to Exit the app. Added a Right-click option to the “Import” button in the Bookings form. * Switching between Bookings in the Bookings form is about 200% faster now. * The ‘Cleanup old photos’ option (in the Properties form > Photos page), now checks for photos used in Email and Document Templates also. * Changes to the status of scheduled Cleanings now enable the “Web Update Reminder” button, if you are auto updating cleaning schedules.
  • 7/11/22 v.1.0.3539 * Added a new “Payment Type” option to the Homeaway / VRBO interface settings. * When doing “Define custom startup alerts” (in the Tools menu), you can now include criteria based on the Tenant. For example, you can create an alert for check-ins in the next few days for repeat guests, so you can provide them with a welcome back fruit basket gift. * The Alerts Manager form now remembers the last “Show” alerts option selected. * Arrival Info email Templates can now optionally send an SMS text also. * You can now optionally send Welcome Info emails from the Arrival Info selection in the Bookings form Workflow page. This is useful if you use the same template for both Welcome Info and Arrival Info, and send them at different times.
  • 6/11/22 v.1.0.3532 * The Preview Rates options (in the Rates form, and the Properties form > Rental Rates button), has 2 new options to: “Preview Calendar & Rates (in Timeline format)”, and “Preview Calendar & Rates (in Calendar format)”. These provide additional ways to preview rates. * The Private View Bookings List and Web Cleanings List now show check-in days as “diagonal” blocks, (to be consistent with Availability Calendars), plus other improvements. * You can now call, text, or email Tenants directly from the Alerts manager (via the “Goto” button). * Added the Ad Source and number of Adults/Childs/Pets to the Floating Calendar popup when hovering over dates. * Added Ad Source ID to the Private View Avails Data export.
  • 5/20/22 v.1.0.3528 * Changes to Bookings from Airbnb,, etc. are now “imported” into the original booking when importing bookings from BookingPal, (rather than canceling the original booking and importing a new reservation). * The “Send From Email Address” option (in User Preferences) should now work with recent versions of MS Outlook. * You can now Double-click the “Show” button at the top of the Bookings form, to switch to “View by Property” and Current & Future Bookings. (Same as Double-clicking the “Today” button). * Added “Primary Agent” to the Properties form > Contacts page. If specified, then new Bookings for the property will automatically be assigned to that Agent. In the Bookings form > Property Filter drop-down at the top, you can now select an “Agent” in order to view only bookings and properties for a specific agent.
  • 5/6/22 v.1.0.3526 * Added a “Maintenance Log” field to the Properties form > Notes page. Added an “Is Common” field to the Amenities form (in the Forms menu). The “Is Common” field can be sorted when selecting amenities for properties, which helps to narrow down the list to your most common amenities. You can update the “Is Common” field for any Amenity in the Forms menu > Amenity Types. * Added a “Find” button to the Reconcile Payments form, and added a new option to ‘Show All Payments”. When selecting Amenities in the Properties form, the default sort order is now set to “Common” Amenities. * Added the option to “List All Photos for This Property” to the “Photo Options” link (in the Properties form > Photos, and also Site and Location Photos). This helps to verify photo sizes for a specific property, including its Site and Location Photos. Made a fix to the All Cleanings Web List report when one of the specified cleaners has no scheduled cleanings. * Added 2 new columns to the Comparative Performance Report to include Net Revenue for each Period.
  • 4/13/22 v.1.0.3521 * Added an “Email Reminder” option to the Tenants form > Notes page, which will display the reminder when sending emails to the tenant. Added a new “Memory Usage” option in System Preferences > Other. This allows adjusting the amount of memory allocated to the application if needed. Also, the default memory allocated is now lower than in previous versions. Added a sample AppNote called: “Lock Instructions for ERL Locks”, which can be used in templates for providing door lock instructions. * Fixed an issue with Rates Report when the “Include Rates List” option is not selected. Added some sample Custom Alerts to the “Define Custom Alerts” feature in the Tools menu. Added a new dynamic date range option for “This Year Forward” in the reports parameters. * Report parameters forms can now have multiple instances open at the same time for the same report. This is useful when running the same report for 2 different sets of criteria. Adjusted column headers in the Comparative Performance Report. * You can now send Arrival Info emails from the Alerts Manager.
  • 3/26/22 v.1.0.3517 * Future Availability Months (in System Prefs) can now be set to 9 months if needed. There is a new {@R} option in the Checkin/Out Days Restriction rules, which will “remove” restrictions for any week which is partially booked. This allows filling open days if a booking was created manually which does not follow the restriction. (See Help on: Instant Quotes for more info). Added a new “Tax Exempt Stay Days” option (in the Properties form > Misc 2 page). This can be used to automatically remove a specific tax for Long-term stays. Added the option to call Tenants and Contacts using “WhatsApp” when using the Call features.
  • 3/19/22 v.1.0.3515 * The Bookings form Work Flow page has a new option for sending “Arrival Info”. There is also a new “Days to Send Arrival Info prior to Check-in” option in the Properties form > Misc > Reminders tab. Adding 1-Day Bookend Blockouts will now also create Blockouts for any Lockout Properties. There is a new ‘Door Code’ field (in the Properties form > Misc 2 tab). The Cleaning Schedule Report has a new option to ‘Show Lockouts’. You can now click on Holidays (outlined in Red) in the Bookings form Timeline header. (There are other Timeline click options too). Added a new %UpdateAiSentDate% Placeholder, which can be used in any template to update the new Arrival Info Sent Date. (This is useful if you are using a another Work Flow item to send Arrival Info). * Two new columns were added to the Comparative Performance Report to show the %Change in: Revenue / Day, and Net Revenue.
  • 2/17/22 v.1.0.3513 * The Comparative Performance Report now allows comparing 2 date ranges of up to 3 years each, (instead of 1 year). In Templates, the %If% … %EndIf% Placeholder block now executes “before” any %Expression% Placeholders. This is useful when using %Expression% with the [PromptAlert] Option, since it allows controlling which Expressions get executed. The Bookings Detail Report has a new option to “Show Booked Date”. If you have multiple monitors (or a large monitor), you can now Preview Reports in “Separate” windows, and then drag the preview window to another monitor. This is similar to sending reports to PDF, except that you can click on Booking and Expense ID’s in the report to view the source transactions, (which you can’t do with PDFs). * Fixed a recent issue when copying Rates forward 1 year. * XML Exports now use 3 files instead of 2 for better efficiency.
  • 1/25/22 v.1.0.3508 * There is a new “Stats & Inquiries” page in the Tenants form, which keeps track of total bookings and other useful statistics for each tenant. This info can also be used when defining custom alerts and queries. When booking “repeat” guests, a notice will appear showing how many bookings they have done and the last checkout date. This notice will not display for repeat Owner Stays. The Search for Available Dates form has many new options for search criteria, including Category, Location, Propery Type, Owner, etc. (Click the “Find Available” button in the Bookings form). There is a new “Sort Order” option in System Preferences > Web Page Settings for changing the default sort order within Group web pages. Report Preview windows now utilize more area on large screens. The Property Rates form has a new “Temporary Override” column, which allows overriding Rates for specific days, without having to remember to remove them when its time to Copy rates forward to the next year. * The Booking Charts & Detail Reports have a new selection option to “Include Bookings from other Reports”. This allows combining multiple sets of selection criteria into one report if needed. The Report preview Zoom option selected is now remembered and used for the next report preview.
  • 1/11/22 v.1.0.3504 * The Property Rates Report includes all calculated rates now in the Export to Excel option. Resolved an issue with Placeholder Options when using Html Templates created with MS Word. * Added several features and options to the built-in Html editor. One of the features is a new “Insert Header Bar with Background Color” option (click the “…” button at the top of the editor). This can be useful in Rental Agreements, Owner Agreements, and Welcome Docs. * Updated the TB-Additions1 WordPress plugin to expand the width of pages containing VRP group and property pages. (You’ll need to update your plugins within your website to get this change). * The Alerts Manager has a new “Set Dummy Sent Date” option when clicking the “Go to” button for a Send email or text type of alert. This allows turning off an alert that you do not want to send.
  • 1/3/22 v.1.0.3498 * There is a new Searchable Group Web Page Format option (in the Property Groups form > Web Post tab), which shows Multiple Columns along with a Google Map. See example here. Searchable Group Web Pages now include a small Photos Slider for each Property (with Left and Right Arrow buttons). * The Next Page & Prev Page buttons in the Google Map Group Web page, now scroll to the top of the list (instead of the top of the page). The Web Post tab in the Property Groups form and Properties form have a new option to ‘Use Default FTP settings’. The option in the Bookings form > Options button > “Clear All Amounts”, now includes an option to “Keep Unpaid Scheduled Payments”. When selecting property photos, (other than thumbnail Doc Photos), the photo size must be at least 500 pixels. (Recommended size is still 1920px). * Google map Group web pages now auto scroll to the top of the map when opening the page or searching. * Some cosmetic improvements to Property web pages, including new icons.
  • 12/14/21 v.1.0.3494 * The Properties form > Web tab is now split into 2 tabs. Property Web pages now show a maximum of 20 of the most recent Reviews. * You can now optionally turn off an alert if needed, by clicking the small checkbox button next to a date that is triggering an alert, and selecting the “Dummy Date” option. There is a new Contact called “-Unspecific Contact-“, which can be selected as the Vendor within the Expenses form when creating “Non-Expense” items in order to track various events or tasks for specific properties. * When running Reports, you can now view multiple Report Previews at a time, (without having to use the Print to PDF option). * Added a new option to the Pay Expenses and Commissions form, to “Show Cleaning Notes in Voucher”. The maximum Width of Seachable Group web pages is now 1600px, to allow room for a larger map.
  • 11/26/21 v.1.0.3488 * In the Properties form > Property Info tab, there is a new “Alternate Lat, Long” option, which can be used if you do not want to show the Exact Map Location for a property.  This is similar to what VRBO offers, but better, because you can either auto-generate the nearby Lat,long, or you can specify it yourself.  Vrbo only auto-generates it, which could put your map pin in an undesirable location. Fixed an issue in the Cleaning Schedule when a scheduled cleaning does not have an assigned cleaner. The Tenant selection drop-down in the Bookings form now requires the Tenant Lookup button to find existing tenants, rather than scrolling through a long list of tenants. * In the Google map Property popup window, there is new “Zoom In” and “Zoom Out” link, which makes it easy to zoom in and out of the map while keeping the property location centered at the same time. * Recent bug fixed when saving manually created bookings. * If you have specified a Google API key and it is invalid, a message is now displayed. The number of Bedrooms, Baths and Sleeps is now always displayed on top of the Property photo in the Property Group web page. Also, the height of the property rows in the Property Group page are now the same, (regardless if there are different property photo sizes).
  • 11/11/21 v.1.0.3480 * Dynamic Google Maps (with property markers) can now be included in Property Group Web pages. See example here. See Help on: “Property Groups” for more info, and how to set the default Group page Format. The Search box in Group web pages is now smaller, and has a link to expand it and see more Search Options. * Moved the “Sleeps” option to the top of the Search Widget. * The Group page always shows the Short Summary text now. Map markers change color now when hovering over a property in the list. * When clicking on properties in the Group web page, if the property is set to open in a new browser tab, then the “Other Properties” links are removed in the property page. This prevents the user from opening multiple group pages. Repost your Group/Property pages after updating.
  • 10/19/21 v.1.0.3465 * Added Property Maps to the Searchable Group Web page. See example here. Added 2 new Note fields to the Properties form > Notes tab, to allow added notes to the Private View Bookings List, and the Web Cleanings List. Cleaning Schedules now include each selected property, even if there are no scheduled cleanings for a property. You can now generate ERL Lock Codes for Lockout properties when booking a parent property. If you have an SMS Textline account with multiple phone numbers, you can now specify which phone number to send the SMS from within the email Template.
  • 9/30/2021 v.1.0.3464 * Added a Right-click shortcut to the Property column in the Bookings form Timeline, to “View Property website and links”. Added number of Adults, Childs, Pets to the Private view data export feature. * There is a new ‘Resend Payment Due Notice’ Alert, which appears if the last notice was sent 1 or more days prior, and the payment is still due. Added an option to the Property Statement Report to “Show custom text” at the bottom of report. The %Resending% Placeholder does not require the [NoLineBreakIfEmpty] option.
  • 8/27/2021 v.1.0.3462 * When Previewing Reports, there is a new “Property Index” displayed, which allows jumping to any property within the report. You can also click on any “Booking ID” within reports, to display that Booking in the Bookings form. * The Cleaning Report now includes the “Other Info” booking note for the “Next Bkg”. (It previously only showed it for “This Bkg”). * Changed some of the calculations in the Comparative Performance Report to exclude owner stays, in order to provide a more useful analysis. * In Property Rates > Copy, Delete or Adjust Rates button, you can now change the Dates of individual rates across multiple selected properties based on the Rate Name. For example, if you have a “Ski Season” rate, and there is an early snowfall, you could easily change the Dates for Ski Season across all selected properties. * Added a new option to the Comparative Performance Report to “Exclude properties not Active in both periods”. This provides a more accurate comparison when using the “Merge Properties” option.
  • 7/28/2021 v.1.0.3455 * You can now create New Bookings, by Double-clicking on open days in the Bookings form Timeline, and selecting “Create a New Booking on This Day”. This quickly creates a new booking and automatically selects the Check-in Date and Property. A new option was added to Payment Accounts (in the Forms menu), to specify which “Reference Text” you wish to use for payments. You can select “Property Short Name” or “Booking ID”. * There is a new “Comparative Performance Report”, which allows comparing booking performance between any 2 periods. The report measures and compares: occupancy rate, average lead time (how early bookings were made), average revenue per day, etc. There is a new option for specifying where to center Today within the Booking form Timeline (in User Preferences form > Options 3 page). Corrected the Average Lead Days calculation in the new Performance report, and added a new option to limit bookings base on Booked Date, to compare how bookings are tracking as of a point in time, between both periods.
  • 7/18/2021 v.1.0.3450 * There are 2 new report options in the Housekeeping Cleaning Schedule report, which allow posting “Cleaning Schedule Web Lists” (with Timelines) for each Cleaner (or as a single Combined list). These Cleaning Lists also include an “Email Cleaning Status” button which allow cleaners to check off which cleanings are completed, along with any notes. See Example Here. As with other Cleaning Reports, the lists can be updated automatically when updating web calendars. See Help on “Housekeeping Cleaning Schedule” for more info. In the Alerts Manager, you can now set “All Cleanings Due” as “Cleaned”, or you can set them individually as before. * Added a new VRBO Amenity: “Internet – Wifi”.
  • 6/29/2021 v.1.0.3442 * When importing Bookings, the Timeline will now only shift if the Booking falls outside the currently displayed timeline. (Previously the timeline always shifted to center the imported Booking’s dates). * You can now create Send-Email type Custom Alerts. This opens up the ability to schedule Emails based on “any” criteria you might have. For example, you could schedule emails to send to guests based on the number of nights booked, the property’s location, if the property has a digital lock, how many guests, or any other criteria. See help on “Sending Scheduled Emails” for more info.
  • 6/17/2021 v.1.0.3438 * You can now Double-click on the “Today” button in the Bookings form, which will: set the filter to Current & Future Bookings, move the Timeline to Today, and switch to View by Property. The Alerts Manager form has a new option to “Show Email & Text Alerts only”, (and other filters). There is also a new button to “Send Emails & Texts” which allows sending all emails & texts due, or you can select individual Email & Text alerts to bulk send. You can also click the new “checkbox” column header to “Select All Email/Text Alerts due”. * Custom Alerts now automatically exclude Bookings that are 60 days old, in order to speed up checking for alerts. There is a new “CC Display Password Expires in number of Days” option in System Preferences. The Follow-up Report now shows the full Tenant Name instead of truncating it. Custom Alerts can now be based on any Property data, (in addition to Booking data). * If you change the default Workflow Templates for a Property (in the Properties form > Documents tab), there is a new button there, to “Change Future Bookings”. This will change the selected Template on all Future Bookings. This is useful, if you decide to switch to a different default template in any of the workflow items.
  • 6/2/2021 v.1.0.3429 * Added Web Links to the Owner’s Private View Bookings List, and the Cleaner’s Cleaning Schedule in the Contacts form > Misc tab. Also added the following 2 Placeholders so these can easily be inserted into emails: %PropOwner.BkListUrl% and %Cleaner.ClnRptUrl%. Made the “Booked” status color a lighter shade of green to help differentiate it from Partial Paid status. In the Bookings form > Misc tab, you can now override the OLB Booking ID, if the booking import failed for some reason, and you had to create the booking manually. This allows future updates from the channel to reference the manually created booking. * Added a checkbox option to the Bookings form > Work Flow tab, to “Auto-Save Bookings after Sending Emails”. Added a new Property Info Placeholder for: “PropType.Name%. Added a new filter option in the Bookings form > “Common Filter Shortcuts” button (see the Book icon above the grid), to “Show Today in Property View”. You can also Right-click the button to run this option.
  • 5/17/2021 v.1.0.3426 * Added a new Booking Info Placeholder: %Resending%, which can be used in email templates to show a “Resending…” message with the last sent date, if the work flow item has already been sent. This is useful when resending payment due notices and other emails. * Expanded the “Total Payments” amount display limit in the Bookings Detail report. Adjusted the application’s memory limits. Made changes to the Bookings Timeline to prevent the error “toform is not an object” from occurring in some cases. Replaced the XmlHttpRequest function in web pages, which was used to load optional CSS overrides, since this function is being deprecated. * The Property filter drop-down at the top of the Bookings form, Expenses, and other forms, now lists the Properties at the top (above the property groups, categories, sites, etc.). This also allows typing a property name to jump to that property in the drop-down. The App and System Notes form now shows the Last Updated Date/time and User. * Sending SMS via the RemotePhone app should be a little quicker. Double-clicking the “Go to” button in the Bookings form will now move the timeline to the current booking.
  • 5/7/2021 v.1.0.3420 * Rearranged items in the Properties form > Interface tab > Terms & Text page, and also in the Properties form > Documents tab. Changed the Bookings form Timeline Compression option to a button. * Made some changes to web calendars and other pages to be more mobile-friendly. Changed the “Instant Quote” verbiage to “View Quote”. Added 2 optional URL parameters to the Searchable Group web page for: “#showcal” and “#view”, which allow setting initial view options on the group page. See Help on “Integrating VRP with your website” for more info. * Added report totals to the Ad Sources report, (in addition to totals for each ad source). Added a new option in the Bookings form (Options Button) to “Show All Extensions of this Booking in a Separate Form”. Fixed a recent issue in the Group web page format option using “Embedded calendars”.
  • 4/18/2021 v.1.0.3415 * Added an integration with remote lock system. See Help on “Door Lock Interfaces” for more info. In the Bookings form > “View by Booking” grid, the column for “Br/Bd/Ba” was removed and replaced with “Booked On Date”. This allows viewing and sorting on Booked Dates. * A “More Info” button was added to Property Group web pages. (Example Here). When generating Door Lock Codes, you can now specify a Grace Period (in hours). When Saving a Booking, it now warns you if the Lock Code’s access times do not cover the Booking’s dates/times, so you can regenerate the code if needed. * Added “Shift Days” option to the Owner Timeshares form > Copy Timeshares forward button. This is useful when timeshare ownership calendars change from 1 year to the next. Added an option in the Alerts Manager form to allow Auto Sending All Emails Due for a given type. For example, you can send all Payment Due Notices only, or all Cleaning Notices only, etc.
  • 4/5/2021 v.1.0.3410 * Added a “Totals Only” option to the Bookings Chart Detail Reports. Also, the Bar Chart Reports now match the Detail reports when using the “Booked Nights” option. Fixed a recent issue with the option to “Send Separate Emails for the Bookings Listed” (in the Bookings form > Options button). Added a new Bookings form Filter for “Check-ins Next 7 Days and Check-outs Last 7 Days” which can be useful for showing both recent checkouts and upcoming checkins together. * The top “Update Web Reminder” button now keeps track of which Properties need updating. Therefore if you use the small “Globe” button to update just 1 Property, the button will remain visible if there are other Properties that need updating. You can also view which Properties are waiting to update. * Enhancements to Group Web pages, including the Date Picker popup, and some IE browser support.
  • 3/27/2021 v.1.0.3404 * Added an option to Export Owner Payments from the Property Statement Report, to either:, PayPal, or VRP Expenses. See Help on: ‘Owner Payments Export’ for more info. Removed a 0.00 tax expense amount on the property statement report. Made a required change to shorten the Reservation Number sent to VR Payment. * Changed the Searchable Group web page to show the Search selections box using the same backcolor and style as the Search Widget. Also, initialized the toggle to the “Less Info” option, to have a cleaner look. Added a new option to the Ad Source and Referrals Report to ‘Base Total Percent On” either Rent, or Total Sale before Security Deposit. * When importing bookings from Availability Online, Cell phone numbers now go into Phone1, and other numbers go into Phone2. This is so SMS templates can use the Phone1 placeholder in the “Send To”. * Added new option when Right-clicking on fields in a form, to “List all values for this item (within the Current Filter)”. This is helpful for finding bookings, properties, etc. with specific values in a given field.
  • 3/8/2021 v.1.0.3396 * Added an option to automatically create Tax Expense transactions for any Taxable Expenses, when running the Property Statement report with the “Display Summary” option checked. The “Retry” option when doing FTP uploads, will now re-open the FTP connection before trying again. US Phone numbers with a “+” sign are now formatted with dashes when importing bookings.
  • 2/28/2021 v.1.0.3394 * Added an SMS Messaging feature, with the ability to send SMS messages either: separately, or along with specific emails. See Help on SMS Messaging Settings. Added a BetweenDates() function to User-defined Queries, which for example, allows selecting check-in dates dynamically, such as: Last Quarter, Last Year, etc. Added more features for updating Amenities and Fees across multiple properties. You can now specify to automatically clear taxes for specific Ad Sources (in the Properties form > Right-arrow button next to Tax Rates). This can be used for Airbnb if they collect your taxes. BookingPal Bookings are now assigned separate Ad Sources based on the source Channel. There is a new Apply Tax option in Fees for “Taxable Revenue” only, which does not add tax to the guest’s fee, but will report it as taxable revenue. Added a “(No Prompts)” option when selecting Property Photos, which makes selecting photos easier. You can now Delete Document and Email Templates which have been previously sent or received within Bookings. Added a new Reminder option to the Ad Sources form, so that you can be reminded of something when creating a Booking for a specific Ad Source. In the Private View Bookings List you can now use the browser’s Back button after clicking on check-in days in the Timeline. Fixed the Property Statement Report ‘Recalc Rate’ option when the ‘Booked Nights’ option is selected. Added a new workflow item for sending ‘Payment Due Notices’ in the Bookings form > Billing Info page. And the ability to schedule when to send the notice (in the Properties form > Misc 2 tab). These will also show in the Alerts. The default Screen Background Color is now “Tan”. (This can be changed in System Preferences > Company Info). Other various cosmetic changes. Discontinued the Old HomeAway PM Interface. Imported Reservations are now sorted as “oldest first” when posting imported reservations. Added an %ElseIf% option to the %If%…%Else%…%EndIf% Placeholders. Solved an issue with record Locks after using the Update All feature. Added a new option when adding payments manually in the Bookings form > Billing Info page, to: “Schedule the Full amount due 1-day after Check-in”. This can be used for tracking payments from Airbnb. Added an option to “Combine Properties” in the Property Statement Report, when the “Totals Only” option is selected. This will provide totals for all properties, instead of totals for each property. It will also show a breakdown of Expenses by type. Added an option to “Use Property Title” (instead of the Property Name), to the Properties form > BookingPal Interface options.

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