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Feature-packed Vacation Rental Management Software

Can access Multiple forms simultaneously
Vacation RentPro is a full-featured, multi-user, vacation rental management software application.  It saves time and helps increase bookings by providing an integrated solution to manage all aspects of your short term, long term and time-share rental properties.Below are some of the key benefits and time-saving features it provides.

Key Benefits of our Vacation Rental Management Software


  • Easy to get started!  Add your Properties, and start entering Bookings.
  • Provides an intuitive, easy-to-use, look and feel with many powerful features.
  • Multiple screens can be displayed side-by-side, allowing different types of information to be viewed and updated simultaneously so you can work more efficiently.
  • Fully Multi-User ready, allowing information to be shared and updated simultaneously on a local network.
  • Full Security features are built in with optional passwords and sensitive data encryption.
  • Accommodates Currency symbols and Date formats for different regions.
  • Includes powerful Search and Filtering features with the ability to save and recall your own custom filters.
  • Fully compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP operating systems.  SeeFAQs page for running on a Mac.
  • Creates Web pages (SEO optimized) that easily integrate with your existing website, or as stand-alone websites.
  • The perfect compliment to using popular vacation rental advertising sites such as: VRBO, HomeAwayTripAdvisorAirBnb and others.
  • Interfaces with various 3rd party sites for accepting Online Bookings, updating other calendars, processing credit cards, replying to inquiries, etc.
  • Interfaces with Advertising sites such as: Airbnb,, Expedia, VRBO, TripAdvisor, using our integration with 2 “channel managers” to choose from: BookingPal, or RedAwning, which can publish your listings on the popular OTA sites.
  • Can be used for both Short-term, Long-term and Timeshare rentals.  And other sales such as Boat rentals, Bicycles, Campgrounds, Conference rooms, etc.
  • If you manage Timeshares (or Fractional ownership properties), you can specify which weeks or periods each owner owns, and generate owner reports accordingly.
  • Provides Automatic Lockouts for adjoining suites and duplexes, plus many other specialized features.
  • Provides Availability Property Summaries, which allows availability for multiple properties to be summarized into single properties for advertising and calendar posting purposes.
  • Plus many more features and options to allow you to customize it for the way you do business.
  • Includes complete Documentation with images and sample data to help you get started.
  • Affordably Priced.  No recurring charges.  Updates are included for a full year.
  • Streamlines the entire vacation rental management process whether you have one property or many properties.

Inquiries & Quotes

  • Includes a powerful Click-and-Reply feature for easily responding to rental inquiries with: Detailed QuotesAvailable Dates or Available Property Lists using an unlimited number of custom, user-defined “Templates”.
  • Automatically reads email Inquiries from many popular vacation rental advertising sites such as: VRBOHomeAwayTripAdvisorAirBnb, and many other Inquiry sources, including inquiries from your Own Website.
  • Instantly creates Bookings from email Inquiries if guests wish to book by email.
  • Allows you to quickly search for available dates across all properties, or within a specific Location or Group of properties, and with or without specific Amenities.
  • Optionally tracks Inquiries and quotes up through the actual booking.
  • Optionally reminds you after a specified number of days to follow-up on specific quotes sent.
  • Optionally includes “Instant Quotes” within web Availability Calendars allowing guests to receive quotes instantly and then optionally reserve.
  • Instant Quotes in web calendars also allow Optional items where guests can “Opt-in” or “Opt-out” of certain fees or items you specify (such as Travel Insurance, Damage Waiver, Surfboard rental, etc.).


  • Displays Bookings and Available dates in multi color-coded formats by property, by property group, by location, by month, by status, etc.
  • Can display up to five (5) years of bookings at a time using a unique Timeline Compression feature.
  • Over 30 pre-defined Filters allow for quickly viewing: Unpaid bookings, Tentative bookings, Past due payments, Deposits to be returned, Check-outs not cleaned, and many others.
  • Displaying of Available Dates and/or Quotes within the Timeline can be turned on or off as preferred.
  • Tracks important Work Flow items, including: when agreements were sent and received, when cleaners were notified and paid, when confirmations were sent, and others including your own “user-defined” work flow items.
  • Automatically displays Alerts for upcoming Payments Due, Check-ins, Check-outs, Deposits to Return, Scheduled Cleanings, Reminders, etc.
  • Provides User-defined Booking Reminders with automatic notification.
  • Tracks Owner Pre-payments by booking, and deducts them from the Net Due to Owners on Property Statements.
  • Provides automatic “Lockout” management for blocking out dates when booking adjoining units of a larger suite, and vice versa.
  • Tracks and reports on Advertising and Referral sources so you can better spend your advertising budget.
  • Tracks and reports on “Reasons” so you can track how many guests are booking for Weddings, Business trips, Vacations, etc., or why guests are canceling.
  • Tracks and reports on “Agents” so you can optionally track the business generated and managed by individual agents.
  • Provides the ability to record other types of sales that are not associated with bookings, so you can track and report on other types of revenue separately if needed.

Documents, Templates, and Emails

  • Includes a powerful Document and Email Generator allowing an unlimited number of Templates which you can define for various purposes.
  • Templates can be used to generate emails with attached files, including automatically generated documents and custom email messages with photos, colors and formatting.
  • Generated emails can be automatically sent to tenants, owners, cleaners, managers or other parties.
  • Templates can be designed in either: Microsoft Word, Plain Text or Html format, and generated as either PDF, Word or Html documents.
  • Documents can have text and images merged with any Information related to individual Bookings, Properties, Tenants, Owners, Cleaners, etc.
  • Includes a built-in WYSIWYG Html Editor.
  • Word Forms with optional Fill-in fields and password protection can also be used and generated.
  • PDF documents and agreements can be automatically generated, and easily used with Adobe EchoSign™ and other services for requesting e-signatures from guests.  (Note: Adobe Reader X or higher is required for generating EchoSign documents).
  • Includes sample templates for Rental AgreementsOwner Management Agreements, Confirmation notices, Payment Receipts, Thank You notes, Cleaning notices, Referral emails, Inquiry Replies, and more.
  • Emails and documents can be generated and emailed for individual bookings, or for multiple bookings matching certain criteria.

Fees, Discounts, and Taxes

  • Provides a powerful Rental Fees and Discounts engine allowing fees to be created at both the Property, and the individual Bookings level.
  • An unlimited number of Fees can be defined (ie. Cleaning fees, Admin fees, Snow removal, Additional cleaning, Discounts, etc.).
  • Fees can be specified as to which taxes to apply to each fee, and whether or not to apply a processing fee.
  • Fees can also be specified as being Owner Revenue or not, and whether the fee should be included in Commission calculations.
  • Fees can be a Fixed amount, or a Percentage based on either Total Rent or Total Sale (ie. Travel Insurance).
  • Fees can also be based on the number of “Extra persons”, the number of Pets, or other criteria.
  • Fees can also be “Triggered” based on the number of Nights occupied, allowing you to offer Discounts or add additional charges.
  • Credit Card Processing fees or Cash Discounts can be calculated based on Total Rent or Total Sale.
  • Rental Taxes are automatically calculated, including both Sales Tax and/or Lodging Tax.
  • Tax names and Tax calculation methods can be changed to accommodate Canadian and other Taxes.
  • Future Tax Rate changes can be specified and automatically applied in future bookings and quotes.

Scheduled Cleanings

  • Cleanings can be scheduled manually or they can be automatically scheduled for the Check-out date, with the ability to override the scheduled cleaning date.
  • Provides the ability to schedule and track multiple “Interim Cleanings” within each booking, such as  Check-in cleanings, weekly cleanings, etc.
  • Provides the ability to schedule and track “Additional Cleanings” that are not attached to a booking, such as when the property has been vacant for a period of time.
  • Provides the ability to send custom Cleaning Notices to cleaners for scheduled cleanings, and also track when the notice was confirmed by the cleaner.
  • Provides the ability to track the cleaning expenses and when they were paid.
  • Provides the ability to specify any special Cleaning Notes and Preparation Notes for the cleaners.
  • Prints or emails detailed Housekeeping Cleaning Schedule Reports.
  • Optionally posts and updates Property Group Cleaning Schedules and individual Property Cleaning Schedules to your own Web site as another option for keeping cleaners up to date.

Tenants, Deposits, and Payments

  • Tracks Tenant information including addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, birthdays & anniversaries (with reminders), notes, etc.
  • Provides the ability to categorize tenants, and to Alert you when booking certain “problem tenants”.
  • Tracks when Security Deposits were returned, the amount returned, and any notes pertaining to deposits withheld.
  • Optionally generates multi-payment Payment Schedules based on your defined payment terms.
  • Tracks all Payments Received and provides automatic notification of Next Payments due.
  • Provides 2 Payment Processing options:  The first (preferred) option is a direct interface providing full Credit Card processing, including: charges, pre-authorizations, refunds and cancels.  The second option can be used with other (not all) merchant accounts, and automatically fills in your Payment Processing website’s virtual terminal form with the Tenant and payment details.  No additional monthly fees required.
  • Provides a Payments Reconciliation feature to help you reconcile payments received against your bank or merchant account statements.
  • Provides the ability to quickly Email tenants from within the application.
  • Provides the ability to Call or Text message tenants directly from the booking or the tenant using Skype (if installed).
  • Provides the ability to send Bulk email to Tenants based on your selection criteria, and also track email campaigns sent.
  • Builds lists of Tenant Email addresses based on your selection criteria so you can send bulk email from another email program if you prefer.
  • Exports tenant information to Excel for use with any other Mail-merge type program if you prefer.
  • Prints Envelopes for one or more Tenants.
  • Allows you to quickly view All bookings for an individual Tenant.
  • Existing Tenants from a previous system can be Imported from Excel spreadsheets or Outlook Contacts.

Properties, Rental Rates, Contacts, etc.

  • Property information includes Rental Rates, Rental Fees, Amenities, Commissions, Rental Agreements, Owner Agreements, Contacts and Resources, Photos, G/L Accounts, and more.
  • Properties can be grouped by Location and/or Groups for easier management of bookings and available dates.
  • Groups can also be used for posting to Property Group Web pages showing multiple Availability calendars.
  • Accommodates multiple Rental Rates including Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Week-to-week, Month-to-month, Weekend, and Seasonal rates.
  • Provides multiple options for how to calculate rates and total rent, such as:  Prorating monthly or weekly rates, Straight month-to-month or week-to-week rates, Flat rates, Average rates, and also Tiered rates, which apply monthly, weekly and daily rates in tiers.
  • Rates can be shared between properties allowing you do define rates for one property and then share those rates with specific properties and at a specific percentage.  For instance, if Property A is an upgraded property, you could share rates from Property B at 120% of Property A’s rates
  • There is also a featured for automatically calculating “Special Rate Adjustments” (in multiple tiers), for available dates in the near future, or for small openings between already booked dates in the future.  This is a powerful revenue-driving feature that can automatically reduce your rates (and minimum nights) in order to fill occupancy.  Plus, adjusted rates are automatically posted to any VRP interfaces you are using, including VRBO, HomeAway, your website, etc.
  • Centrally stores Guest Reviews from multiple sites, and optionally publishes them on your site.
  • Property “Parent/Child Relationships” can be defined to provide automatic Lockouts.
  • Provides “Summary Relationships” which can also be defined to allow availability for multiple properties to be summarized into a single property for advertising and calendar posting purposes.
  • Timeshare (or Fractional) ownership periods can be specified for each property if needed, and owner reports will be generated accordingly.
  • Tracks Contact information including addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, birthdays & anniversaries (with automatic Reminders), notes, etc.
  • Contacts and Resources can be designated as Owners, Managers, Cleaners, etc., and can be linked to multiple Properties.
  • Up to 64 Photos can be specified and displayed for each property, this includes 32 photos (with the Site and Location Photos feature option, allowing you to assign properties to Sites and Locations which have their own photos).
  • Provides “Owner” and “Blockout” bookings in order to lock out dates.
  • Provides “Extension Bookings” for when tenants extend their stay or change properties.
  • Existing Properties and Rates from a previous system can be Imported from Excel spreadsheets.
  • Contacts and Resources can also be Imported from Excel spreadsheets or Outlook Contacts.
  • Provides the ability to quickly Email contacts from within the application.
  • Provides the ability to Call or Text message contacts directly using Skype (if installed).
  • Stores Tax ID numbers for Owners and Vendors in encrypted format, which is used for generating 1099 Tax form data.
  • Generates Owner Management Agreements and tracks when they were sent and received.

Web Pages, Marketing and Smart Phone access

  • Creates and uploads various types of web pages (using standard FTP protocol), which you can integrate with your existing web site, and are SEO optimized for Google, Bing and other search engines.  See Integrated Example Website here.
  • Creates Property Web pages (SEO optimized) in selectable formats with photos, calendars, menus and Inquiry links to Inquiry form or email address.
  • Optionally creates Property Group Web pages for listing Multiple Properties based on user-defined Property Groups.
  • Group Web pages can optionally include a “Search” feature allowing guests to search for properties which are available for “any” or “all” Dates selected, have a selected number of Bedrooms, and specific Amenities.
  • Provides the ability to include Google Analytics in all web pages so you can track and report on hits using one of the most popular analysis tools available.
  • Optionally posts and updates Availability Calendars (with Rates) and Group Calendars to your own Web site automatically.
  • Optionally includes “Instant Quotes” within web Availability Calendars allowing guests to receive quotes instantly and then optionally reserve.
  • Optionally posts and updates Property Rates.
  • Optionally posts and updates Cleaning Schedules to your own Web site, as just one of the options for keeping housekeepers informed.
  • Optionally prints, emails or posts Pin-up Calendars to your own Web site, which can be grouped by property owners.
  • Optionally posts various Reports to your website into separate folders by Owner or Property.
  • Optionally allows you to view Bookings and Availability on Smart Phones or from a web Browser, using the auto web update option, or file sync options such as DropBox.
  • Optionally creates Html Classified Ads for individual Properties or User-defined Property Groups, with Photos, Links to your Calendars, Rates and Web pages.  If you use classified web advertising services, this can be a real time saver.  (Note: As of Nov, 2013 no longer support Html Ads.  But this feature can be used with other classified advertising services with allow Html content in their Ads).

Online Bookings and Interfaces with 3rd Party Websites

  • Optionally provides a secure Interface with for Online Bookings and Reservations on your own website.
  • Optionally integrates with Advertising sites such as: Airbnb,, Expedia, VRBO, TripAdvisor, using our direct integration with VRBO, or our integration with 2 “channel managers” to choose from: BookingPal, or RedAwning, which can publish your listings on the popular OTA sites.
  • Downloads Reservations made by Guests through AvailabilityOnline, and allows you to review them before creating actual bookings.
  • Optionally integrates directly with HomeAway / VRBO using your existing HomeAway for Property Managers account.  A minimum of 5 properties is required by HomeAway.
  • Optionally interfaces with TripAdvisor / FlipKey for updating Full Listing details.  A PM account and a minimum of 5 properties is required by TripAdvisor, as of February 2019. Or you can do a full integration using our full integration with either of the Channel Managers: BookingPal or RedAwning.
  • Automatically updates iCal Calendars on your own Website which can be imported into AirBnb, Google, Outlook and other calendars.
  • iCal Calendars can also be automatically imported from HomeAway, TripAdvisor, AirBnb and other calendars.  This can be useful if Owners or other parties are updating 3rd party calendars also.
  • Optionally Exports Availability and Rates information (in XML format) to your website for use with your own custom online booking system if needed.
  • Optionally interfaces with and other merchant payment services for credit card and echeck processing.
  • Note, these Interfaces are “in addition” to the web posting features listed up above.

Expenses, Owner Payments, Commissions and Revenue Shares

  • Optionally tracks Expenses by Property, Vendors and User-defined Expense Accounts.
  • Optionally tracks Planned Work and Scheduled Expenses by Property, with automatic Reminders.
  • Optionally records Owner Payments and tracks Owner Funds on Account.
  • Optionally tracks Additional Cleaning Expenses not associated with a Booking.
  • Automatically calculates Commissions to yourself or other parties, and tracks when they were paid.
  • Optionally calculates and reports on Revenue Shares, for sharing revenue with other parties, (such as referrals).
  • Prints detailed Payment Vouchers for cleanings, commissions and other expenses, which can be attached to checks or used with other payment methods.

Reports, plus Emailing and Exporting reports to Excel & PDF files

  • Provides many professional, pre-built reports for bookings, workflow management, owner statements, advertising analysis, and more.
  • Reports can be emailed directly, sent by FTP to your website, or output to Excel, PDF, Html pages, and other formats.
  • Reports can also be automatically generated and emailed at the same time to owners and other parties.
  • Creates Occupancy Reports which also include average revenue, comped days, and can be grouped by Property Owners.
  • Prints, emails, or publishes detailed Housekeeping Cleaning Schedule Reports.
  • Creates 3D Graphs of Booking Charts by Month summarizing revenue and nights booked.
  • Creates 3D Graphs of Booking Charts by Property showing a comparison of selected properties.
  • Creates detailed Property Statements for Owners, showing bookings, commissions, expenses, and net amount due to Owner.  Plus any owner pre-payments and funds held on account.
  • Creates Pin-up Calendars for one or more properties, either combined on one calendar or shown separately.
  • Exports 1099 Tax form data for Owners and Vendors into Excel for use with various tax form software.
  • Creates Expense Reports by Property and Owner which include cleanings and other expenses.
  • Creates Follow-up and Work-flow management reports to help follow up on the many different kinds of tasks involved with vacation rental management.
  • Creates Advertising and Referral analysis reports to help you better spend your advertising budget.
  • Provides the ability to export the entire Bookings Timeline to a PDF file for emailing or printing.  See Example Here.
  • Allows reporting by Agent, so you can track how many bookings your agents are generating.

Synchronized Interfaces and Exporting

  • Optionally synchronizes Bookings with Microsoft Outlook Calendar, which can optionally be synced with Google Calendar and your PDA or Smart Phone for mobile access to bookings and tenant information.
  • Bookings lists can optionally be synced to a file on your website or DropBox folder for viewing Bookings and Availability on Smart Phones or from a web Browser.
  • Optionally Exports Financials to Quicken or QuickBooks Desktop versions using the accounts you specify, opening up many possibilities for tax reporting, reconciling, and most importantly, consolidating all of your personal and business accounting information into one place.
  • Includes a powerful Query designer with the ability to export information into Excel and other formats.

Database and Backups

  • The Database can be located either on your PC or in a shared folder on your local network.
  • The Database can also be located on a portable USB memory card or device so you can access your data on other computers which are not connected.
  • Provides full Backup and Restore features with automatic reminders based on your preferences.
  • External documents and image files used in your Templates can also be backed up.
  • Provides the ability to Backup and Restore to your own FTP web site (with data encryption) for offsite backup requirements.

Security and Other

  • The software Includes Full Security features, with the ability to set privileges, assign users to groups, set password expirations, etc.
  • Assignable User Privileges include: Read-write, View-only, No-Financials, Administrator, etc.
  • Credit Card info is encrypted with tokens and password protected from viewing and editing.
  • Two methods exist for Editing data:  Explicit Edit mode (requires pressing an Edit button first), or Immediate Edit mode (the Default).
  • Holidays appear in all date selection popup calendars, and are User-definable in the system preferences.
  • All email functions allow selecting additional email addresses stored in the Contacts & Resources.
  • Weekend days can be specified (ie. Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday) for calculating weekend rate charges.
  • Many other Customizing options exist throughout the system, including User-preferences, System-wide preferences, Report parameters, Filters, Queries, Templates, Reminders, Alerts, etc.

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