The Documentation is included in the Evaluation Download.  You can also download it here separately.

Help Doc image

This is a standard Windows help file (.chm file), and includes images of screens, a Getting Started section, and the complete documentation for the software.

Note:  After downloading VrpHelp.chm, you may need to “Unblock” the file in order to view it.  This is a common Windows security requirement when downloading .chm files.  Therefore, if you are unable to view the Help file, please do the following:

  1. Right-click on the downloaded VrpHelp.chm file, and select Properties.
  2. Click the “Unblock” button (or checkbox) near the bottom in order to view the help file.

Click the link below to download the documentation for Vacation RentPro.

If prompted by your browser to “Open” or “Save”, select “Save”, and choose a location (for example, your Desktop) to save to.

After downloading, open vrphelp.chm in the location you saved it to.

Download Here:  VRP Help & User Manual (vrphelp.chm) (5mb) – (Be sure to read the Note above.)